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  1. pjglad

    Drag and Drop

    Yes and thanks.
  2. There used to be a tutorial on drag and drop. Where is it? Thanks.
  3. pjglad

    Import from Files

    Never mind - I figured it out.
  4. How do you import from Files in Affinity Designer? Thanks.
  5. Thanks but neither of those threads help.
  6. How do I invert an adjustment layer mask in Affinity Designer? CMD I does not work. Thanks.
  7. Can someone recommend a website where I can download these fonts (Bauhaus 93 and Calibri) for MacOS? Thanks.
  8. I was watching an Affinity Publisher tutorial (Open and Import) and a small window appeared with the Finder and Affinity Publisher app icons. How do you invoke that feature/function?
  9. OK - got it. Thanks!
  10. OK, let me reask my question. I can apply these presets But I cannot apply these presets
  11. Dumb question - so how do I use these presets?

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