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  1. @e.v125 thanks - I should've known to try this out! Now I will in the future!
  2. @walt.farrell I said I was able to export another file, Walt, of the same dimensions. I did this to eliminate the possibility that it was too large of a file. I then tried exporting it to the desktop instead of to my icloud folder in case that was an issue. Anyways, issue resolved by Lee.
  3. Error message attached. My document is 21600px x 3240px (300dpi). I changed it to 72DPI and it still gives me that export error (I thought maybe it was a bug with file size, although I just created a photoshop file with those specs and it opens). I was able to export another file that is 21600x3240 (72dpi). I tried exporting it to my desktop and still the same error. File attached infinite_main67b.afdesign
  4. @v_kyr thanks for reposting this. You can see the video in the original post. Sometimes it does work but I can't figure out when it does. I've restarted, made sure everything was updated etc... Most of the time it does not work. Any developer response or ideas would be appreciated.
  5. @v_kyr No way to get a second pair of developer eyes on this in the forums? Seems like I can't be the only one here? In the meantime, do you know where I can go to get a refund on affinity? I can't use the app with this bug...
  6. @v_kyr Everything else is working just fine with the rotated monitor. I am attached via HDMI. I performed the resets and it is still behaving all wonky. Such a huge bummer here because I am going to have to switch back to photoshop. Is there anyone else who has experienced this? Or any other ideas?
  7. @v_kyr that will rotate the canvas but the problem of the black and the wonkiness persists. It was actually working for awhile this morning and now I've come back and the computer was asleep, and when it woke up it was back to doing the same thing as the video and image above. Can anyone help?
  8. I'm dumb - I realized I could use my phone camera to show what's going on. Attaching a photo and a video. When I'm using other apps it'll appear normal, but when I go in and try to work it goes back to the weird horizontal glitch. Photoshop and other apps are working fine. I've updated to the latest OSX, restarted computer and all apps. IMG_4786.MOV
  9. Working with my monitor turned to portrait. Designer is rotating everything to horizontal, but when I move to screen capture it, it will force it back to how it should look. The dark gray area is cut off halfway and then its dark black. So I'm not sure but it seems like it wants to be on a landscape monitor? When I screenshot it, the dark part won't show up. I can't take a screen recording because as soon as I try, it will actually forces designer to work properly again (??). Likewise it looks how it should if another app is selected (and designer is in the background - screenshot attached). Does anyone else have this issue? V2 updated. Macbook Pro m2 max.
  10. Oh sorry about the recording. This is so strange - I just went to make a new recording and now it isn't doing the arrow flickering?!? I am trying to think what I've done in the last hour on my computer that could've altered it. Ugh!
  11. @Lee D not sure how I can isolate if another program is responsible for this? I don't have many extra things installed, this laptop is new. since clearing settings I now get an arrow plus the brush tool, while others are still exhibiting the exact same past behavior (arrow instead of the proper tool). Attaching the recording as requested. Appreciate the help. Screen Recording 2023-09-20 at 12.42.56 PM.mov
  12. @walt.farrell See my original post. I was only spamming to illustrate that I can get the brush to appear. I don't "spam" when I'm actually using the app. Any ideas? @MikeTO this doesn't happen in other apps (like PS) - so that's not the issue. Any other ideas?
  13. @walt.farrell if I hit "b" over and over, I can make the tool appear. That's all. It doesn't stay, it goes back to arrow.
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