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  1. You'll have to wait sir. Can't have folks in Australia and other Eastern parts taunting the folks in the West.
  2. Hi DarkClown, I think it's because of the impatient among us that Serif will not be giving a rough timeline of when to expect things. I'm sure you will remember the unjust (in my opinion) critcism they received concerning timescales around the release of Publisher. My guess is that the first we'll know about it, is when the beta is released.
  3. If you right click on the symbol, you can customise the toolbar. A quick drag will move the symbol where you want.
  4. Arba

    Rust Styles

    These are splendid. Many thanks.
  5. The link took me to a site which was written in a language unfamiliar to me. It could almost have been German for all I know. Doesn't the world know that the British don't do foreign languages? Oh no, we expect everyone else to learn English instead. I'm sure the pages are full of good information, but as I was too lazy to learn another language, I'll just live the rest of my life in ignorance.
  6. You can also have it on permanent display by going to View > Customise Toolbar and dragging the icon northwards.
  7. I am so relieved to know this. It could save up to half second on what might be a busy day.
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