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  1. Has this issue been resolved?
  2. Is this update stuck in the App Store?
  3. I am having similar issues with dropbox regarding open from cloud/save. As an FYI, the Save Location in preferences has no relevance to open from cloud. The Save Location is used when saving (via arrow in upper left corner) after editing an image which was imported (from cloud or photos app). The image is either saved on your iPad or in iCloud.
  4. Was this issue not energized in the beta?
  5. Does Open in Place/Save work with Dropbox or this an iCloud only feature?
  6. I have the same issue. Perhaps this feature only works with iCloud.
  7. What is the Solo layer option and why use it? FYI, I checked Help but no info. Thanks.
  8. thanks
  9. What do these preferences do? Thanks Interface - Automatically hide UI Interface - Show selection in layers studio
  10. 8.5" X 11" crop preset does not work properly in Develop and Photo personas. This preset does not maintain a 8.5" X 11" aspect ratio. Instead it behaves as unconstrained.
  11. When painting in the AP desktop version a circle is displayed which reflects the brush size. However, when painting in the AP iPad version a circle is not displayed. The lack of a displayed circle inhibits accuracy. Please consider adding this feature. Thanks.
  12. Thanks but I understand rendering intent. Unlike the windows version of AP, rendering intent for the Mac is set in preferences not in the Print routine which IMO is somewhat convoluted.
  13. Weird. Perhaps color intent has not been implemented for macs.
  14. I have a Mac. I do not have those options. Why is that?
  15. When I print in ON1 Photo Raw I can choose color intent (perceptual or relative colorimetric). This option is not available when I print in Affinity Photo. Why is that?