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  1. Hi Rick After downloading the 604 beta the problem persisted, however your suggestion did the trick. Your help is much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the responses. Just tried again with a pixel layer. As soon as the rectangle layer is moved, it's an instant freeze. No idea if a reinstall would help, but will try anyway.
  3. Hi In the latest beta, the program freezes after dragging a shape layer either above or below an image layer. In this case a rectangle has been dragged below the image layer. Earlier test also froze when dragging a shape above the image layer. Task manager closes the program easily enough. Regards Robert
  4. If you right click on the symbol, you can customise the toolbar. A quick drag will move the symbol where you want.
  5. Is it set to zoom in Edit > Preferences > Tools?
  6. Does this in-house video cover what you need?
  7. Arba

    Rust Styles

    These are splendid. Many thanks.
  8. The link took me to a site which was written in a language unfamiliar to me. It could almost have been German for all I know. Doesn't the world know that the British don't do foreign languages? Oh no, we expect everyone else to learn English instead. I'm sure the pages are full of good information, but as I was too lazy to learn another language, I'll just live the rest of my life in ignorance.
  9. You can also have it on permanent display by going to View > Customise Toolbar and dragging the icon northwards.
  10. I am so relieved to know this. It could save up to half second on what might be a busy day.
  11. Jolly good show. Everything tried so far has worked without issue. I'm no multi linguist, but my guess is that @Wikinger is quite pleased as well.
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