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  1. Hi, I created this in Affinity Photo. The Affinity Photo file (complete with layers) is located on the below link. Also, I have uploaded all of the 'Nature' brushes that I created (and use) too. Have fun creating some concept art in Affinity Photo, which is a really cool program that you can still buy and own (unlike Adobe Photoshop). Any questions, just post them here. DelN Click on the link above to go to download my new free 'Nature' brushes for Affinity Photo. Looking Up From the Ravine.afphoto
  2. Hi, Are there any plans to add a 'paint along a path' feature in Affinity Photo using the Image Brush (or any brush)? It is a feature that I use regularly in Corel Painter. If I have a path selected (circle, oval, whatever), I can paint along it's path with any brush using a setting called 'Align to Path'. Currently, I am not able to do this in Affinity Photo. The nearest thing is in Affinity Designer - the Textured Image Brush, but this changes the colour of the image I want to use. The screengrab (below) is from Affinity Designer v2.5). The above is all I could manage. The image brush (or, indeed, any brush) will paint, but there is no way that I could find to make it paint along a path of a circle (see below). Thanks, Del
  3. Catalogue of FREE resources SAMPLES added to the Forum 1. Brush Library | 2. Asset Library | 3. Styles | 4. Information Brush Library Sample sets from personal 'Affinity Brush Project' 1. Current uploaded Samples from Brush Library (Forum Sets are not full library versions!) 2. Placed into categories for reference. 3. Ignored older sets/threads (4)...as have been updated by newer an better versions (Mostly relating to Texture Brushes/hatching and Dots) Application Versions These are the Brushes that have been edited for Version 2. This includes mostly changes affecting the addition of: sub-brushes and the new 'Distance' option in Dynamics. These are great additions to the brush engine and use them lots. The newer brush sets and edited older versions have mostly updated to accommodate these additional features I have added my V2 updated list directly out the Folder just for reference Zombie Special| Set 04 Ammonite A2" | Set 08 Organics A2" | Set 15 Textured INK A2" |Set 15 Textured Pencils A2" | Set 17 Concept A2" | Set 17 Concept Painter A2"| Set 17 Concept Texture Base A2" | Set 17 Concept Texture INK A2"| Set 19 Inker" | Set 19 Inker Texture Toolkit"| Set 21 Scratch and Scribble"| Set 23 Dino"| Set 28 Ink Stipple" | Set 29 Grass A2" | Set 30 Comic Grunge" | Set 31 Base Pattern Textures A2" | Set 32 Comic Concept" | Set 32 Comic Dot" | Set 32 Comic Sketch" | Set 33 Comic Ink Blocking" | Set 34 Graffiti" | Set 34 Graffiti Wall" | Set 35 Zombie" | Set 36 Speed INK" | Set 37 Concept Blocks" Some sets have been re-listed without change Sets- PB 29 upwards are essentially created in V2 Affinity Apps Texture Brushes and older brush sets (Slowly being replaced!) Archived as updated! Texture Brushes (Archived) Archived these 2 large brush sets Texture Brush Packs x12 and Texture Brush Packs x2 Better to use the updated and simpler version found under: Project Brush 08 Organics (set 1 of 3 available) Texture Brush Pack Fur Set 1 [120] Texture Brush Packs (Hatching Version 3) [60] {There are 120 in total} Updated to latest brush engine, multiple changes to nozzles including making use of rotation option in sub-brush Version 2 has been archived! Texture Brush Fur [30] 30 Raster fur brushes partially updated to version 02 Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes] [Sample Set] Texture Paint [Mixed Nozzle Raster Brushes [Sample Set] [AD version 1.7] Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine Texture Paint Effects [combined Brush Set] [AD version 1.7] Test version of Sample set using 1.7 Brush Engine | Combination set using Texture Paint 08 and Project Set 08 (Organics) Brush sets. Texture Paint Brushes [Group 1-4)] [120 texture brushes] 30 sample brushes from each of groups 1-4 120 Texture Paint Brushes and 30 small textured sketching brushes Paint Brushes Set 1 Paint Brush Texture Sets 1 & 2 Nozzles Added some nozzles so you can make your own brushes or patterns! (There are 1000's of these) Nozzles:Texture Paint Brush Asset Library 01 [Nozzle Set] Old Pattern Brushes (Archived) Removed links to set pattern brushes replaced with: Project Brush 20: Pattern Pattern Brush Packs [Isometric] [60 Brushes] Environment Brushes (Archived) Vegetation Brush sets 1-3 Replaced with Project Brush 10: Leaf Project Brushes 1. Project Brush Library 25 sets developed or in development...not all sets available on the forum ...and easier to work with.... 2. Contains some reworked brushes but also 100's of new ones. (Set six for Poison is all new and the largest of the project sets [300 brushes;150 Raster, 150 Vector]) 3. Includes some vector sets... 01 Project Brush Assets Hungry [Mixed Source]1 [30 Raster] Updated to Version 02 and latest brush engine, multiple changes to nozzles and enhanced visibility. with new collection of nozzles and base textures (not on Forum) 02 Project Brush Assets Crazy Tree [Mixed Source]2 [30 Raster | 30 Vector] Updated to Version 02 and latest brush engine, multiple changes to nozzles and enhanced visibility. with new collection of nozzles and base textures (not on Forum) 03 Project Brush Assets Big-T [Mixed Source]3 [30 Raster | 30 Vector] Updated to Version 02 and latest brush engine, multiple changes to nozzles and enhanced visibility. Version 1.0 has been archived! Updated and added new Brush set for Affinity 02 (Dynamics: Distance) Affinity 01 Brush set retained! 1. New Version includes a new set of nozzles and 160 Base Patterns (400px rather than 200 ) 2. Addtional associated 30 Brush Texture Painters 3. Linked to PB 37 Grain Texture (for fine line drawing and dot texturing) 4. 20 Base Patterns have been added to the original set 04 Project Brush Assets Ammonite [Mixed Source]4 [30 Raster | 30 Vector] Updated to Version 02 and latest brush engine, multiple changes to nozzles and enhanced visibility. Vector Nozzles match raster naming! Version 1.0 has been archived! Updated and added new Brush set for Affinity 02 (Dynamics: Distance) Affinity 01 Brush set retained! 05 Project Brush Assets Monster Club [Mixed Source]5 [30 Raster] Updated to Version 02 with new collection of nozzles (not on Forum) 06 Project Brush Assets Poison Set 6 'Undergrowth' [150 Raster | 150 Vector] Updated to Version 02 Renamed 'Undergrowth' and updated to 1.7 + Brush engine. All nozzles now vector. Re-factored all vector and raster brushes with new nozzles and adjusted brush dynamics. Scrapped original vector brushes. Extended the original set with a new base vector brush set; Monochrome Pattern Styles; Vector Grunge assets: and seamless vector patterns based upon those styles Undergrowth Base Vector Brushes 30 Vector base brushes similar to Render I. Used as the basis for all 'Undergrowth' vector brushes Monochrome Styles based on Base Texture Seamless Patterns Assets: Compound Grunge Vectors for adding texture to objects 30 Seamless Vector Patterns that can be stacked, re-coloured, scaled or extracted as compound objects. Samples can be seen here Old Brush sets are still available on forum but may need some manual adjustments to the brush dynamics here 07 Project Brush Set Ink.Version 02 (tutorial based on inkBrush Project can be found here: Creating Vector Brushes) Work in Progress sample sheets for inkBrush Project The largest of the Project sets Consisting of a 900 brush set collection with 350 supporting vector elements: 300 'Vector' based brushes 600 'Raster' based brushes (inc 30 stamp brushes) 350 Vector Assets for texturing objects 100+ Seamless Patterns 10 vector sets (Inking [30], Paint [30], Texture [30], Effects [30], Granular [30], Render [30] , Linear [30] ; Render [Texture] [30]), Render II, Linear II; 13 Raster Sets (Texture [60], Pattern (geometric) [60], Pattern (Organic) [30], Sketch [60], Draw [30], Hatch [60], Bristle [60], Stipple [60], Effects [60], Paint [60], Stamps (vegetation) [30], Splatter, Grunge) [30] Supporting Vector Assets: Additional Vector Assets for Pattern (Geometric), Texture Brush [50], Texture [200], Grunge [50], Patterns[50] Released: Vector A. InkBrush - Vector - Render [30 Vector Brushes] B. InkBrush - Vector - Linear [30 Vector Brushes] C. InkBrush - Vector - RenderTexture [30 Vector Brushes] Raster A. InkBrush - Raster - Grunge (under project set 09) Vector Patterns A. InkBrush - Vector Patterns (compound paths) [50] B. InkBrush - Vector Textures (compound paths and placement textures) [50] 08 Project Brush Organics Set 8 [30 Raster Brushes] Version 02 Updated to Version 02 and latest brush engine, multiple changes to nozzles and enhanced visibility. Added a number of base textures Version 1.0 has been archived! 150 mixed brush types! Scrapped original raster brush set and replaced with more comprehensive set!. The project set now contains a mix of 90 paint brushes with 30 (Set 01) available to replace original brush set Full set here .. and ink versions for adding texture to ink drawings, supplementing the #inktober brush sets. Organic Set A (INK) Contains 30 raster INK brushes (Dynamics reset for inking) Organic Set B (INK) Contains 30 raster INK brushes (Dynamics reset for inking) Organic Set C (INK) Contains 30 raster INK brushes (Dynamics reset for inking) Organics Base Texture Set (Ink) Base texture Brush set added to allow access to all Organic Patterns Updated For Affinity 2.0 09 Project Brush Grunge Set 09 (60 Raster Brushes) Added Set 09: 30 RasterPaint Brushes Added Set 09 [INK]: 30 Raster Brushes; modified version of the inktober 2018 Project Set (modified brush dynamics) 10 Project Brush 10 Set 01 Leaf [30 Raster Brushes] Version 02 30 Raster leaf brushes 11 Project Brush Assets Camouflage [180 Raster Brushes] Version 02 Experimental set based on Camouflage assets with released sample set [30] and Paint [30] Project Brush Set with 6 Categories (Texture [30] | Bark Grunge [30] Leaves [30] | Canopy [30] | Effects | Paint [30]) Released: Raster A. Camouflage (Mixed Samples) [30] Set consists of 30 Brushes in total with 8 brushes from Leaves; Grunge Bark; Textures plus 6 from Canopy B. Camouflage:Paint Textures [30] Set of 30 Paint Brushes based on Camouflage Assets 12 Project Brush Vector Paint [60 Vector Textured Brushes] Version 02 Vector Paint 01 | Vector Paint 02 | Vector Paint 03 60 shape masks with textured overlays partially based on inkBrush Render Released: Vector Set of 30 Vector Brushes compiled from 5 separate brush sets:Render II | Linear II and Vector Texture 01, 02, 03 13. Project Brush Ink Painter [275 Raster Brushes] Version 02 Ink [30] | Paint [30] | Shader [30] | Texture [30] | Mesh [30] | Sketcher [35] | Micro Pattern [30] | Linear [30] Grunge [30] Group set of raster brushes Released: Ink Sketching set to supplement Pencil Brushes inkPainter Sketcher [35] 14. Project Brush Organic Pattern [180 Raster Brushes] Version 02 Brush set to develop organic patterns and graphic styles using seamless patterns Organic Pattern 01 | Organic Pattern 02 | Organic Pattern 03 Organic pattern 04 | Organic Pattern 05 | Organic Pattern 06 180 Raster Brushes | >200 seamless patterns Released: Organic Brush Special Set An Experiment with variation on single base texture (30 Brushes) using limited nozzles and settings There is a small sample set for organic brushes Organic Brush Test Organic pattern Brush Set 01 30 raster Brushes with >15 vector based seamless patterns 15. Project Brush: Texture Pencils [30] Version 02 30 Raster brushes to mimic pencils for sketching with blend mode 'mostly' set to average Updated and added new Brush set for Affinity 02 (Dynamics: Distance) Affinity 01 Brush set retained! 16. Project Brush Painter [60] Version 02 60 Raster Brushes defined in 2 sets: Painter | Grunge Painter These are based on InkPainter Grunge and inkPainter Paint but with adjusted Brush Dynamics for painting 30 Raster Brushes (Grunge Painter) Version 02 30 Vector Brushes (Grunge Painter) Version 02 Collection of vector based brushes build from vector textures used in original raster set Standard naming convention (mostly!) [vector and raster brushes share name] 1. Using the same nozzle structure (easy now as all vectors!) 2. Balanced naming for easier reference - so vector/raster brushes have same name (well mostly!) 17. Project Brush: Concept Brushes Version 02 40 raster Concept art brushes as a mix of inkers; texture patterns and distressed paint brushes. Complete re-working of the brush set with 7 additional brushes and a lot of changes to the inker brush content. New Greyscale base textures to build up pattern with every stroke. Additional supporting sets: Project Brush 17: Concept Texture 30 raster texture brushes to support concept brush set Project Brush 17: Concept Painter Large set of 60 raster paint brushes with bristle effect applied to the sub-brush. Supported with supplementary basic set of 15 bristle brushes for adding to the sub-brush menu Project Brush 17: Concept Texture INK Concept Texture Brushes with Dynamics Reset Project Brush 17: Concept Texture COL Concept Texture Brushes with HSL values edited to 'drift' colours as you paint...Useful for paint effects and brush texturing Project Brush 17: Base Texture and Seamless Pattern 2 sets of brushes a. 40 Base textures (Paint brushes without base patterns) b. 40 Concept pattern paint brushes Supplemented with 200 greyscale base textures Updated For Affinity 2.0 18. Project Brush: Wild Background [30] Version 02 Set of 30 raster brushes based on a limited number of vector shapes used in backgrounds to compliment background builder kit 19. Project Brush: #Inktober Inker Version 02 2 large brush sets: 60 Inking Brushes 21 new inking brushes with large nozzles and manipulated through dynamics to create a ink pen/brush effect for line art (Grunge up your artwork!) and create a set that can be used as default for inking! Mix of Grunge | Texture Painters | Micro Pattern I Organics Textures and basic comic patterns Re-worked hatching and stipple brushes 60 Pattern Brushes with a mix of organic patterns and comic book fills includes some overlap with original inking brush set Inker (Version 02) 2022 1. Makes use of PB 26 (Distressed), PB 09 (Grunge), PB 21 (Scratch and Scribble) 2. Switched out the stipple brushes for new ones from PB 03 (Big-T V2) 4. Re-edited the Sketch/Ink brushes using Dynamics graph to produce the variable stroke rather than a nozzle (much smoother!) 5. Updated base textures Inker (Version 02) 2022 Sample set Updated and added new Brush set for Affinity 02 (Dynamics: Distance) Affinity 01 Brush set retained! Consists of 40 Raster brushes extracted from 7 inktober Brush sets. 1. PB Inker 19 (Used in 2020) from collection of 60...about to modify to version 3 so will be archived! 2. PB 19 Inker pattern (2020) 3. PB 26 Distressed Pattern (6) Blue 4. PB 26 Distressed Eraser (4) Orange 5. PB 26 Distressed Paint (4) Green 6. PB 19 Inker Texture (2022) 7. PB 30 Comic Grunge (2022) Inker Toolkit Inker (Version 3) Inker toolkit with 30 Base 40 Base texture brushes and 200 'Ink' seamless patterns (400 x 400px) Base Texture Toolkit Seamless Pattern Toolkits for all brushes existing as vector and raster patterns with output at 400 x 400px 20 Base Texture Brushes extracted from numerous Project Brush collections Mixed selection of seamless patterns from PB Grass | PB Inker | PB Concept 20. Project Brush: Pattern Updated to Version 02 and latest brush engine, multiple changes to nozzles and enhanced visibility. streamlined into 4 brush sets each with 30 brushes Version 1.0 has been archived!: Pattern Brush Sets 01 -04 120 Geometric and organic pattern brushes 21. Project Brush 21 Scribble and Scratch Version 02 40 Texture inking brushes for coarse ink sketching (added to the #Inktober base sets (inktober inker | Outliner | inktober Pattern)) (not on forum!) 22. Project Brush 22 Substrate Painter Version 02 30 Texturing paint brushes (not on forum!) 23. Project Brush 23 Dinosaur Skin Textures Version 02 1. 30 Seamless pattern brushes based on dinosaur skin supplemented with 30 seamless style patterns 2. 30 Patterned inking brushes Dinosaur Pattern Palette Pattern palette build from seamless Dinosaur skin Pattern Assets Version 02.1 24. Project Brush 24 Bristle Vector Brushes Version 02 (not on Forum) 30 Vector Bristle Brushes to supplement Substrate Painter (raster set) (not on Forum!) 25. Project Brush 25 Vector Inkers Outliner Vector Brushes Version 02 2 brush sets with different width and content 30 Vector inker Brushes Compiled and edited from existing brushes 30 Vector Linear Inker Brushes (Smaller version of the above with greater proportion of inking brushes!) 26 Project Brush 26 Distressed Version 02 (not on Forum) 90 Raster Brushes in 3 separate sets of 30 brushes consisting of: Distressed Erase | Distressed Paint | Distressed Pattern Essentially a set of texture brushes with unpredictable results. Reliant on the Erase option of the sub brush to generate the effect. 27 Project Brush Texture Painter Version 02 (not on Forum) 4 new sets of brushes to replace 2017 texture and organic brushes. 120 new brushes (Using sub-brush erase) 10 Base brushes for each set repeated 3 times across each brush set. 110 seamless patterns creating the texture. Old Patterns reworked using multi-layer symbols. 3 sets at 400px 1 set at 200px patterns Sets 1-3 work in conjunction with Project Brush 08: Organics Set 04 work in conjunction with Project Brush 20: Stipple A. ProjectBrush 27 - Texture Paint Set A B. ProjectBrush 27 - Texture Paint Set B C. ProjectBrush 27 - Texture Paint Set C D. ProjectBrush 27 - Texture Paint Set D E. Project Brush 27 - Texture Paint Set E F. Project Brush 27 - Texture Paint Set F 28 Project Brush Ink Stipple Version 02 Condensed set of Ink Stipple Brushes mostly based on existing nozzles. Consists of 35 Raster brushes extracted from PB 03 (Big-T) | PB 19 Inker | PB 15 Texture Pencils | PB 17 Concept | PB 21 Scratch & Scribble Set 4 Texture Painter for pattern Painters Updated For Affinity 2.0 29. Project Brush 29: Grass Version 02 Added Collection of Grass brushes with a supplementary set of seamless patterns 30 raster Grass Brushes 90 Seamless Pattern Brushes (3 x 30) Updated For Affinity 2.0 30. Project Brush 30 Comic Grunge Pattern Version 02 40 Comic Grunge 'vintage' Brushes With a collection of seamless vector patterns 2 optional sets of seamless patterns (80) 31. Project Brush 31 Base Texture Toolkit A2 Brush toolkit consisting of 20 Texture Brushes extracted from 5 different new and previous sets. 15 additional base textures to exchange between brushes 4 Symbols Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! 32. Project Brush 32 Comic Sketcher A2 40 Comic Sketching brushes: A mix of ink Sketchers and comic patterns 11 Base textures added Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! Comic Dot Toolkit A2 Based on same principles as Inter Pattern Toolkit Sample Set with 20 Texture Brushes supported with optional Base Pattern Textures 20 Texture Brushes 20 Additional seamless patterns Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! Comic Concept | Penciller A2 10 Eraser 20 Fine Line Penciller Brushes for blue line sketching Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! 33. Comic Block Inkers and Pattern Bases 30 Block Inking Brushes 20 Inking seamless patterns 20 Pattern Paint Seamless Base Textures (Repeated brush stroke fill pattern to solid!) 80 Optional Extra Greyscale Pattern painters 34. Graffiti Brushes Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! 4 Complete Brush sets with 160 Base Texture. Extensively use Dynamics 'Distance' and 'Direction' to assist painting Graffiti Base Texture 1 Base Texture Set (Brushes without texture) Graffiti Paint Brushes 40 Brushes with 40 Base textures Graffiti Wall Textures 40 Brushes with 120 Base Textures Sample Sheets Graffiti Wall Grunge Brushes 40 Base Texture Brushes (as wall Textures i.e. same base brushes) 120 Patterns (3 x 40) Grunge Pattern Brushes with 3 variations (Ink | Grey | Colour) 35. Zombie Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! Elevated the original free 12 brushes for Halloween to full Project Brush Set with 40 Brushes 36. Speed Ink Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! New Inking Set to speed up ink Sketches | Concepts 40 New brushes Extensively use Dynamics 'Distance' and 'Direction' to assist painting 37. Grain Texture Updated For Affinity 2.0 only! New inking set to assist with PB 03 Big-T to allow inking with fine line brushes and grain | dot patterns 30 New brushes | 20 Base Pattern Textures (10 of which have been added to original set!) Extensively use Dynamics 'Distance' and 'Direction' to assist painting Asset Library Vector assets created and available in Resources section of Forum Free assets based on drawings saved into asset panel with supplementary explanation PDF (mostly!) Inktober 2017 1. Screech 2. Juicy 3. Poison Updated with Full set of Vector objects. Samples can be seen here 4. Shy 5. Filthy Condensed into single .zip file with all 5 original AD files as asset sheets InkBrush Project Vector Assets Vector textures to supplement InkBrush Project 1. Geometric and organic pattern textures 2. Compound and placement textures 3. Nozzles Snowflakes 1. Snowflakes and construction assets 60 Vector Snowflakes 30 Vector Construction elements 2. Hand drawn vector snowflake sketches 90 Vector Hand drawn Snowflakes 60 Flat Vectors 30 Dual Layer Vectors Camouflage Project 1. Camouflage I 2. Camouflage II Camouflage III 1. Vector Assets:Bumble Tree (Basic Construction Kit for building trees) 2. Vector Assets:Ground Plants (Basic Construction Kit for Ground Plants and cluster assemblage) Full Set 3. Vector Asssets: Tree Construction Kit 03: (Bumble Tree) Full Set Rock Monster Project 1. Vector Texture Toolkit Rock Monster World A vector toolkit for creating vector backgrounds without painting using raster brushes. Used in the Rock Monster Project. Consists of Styles | Vectors and construction layers. 2. Rock Monster Kit A vector toolkit (Version 1.0) for creating little Monsters! Contains textures and shapes for 10 pre-built designs but you can pick and mix..2 samples included. 3. Monster World Plants Vector Assets including Plant Shapes, Textures and Grunge Ammonite Project 1. Vector Texture Toolkit: Ammonite II Contains vector objects to create vector backgrounds Untamed Project Tree Toolkit (A Stand of Trees) A set of 6 Vector tree toolkits basic tree construction each with several variations | Branch options and Canopies | Textures. Based on 'A Stand of Trees' Tree Toolkit [T1] Tree Toolkit [T2] Tree Toolkit [T3] Tree Toolkit [T4] Tree Toolkit [T5] Tree Toolkit [T6] Tree Toolkit (Mesh Trees) Set of 5 Vector template shapes for Inking and Sketching. Includes a selection of leaves and textures Tree Toolkit T7 Membrane Toolkit MT1 A collection of basic compound meshes to enhance Tree Toolkit T7 Membrane Toolkit MT1 Rock Toolkits (Untamed) Rock Toolkit R1 40 Vector Rock shapes that can be used as templates for inking rocks Meadow Plants Toolkits Sets of vector ground plants Meadow Plants MP 01 Bellflowers with Composites and colour variations Planetary Toolkit A collection of Vector Planets and Texture assets for Creating Backgrounds Planet 01 and Planet 02 2 Planets and their associated textures added to resources Comic Book Template Toolkit Vector Textures 48 Comic book Vector Compound Textures Seamless Pattern Fills A mixture of Dots | Grunge | grids 60 Vector Patterns contained in container rectangle spilt into 3 asset sub-categories for use with the new Version 2.0 feature of dragging assets to fill container on the context menu Sketch Templates A collection of sketch templates in Affinity Designer that an be integrated into A4 Comic Book generic template in Affinity Publisher. Contains Mask Panel Layer | Tier and Panels | Sketch and Vector layers organised to sketch using red or blue according to settings in adjustment layers. Used in conjunction with assets (Comic Pages and Comic Tiers and Panels) and Mask Overlays Grunge Vector Border Assets A collection of grunge borders that can be used to mask panel and tier edges Grunge Page Borders A4 Grunge Borders for Pages or Affinity Designer A4 Templates Large Vector Grunge Pattern Overlays Vector Grunge Patterns Built to overlay Panels and Tiers to add texture to drawings Dialogue and typeface assets (Speech Bubbles and labels) Scalable Vector Assets using Global Colours with Type styles built in Palette Assets A collection of Palette assets 'Graphite' Colour + Grey-Black 'Untamed' original 'Untamed Mushroom Forest' 'Untamed Chili Trees' DC Comics 1982 Original Colour set is here Comic Dialogue Toolkit Vector assets for creating Comic Dialogue objects Comic Toolkit Splat Compound Vector Splat Asset Kit Comic Toolkit Circle Vector Grunge Circles and Solid round shapes kit Comic Page Template Assets Added 4 Tier A4 and associated Page masks to assets panels Halloween Vector Toolkit Zombie Vectors A collection of hand drawn assets for Halloween that includes: Zombie Sillouettes Palettes Small set of Ink brushes Irregular Backgrounds Ink brushes now full Project Brush set PB 35 Haunted Trees Vector Toolkit Tree Shape Vectors A collection of hand drawn assets for Halloween or whatever! that includes: 13 large Vector base trees 21 Branches 12 Grunge Bases Little Monsters A collection of Little Monster Toolkits 1. Wood beast Dinosaur Toolkit Vector pattern Assets A collection of Dinosaur Skin Assets. 40 Vector assets in 2 sets of 20 Can be used to create seamless raster pattern by dragging onto fill swatches! Associated Style Assets Style Library Style assets created and available in Resources section of Forum Inktober 2017 1. United 2. Screech 3. Poison 4. Long Camouflage II 1. Pattern Styles I Set of 30 coloured patterns based on base textures for brush nozzles 2. Pattern Styles 2 Set of 30 coloured patterns based on base textures for brush nozzles Camouflage III 1. Pattern Styles 01 Set of 15 patterns using the vector objects of Camouflage III 2. Pattern Styles 02 Set of 15 patterns using the vector objects of Camouflage III Dinosaur 1. Dinosaur Skin Patterns 01 15 Seamless patterns based on dinosaur skin 2. Dinosaur Skin Patterns 02 15 Seamless patterns based on dinosaur skin Graffiti 1. Graffiti vector Wall Assets Part 1 40 Vector Wall Pattern Assets (Part 1) 2. Graffiti vector Wall Assets Part 2 40 Vector Wall Pattern Assets 3. Graffiti vector Wall Assets Part 3 40 Vector Wall Pattern Assets 4. Graffiti vector Wall Assets Part 4 40 Vector Wall Pattern Assets Vector Grunge Inlays Part I Part II Character Set Vector Wall Overlay Assets Set I Vector hand drawn character assets Information 1. Pulled this from another thread...may find useful..... Issues relating to installing iPad Brushes: brushes on iPad and Loading IPad Brushes 2. #Inktober Created a working set of inktober brushes consisting of: A. Project Brush 09: Grunge B. Project Brush 19: Inktober Inker (sketch and pattern sets) C. Project Brush 21: Scribble and Scratch D. Project Brush 25: Vector Inkers (Outliner) Tutorials and some excellent links.... These fantastic tutorials also very useful if you wish to explore creating your own..and have some fun at the same time. Managing Raster Brushes Managing Assets: @Frankentoon kindly created a video tutorial for installing AD assets including Brushes on YouTube. Brushes available here Creating your own Vector Brushes for iPad: at Affinity Spotlight Creating your own brushes for iPad at: Affinity Spotlight by @paolo.limoncelli: Paolo's Daub Brush Techniques acquire them here Creating your own Bristle Brush: Tutorial Creating and individual Vector Brush from @Mensch Mesch: Ivy Brush Creating Vector Brushes by @IsabelAracama: Custom Vector Brushes Creating vector (intensity and image brushes) Custom Vector Brush Creating Brushes General 1. Making Custom Vector Brushes in Affinity Designer by Arianne Criseyde 2. Creating Custom Brushes in Affinity Photo by Oliver Sarikas General process of creating Vector Brushes by Envato Tuts+: Everything You Need to Know About Affinity Designer Brushes Introduction to creating Vector brushes including method to extract vector based brushes from illustrator and convert to AD Vector (raster) equivalents Articles Linking Brush Libraries: Spoongraphics List of Affinity Brushes: Best Brushes for Affinity Designer Envato Tuts+ 25 of the Best Affinity Designer Brushes Installing Assets Help page to install assets into Affinity Suite https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/store/resources-install-guide/ Others Custom Smoke Brushes Texture Brushes and Blend Modes Creating Vector Brushes (includes assets and 10 sample brushes) Creating Base Textures for Brushes Added a process information sheet outlining methods of seamless pattern creation that can be used for brush base textures and graphic styles Creating Distressed Texture Painting Brushes Process of using Sub-Brush erase to distress brush nozzles Creating Ink Brushes using Dynamics Textured Stripes Experimental coloured brushes with linear banding and texture masks
  4. Project Brush Set 03 Big-T Used to create Big-T Updated the brush set to version 2 Should work much better now! Changes/improvements as below Version 2.0 1. Removed old versions redundant now.. 2. Made significant changes to the brush dynamics and nozzles. All nozzles are now vector based replacing previous raster versions (as much as possible) 3. There is a significant number of new nozzles for the brushes Which means they are not like original sets.. 4. Made use of the 1.7/1.8.2 brush engine in AD/AP using subBrushes. 5. The old brush set was appearing darker and less intense with 1.7/1.8 update...I have fixed that with this version! 6. Updated the Sample sheets to newer (latest) layout..Sub brushes are displayed in red. Archived the Older Brush set and updated Library information Raster Brushes ProjectBrush 03-Big-T V2.zip Enhanced Base Patterns for Original V2 Brush Set The new brush set currently contains 180 new base patterns in 2 separate sets (160 +20)) I thought i would add a few to enhance the original with a few selected patterns. You can use them on any brush in the original set. So should add a few additional options Base Textures.zip
  5. Hi, I am uploading some more of my free 'Nature' brushes for Affinity Photo. However, because of the file size, I have split them into twelve parts - Pt1 to Pt12. (I hope I don't get into trouble for uploading so many files, but I just wanted to give the other Affinity Photo users the brushes that I created and that I use myself). I have been interested in Concept Art for Movies and Games for a few years now. It is usually done in Adobe Photoshop, along with other programs like Corel Painter, ZBrush, Vue and Plant Factory, also Adobe Illustrator), all of which I have used. I have used Painter since version 5 (and owned by Fractal Design), and I have also dabbled with ZBrush on and off over the years. I usually create my brushes in Corel Painter, but I thought that I would create some 'Nature' brushes and create a few images in Affinity Photo to see how the brushes perform. Corel Painter works quite differently to Affinity Photo. There are some things that I like in Corel Painter, and other things about Affinity Photo that I prefer. The interface in Affinity Photo is far superior and logical. Painter has a very old-fashioned looking interface. I am also uploading a .JPG image (and 'source' Affinity Photo file complete with layers) that I created in Affinity Photo using the free 'Nature' brushes below. It's not brilliant - just an quick example image for other Affinity Photo users who may be interested in Concept Art for Movies and Games. They can download the original 'source' file to see how it was created by turning the layers on/off and dabble with the free 'Nature' brushes to create images themselves. I use these brushes myself to create concept art - mist, dust, fog, atmosphere, trees, branches, ferns, fungi and lichen, leaves, moss, shrubs and plants, forest floor, rocks, etc. I don't work in the industry - it just interests me. I love to see the work process of conceptual artists, their imagination, their techniques and creativity. Have fun! I would love to see anything you create using them. Hope you like them... Del DEL Nature 2024 Pt5 Textures.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt6 Trees Branches Leaves.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt7 Forest Floor.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt8 Forest Floor II.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt9 Ferns.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt10 Moss.afbrushes DEL Nature 2024 Pt11_Lichen.afbrushes Looking Up From the Ravine.afphoto
  6. Dinosaur Pattern Styles 01 15 seamless dinosaur skin patterns 15 independent styles (set with maintain fill aspect ratio/wrap) File size is Larger than usual! ....Exported the .png but a t higher res (400dpi) Experiments Sample Sheet as below with .zip file for assets: Dinosaur_01.zip
  7. Transform straight lines into organic, zigzag, undulating, wave and other edge styles instantly with this must-have brush set! >>GET THE PACK HERE<< I’ve lost track of how many times customers have asked for a quick hack which lets them create zigzag, rough, organic and other edge styles in Affinity Designer. With this highly-useful Affinity vector bush pack, The Artifex Forge is here to add that all-important functionality and solve your design woes – the Affinity Designer vector brushes featured give the user a huge variety of line style options, which can be added to vector shapes quickly and easily. So you’ll no longer spend ages searching the internet for workarounds which often turn out to be laborious, time-consuming and ultimately disappointing. You’ll find yourself reaching for these essential Affinity Designer Brushes time and time again – it’s not just a tool kit in its own right but it’s also ideal to use in conjunction with other brushes, patterns and effects – grab them now and give your Affinity tool kit an upgrade! See the video tutorial HERE This useful tool kit contains the following elements: The Affinity Designer Vector Brushes 5 Zigzag Edge Brushes 5 Zigzag Irregular Edge Brushes 8 Undulated Edge Brushes 6 Petal Edge Brushes 5 Organic/Rough Edge Brushes 5 Undulated Type 2 Edge Brushes 4 Jagged Edge Brushes 3 Cog Tooth Edge Brushes 1 Wave Edge Brush All brushes are for use in the Vector/Draw Persona. A Quick Reference Guide: Navigate your way through the brush set easily using this handy PDF. A Comprehensive Instruction Manual: A thorough guide on how to use the brushes is supplied. >>GET THE PACK HERE<< >>GET THE PACK HERE<<
  8. Can you directly rotate a brush to suit in Affinity Photo, or is the only control you have with the rotation in the dynamics section of the brush? It would be handy if I could rotate a brush in real time to get a specific angle, instead of relying on the rotation dynamics setting. I'd like the same control with rotation that I have with the size of a brush.
  9. I'm trying to look for an angled/tilted brush for hand writing with my pen tablet. I know it sounds extremely simple – it's one of the default brushes on Adobe Illustrator – but I can't seem to find it on Affinity Designer. Everything is rounded... Some taper off a the ends. But none are actually angled. Please help!
  10. Make your own digital mosaics and fauxsaics in Affinity Designer! >>GET THE PACK HERE<< After a trip to Sicily, where I saw some stunning ancient Roman mosaics, it occurred to me that there was no tool which allowed Affinity Designer users to draw their own mosaic designs. So, I set about making this complete mosaic tile tool kit – it contains everything you need to create your own realistic looking fauxsaics. In this pack I’ve captured the irregular, chipped edges of the original Roman source material (c. 4th century AD) allowing you to create stunning designs and illustrations with a sense of antiquity. However, the pack isn’t just for adding a vintage look – as you’ll see from the screen-shots you can use the Affinity Designer brushes, patterns and textures to bring a unique twist to contemporary designs too. To test the pack I studied real mosaics and put the Affinity brushes through their paces by re-creating a real Roman design – the bear image screen-shot. >>GET THE PACK HERE<< The pack contains all of these fantastic components: The Brushes A variety of mosaic tile Affinity Designer vector brushes, all sourced from genuine 1600+ year old material. A grout brush is also included – perfect for adding a rough, undulating edges to vector shapes. The Pattern Styles 6 authentic mosaic repeat patterns – perfect for backgrounds or for flooding areas with tiles quickly. Supplied as One-click Affinity Designer styles. The Border Brushes Add authentic looking borders to your mosaics. 6 Different designs supplied, each made using multiple vector brushes – simply layer them up. The Seamless Overlay Textures 2 Stone textures and 2 grunge overlay textures – use these to flood areas quickly and add age and authenticity to your designs. The featured Affinity Designer textures are seamless, so you can fill any sized area. Supplied as One-click Affinity styles. A quick reference PDF guide This will help you quickly find the right brushes and styles for the task in hand and get the most out of this brush, pattern and texture pack. Example file The Skull image has been supplied for you to backwards engineer. Supplied as an Affinity Designer file. Instructions A very thorough guide on how to load, apply and then adjust this brush, style and texture tool kit is included. >>GET THE PACK HERE<<
  11. Sorry guys I'am not happy with the leatest version under Windows 11 Using brushes in every sort the system hangs up, or freeze up, Or I need to rmove the crash handler by hand to get the systeem working, or I need to rermove Photo to get my system working. I have the newest windows versions, newest graphic drivers and so more. for the RTX Nvidia 3060 (studio) I use a Intel i7-11700K cpu with 80 Gb ram The leatest beta had and have not this problem. So I don't know what is different to version? Intrest is I have seen this sort problems before 2.4.1 beta was running perfect and the final version gives problems.
  12. Hi. I've made some brushes for the upcoming Valentines day and i would like to share them with you all. Please feel free to use them as you like. Commercial use too. They have 5 Draw persona brushes (Designer only) and 4 (Pattern) Pixel Persona Brushes you can use in Photo too. This is the first time i'm sharing something so... Please let me know what do you think. Update 31/01/2018 - 3 New Pixel Persona Brushes added - Please re-download. Thank you all for your kind words! DC Valentines Brushes.zip
  13. Authentically textured vector brushes for Affinity Designer, made from real crayon marks! Get our Wax Crayon Brushes FREE (plus other products) when you sign up for our newsletter. Find out more HERE! Your free download features: 40 high-quality realistic Wax Crayon Brushes Affinity Designer. A fully comprehensive instruction guide. Head to artifexforge.com and get them now! Head to artifexforge.com and get them now!
  14. Project Brush Set 08 Organics Used as brush set to supplement Camouflage III Project Updated the brush set to version 2 Should work much better now! Changes/improvements as below Version 2.0 1. Removed old versions redundant now.. 2. Made significant changes to the brush dynamics and nozzles. All nozzles are now vector based replacing previous raster versions (as much as possible) 3. There is a significant number of new nozzles for the brushes Which means they are not like original sets.. 4. Made use of the 1.7/1.8.2 brush engine in AD/AP using subBrushes. 5. The old brush set was appearing darker and less intense with 1.7/1.8 update...I have fixed that with this version! 6. Updated the Sample sheets to newer (latest) layout..Sub brushes are displayed in red. 7. Introduced a lot of new base textures 8. Organics Set 01 replaces the original Project Brush 08 set. There are 3 x 30 in the full project Archived the Older Brush set and updated Library information Raster Brushes ProjectBrush 08 - Organics Set 01 V2.zip
  15. Infected This is my first drawing using Affinity Designer 2.0 (A revamped version of the colourful Lena which I have not uploaded!) It is really a test of the updates made to the Brush Dynamics in Affinity 2.0 Created a new set of inking brushes that makes use of interpolation and the new Distance options with the brush dynamics. I have found that the brushes are much smoother, faster and more responsive..I really like the ability of 'Distance' to allow for the tapering of the nozzle. Even though you have to adjust the direction of the graph! Affinity Designer 2.0 original 400 x 400mm | 300dpi Brushes inker | Comic Grunge and Concept Painter
  16. Our popular Affinity Designer Neon Brushes just got a whole lot better! What's new about the pack? we've completely reworked the brushes - revisiting the real neon tube source material to create a vastly superior look. A set of time-saving Affinity Glow Styles has been added - use these to add glows to your design instantly! We've also added a set of handy background gradients. >>GET IT HERE<< Or keep scrolling to learn more. Once again, the Artifex Forge has been on an urban adventure - exploring the city's bright lights to bring you better design resources! This time I've been searching for the best neon tubes to bring this super-realistic set of neon brushes and neon glow effects to life. If you find existing neon effects limiting, lifeless and a little unrealistic, this is the perfect set for you. Most are entirely computer-generated and therefore lack the lifelike qualities and quirks of genuine neon tubing. With these brushes, you can really give your design the wow-factor. So, why are they so much better? True-to-life: they are sourced from real neon tubing, so no flat, lifeless vector neon effects. Multiple highlight options: this recognizes that when you have a group of neon tubes together, they illuminate each other, creating more highlights. Flexibility: being brushes, they're malleable giving you more scope to create the images you want. Fun: you're drawing with neon tubing... what more can I say? Get the pack HERE and start creating Affinity Neon signs today! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Learn how to create the sausage dog illustration in our tutorial HERE! Get the pack and follow along! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The pack contains all of these fantastic components: The Neon Brushes 19 flexible neon tube vector brushes. The Neon Glow Styles Instant effects - add glows to your neon designs. A Wire Brush Style Add wires to your design with this one-click style. Screw Fitting Graphics Add this all-important extra detail to your neon designs. Free Stone and Brick Texture links Download free brick textures and textures from our screenshots are free. A quick reference guide Navigate this extensive Affinity neon tool kit quickly. Example file Backwards engineer the file to see how we did it. Instructions A thorough guide explaining how to load, apply and then adjust the brushes, neon glow effects and gradients is included. >>GET IT HERE<<
  17. At last! A comprehensive linocut tool kit for Affinity Designer! SAVE 20% WITH OFFER CODE 'ADLC24' >>GET IT NOW<< Love the linocut look but don’t have the equipment or space to do it justice in reality? This comprehensive tool kit contains everything you need to have a go virtually! It gives you a range of options from intricate brushes to fast and effective patterns and edges so you can create super-convincing digital linocut illustrations and woodcut art. The pack contains elements generated using real ink and linocut textures to ensure your artwork looks authentic every time. We got messy so you don’t have to! Grab the pack and start creating realistic looking linocuts and woodcuts today! Here’s everything featured in this all-inclusive linocut toolkit: Linocut Brushes: Create a huge range of realistic looking marks including; undulating lines, arrows, tapers, rounded, square and slanted ends and more – this pack has everything! Pefect for creating linocut and woodcut art. For use in the Designer Persona. Seamless Patterns Styles: Use these as a handy shortcut and fill large areas quickly and easily. The designs offer a huge variety and include a solid ink texture. Printed Ink Edge Stamp Brushes: Add an extra level of realism to your design with these border brushes. Sourced from real inked edges. For use in the Pixel Persona. 8 Ink Background Textures: High resolution, authentic ink textures. These are the perfect base for your design. The sizes of these vary but most are around 5000 x 3500 px. Supplied in Tiff format. A Quick Reference File: Use this PDF guide to navigate the pack contents quickly and easily. An Example File: The bug image – learn how I created the composition by backwards engineering it. Instructions: A very thorough guide on how to use the pack is included. This includes a section on how to create a design from start to finish. SAVE 20% WITH OFFER CODE 'ADLC24' >>GET IT NOW<<
  18. When I use a Basic ( or most any) paint brush in Aphoto and draw a true black line, it is semi-transparent. And ifn I draw over it the line it darkens when they intersect. Even with Opacity, Flow, and Hardness set to 100%. Why is that? Of course, it does not happen with Pixel, but why with Paint Brush?
  19. I want to Angled Flat Brush Like This. https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-make-use-and-manipulate-a-calligraphic-brush-in-adobe-illustrator--vector-24561 I have a tribal tattoo or calligraphy work. This feature is absolutely necessary.
  20. Our authentic marble and stone Affinity textures are perfect for creating stunning digital collages, product packaging designs and more! Introducing an authentic, user-friendly marble and stone texture pack for Affinity Designer! Our marble and stone textures were sourced from 100% genuine stone and marble and have been saved as seamless repeat patterns so you can fill infinite-sized areas without the disappointment of untidy edges and messy tiling. This marble and stone collage creator also features grout brushes and two grout texture styles – gold embossed and classic grout. This gives you everything you need to create stunning digital collages, packaging designs, and eye-catching backgrounds or add a touch of class to any design project. Check out the screenshots to see what’s possible with this complete texture tool kit. >>GET IT HERE!<< THIS COMPLETE TOOL KIT FEATURES ALL THESE HANDY DESIGN TOOLS AND FEATURES: The Marble & Stone Textures: Seamless, repeat patterns supplied as Affinity Styles. Use them to fill infinite-sized areas with ease. Grout Brushes: Add undulating edges and outlines to your designs. Grout Styles: Add embossed gold or classic grout effect to your outlines. An Example file: Backwards engineer this finished design. Not compatible with Affinity Designer 1. A Quick Reference Guide: Navigate this extensive collection of Affinity textures quickly and easily. Instructions: Learn how to use this marble and stone design tool kit. Technical information: All texture tiles measure 2000 x 2000px but because they tile seamlessly, you can fill infinite-sized areas. >>GET IT HERE!<<
  21. This is one of my digital paintings with the title Planets & Inhabitants/ Floryon", a landscape on a planet in our galaxy that has developed a humanoid intelligence, a hybrid between plants and animals. I worked with basic Affinity Photo 2 Beta brushes and brushes created by developers both in app. The figures in the foreground are first, modeled by me and placed in the landscape in the conversational pose.
  22. Hey! I created a FREE sample pack including 8 of my favorite brushes of The Ultimate Brush Bundle v3.0. You can download them by clicking here. If you want to check out the full bundle (176+ photo realistic brushes + complete tutorial library and installation guide) - click here! Have fun with your new brushes! – IAMRENSI
  23. Need more advanced pixel Brush Engine. Affinity brushes is so basic. It's OK for line work and sketches. But when it comes to painting, it's pain. Developers can compare feel of brushes with ArtstudioPro, Procreate, InfinitePainter, Clip Studio etc. Photoshop brushes isn't as good as in software above, but still better then Affinity. Need wetness and mixing settings, better render and movement tracing, better tilt settings and control. Need option to control size parameter with pressure and tilt in the same time.
  24. SAVE 50% ON UNIQUE AFFINITY DESIGNER TOOL KITS IN THE ARTIFEX FORGE BLACK FRIDAY SALE! To claim this massive discount head to artifexforge.com and use the discount code 'BLKFRI23' at checkout. Be quick! The sale must end 11.59pm on 1st December (GMT) See some of our best-sellers below or head to artifexforge.com now to see the full range! >>SAVE 50% ON THE LINOCUT LOVERS COMPANION NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE STAINED GLASS CREATOR NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE PATCH WORKS NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE SPIROGRAPH TOOL KIT NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE STAMP COLLECTION NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE MOSAIC MAKER NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON ESSENTIAL SHAPES NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE VINTAGE NAUTICAL MAP MAKER NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE PALS NOW!<< >>SAVE 50% ON THE ZEN FINE LINER & MANDALA CREATOR NOW!<<
  25. About The Box Set is hundreds of vector and raster brushes made for Affinity Photo & Designer. Each brush was handmade using real materials scanned at high resolutions and crafted to simulate real media. I wanted the origin of the brushes to have a heritage of the materials they are simulating. Scanning pools of watercolor, swatches of paint, and stipples of charcoal contributed to creating brushes with the same idiosyncratic material magic. My only request is that you take these brushes, with their clever names, as suggestions. They work superbly out of the box, but I strongly encourage you to adjust the sliders, rearrange or remove the textures, and discover how they can suit your hand(s). Make. Discover. Repeat. Cheers and happy art making, -Jef (WREN) RASTER BRUSHES For use in Affinity Photo and Designer. The blending brush in the Oil Set is the only one exclusive to Affinity Photo. DRAFTING INK OIL Oil Brush Dynamics Most oil brushes have blending built into pen pressure. With a single brush and hue you can adjust the luminosity of the stroke- giving it an oily blend. The Brush's color in the example above is the color of the background. A normal pressure gives you the hue without any lightening or darkening. WATERCOLOR ACRYLIC VECTOR BRUSHES For use with Affinity Designer Only. Pen & Ink Charcoal & Graphite Sumi-E Painterly Drips Handlettering LINKS The Box Set
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