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  1. Does this in-house video cover what you need?
  2. Arba

    Rust Styles

    These are splendid. Many thanks.
  3. The link took me to a site which was written in a language unfamiliar to me. It could almost have been German for all I know. Doesn't the world know that the British don't do foreign languages? Oh no, we expect everyone else to learn English instead. I'm sure the pages are full of good information, but as I was too lazy to learn another language, I'll just live the rest of my life in ignorance.
  4. You can also have it on permanent display by going to View > Customise Toolbar and dragging the icon northwards.
  5. Arba

    Grass brush for AP - updated to v.0.2

    Brushes are excellent. Thank you.
  6. I am so relieved to know this. It could save up to half second on what might be a busy day.
  7. I can confirm that all is well.
  8. Jolly good show. Everything tried so far has worked without issue. I'm no multi linguist, but my guess is that @Wikinger is quite pleased as well.
  9. All is working well again. Thanks to both @Mark Ingram and @Gnobelix for your help.
  10. That's interesting. Didn't think the graphics tablet would be useable. Thanks. Will try that later.
  11. Super news. Mark, if still relevant, Huion driver version number is 6.1.7600.16385. I don't have Windows Ink enabled. Thanks for the suggestions which helped get us there. Not too fussed about the tablet, but some probably will be.
  12. Certainly seems to be the culprit. I'd never have tried it if you hadn't asked. Just done a very quick edit and all was fine. I can get the driver version number but will have to Google Windows Ink.
  13. Hey Mark, just pulled out the tablet from the USB slot and the program has responded. Obviously haven't tried to edit anything yet, but I can now open a photo by clicking the File button.