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  1. Thanks @MEB, I uploaded the file with the name "tricky.afdesign". Maybe you know any further. Thank you for your commitment. @Dazmondo77 I don't feel any hard difference between the versions, but maybe it was a lil bit faster in the earlier days But also in the versions before I had the same struggles as now. Best regards Chris
  2. In Germany laws about copyright are very hard, so I can't insert the file here, public. (The Image is not made by myself, but I can use it because of a contract.) Can I send it via e-mail? Thanks so far
  3. Hi and thank you for the fast and well done answer, MEB! I followed every of your steps, it helps a little, but the performance is still really poor - without the usual "workflow". Do you know how I can change the files and lower the needed performance? - lower details or merging the files like that with boolean operators? (boolean operators don't work in this case, because all parts get the same color)
  4. Hello there, I am searching for a solution for the performance issue when I'm working with bigger vectorgraphics. My System is stable and doesn't provide any bottlenecks. CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700X Eight-Core Processor, 3394 MHz RAM: 16GB DDR4 GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 Series (4095 MB) This is while working with really large vectorfiles: Affinity (big vector) just opened. ...while zooming in and out very fast. My Problem is now, that I don't know how to merge those files - they are so detailed like I never would need them. But I want them to stay vectorfiles to change their size afterwards like I need them. While working with such files, the performance is very bad, I can't copy and paste anything on realtime, or change anything without big lags (adding a new line of words - 15-30 sec). Does anybody know, how I can change those files, lower the details without changing vector to pixelgraphic? What I have tried: 1. Saving them to compressed .svg => not the best idea (poor details) 2. Merging them with boolean operators (this changes pixels to the same color) => useless Thanks mates. Have a great day! Best regards Chris