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  1. Great stuff - thanks. I have a question regarding workflow. Most articles I have read suggest that correcting White Balance should occur prior to tonal adjustments. Just curious as to why correcting White Balance is at the backend of your workflow. Once again, great stuff.
  2. Not sure I totally understand, but I will use the AD color picker to selects colors outside of AD. THANKS.
  3. I created a square in Powerpoint and filled it with a reddish color. Apple color picker - 236,93,112. Frank DeLoupe color picker - 234, 94,111. Affinity Designer color picker - 255,79,109. Apple Color picker and Frank DeLoupe are close but Affinity Designer is not. I then randomly sampled different colors with the Affinity Designer color picker and the Frank DeLoupe color picker and the results are quite different. Why is that?
  4. Is there a quick way to reset the color selector to black and white? Why no default button? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Toltec.
  6. I am trying to better understand the Stroke Pane (i.e., cap, join, align). I tried Help and Tutorials but could not find any info. Any suggestions would be appreciate. Thanks.
  7. AP Mac 1.5.2 If I select a portion of an image and select Layer/Duplicate then a new layer is created with the selected portion of the image. However, if I select a portion of an image then right click on the layer and select Duplicate then a new layer is created of the entire (selected and unselected) image.
  8. There is a tiny vertical line beneath the center of a slider. Clicking on it resets the slider. Is that the only way to reset a single slider? Thanks.
  9. Thanks. One more question. How is Exposure different than Brightness?
  10. Is Blackpoint and Brightness the same as Blacks and Whites in most other Raw processing programs? If not then what? FYI, I've read the Help, but...
  11. Affinity Photo Staff question - from a timeline perspective, is this Workbook scheduled for 1.5 or 1.6? Thanks.
  12. Is there an ETA for the Affinity Photo Workbook?
  13. IMO, the AP development team is legend. Let's not forget that PS was released 25 years ago compared to less than 2 years for AP.
  14. I'm confused - What's disturbing about a question mark. If you do not click it then nothing happens.
  15. Capture One has a great HELP feature. Embedded in each Capture One Tool Pane is a ? (question mark). Clicking on the ? takes you to that specific tool within the help system - no opening help, no searching, etc. Please consider adding this capability to Affinity Photo (Tools, Adjustments, Effects, Filters, etc). Thanks for listening.