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  1. What happened to the mask icon on the layers panel? How do I create a mask from a selection? Thanks.
  2. pjglad

    AP - Builtin Layer Masks

    One more question. So AP desktop version - I go to Channels and right click on the adjustment and select invert. Is there a more efficient way to inverse the mask?
  3. How do I change the builtin adjustment layer mask to black so I can paint in?
  4. Open From Cloud does NOT work with Dropbox. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create AP doc on iMac and save in Dropbox 2) Open From Cloud on iPad, make change, return to Home Screen then Save 3) View doc on iMac - changes not saved in Dropbox Note: Changes APPEAR to be saved in Dropbox when viewed with Files app on iPad; however, changes never get updated to Dropbox. FYI, Open From Cloud works with AD in Dropbox.
  5. I use Dropbox and the Documents app. I can open and save AP docs to Documents but it does not work with Dropbox. The issue is with all AP docs. I would like to unlink Dropbox from AP then relink but I do not know how to do that. I looked at my Dropbox account but there is no app link for Affinity. One more thing, after saving I view the doc in Dropbox on my iMac and it is unchanged. However, when I view the doc on my iPad via the Files app it is updated. Its like Dropbox is not updating.
  6. So I cannot figure this out. Open from Cloud works with AD but not with AP. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both AP and Dropbox but no help. Any suggestions?
  7. How do I unlink Dropbox from the AP iPad app? I perused my Dropbox account and there is no app entry for Affinity. Thanks.
  8. This might be a Dropbox issue on my end. I need to investigate.
  9. Open From Cloud via Dropbox still does not work with AP iPad. Open .afphoto doc on iPad via Open From Cloud, make changes then save. Changes are not saved. P.S. Open From Cloud via Dropbox works perfectly with AD iPad.
  10. pjglad

    AP - Apply Stroke to Shape

    Thanks - Just curious, has Stroke Studio been suggested as a Feature Request?
  11. pjglad

    AP - Apply Stroke to Shape

    So there is no stroke function for shapes notwithstanding a Pen Tool hack for width control. Thanks for responding.
  12. Are there plans to improve consistency between AD and AP. For example, Gestures (e.g., delete, cut, copy...) and UI (e.g., AD lower left - deselect, snapping & delete)? Thanks.
  13. How do you apply a stroke to a shape? I can apply a color to the shape but I cannot figure out how to apply a stroke (thickness and color). Thanks.