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    @infinite_canvas (the instagram artwork)

    Thanks @ClarityDynamic - but the mess is kind of the point. If you look at the Instagram account, you'll get an idea of just how far the mess goes along! I'm working so fast and with so many images, to stop and start organizing for this specific project would just slow me down!
  2. it was right under my nose ! hallelujah!
  3. Hello! I switched to Affinity Designer for making my ongoing digital artwork on Instagram, entitled @infinite_canvas and it has been a revelation for this project (it's a scrolling, connected feed, so if you visit it be sure to scroll down, best viewed on mobile: https://www.instagram.com/infinite_canvas/). I switch between vector in raster in what I would describe as an irreverent way. The conceptual framework of the project could be distilled down to "grappling with the information stream". So as images pile up on my devices, they go onto the canvas, where I juxtapose, respond, add and subtract from them. I work quickly and without hesitation. The ability to move in between vector and raster so quickly opened up possibilities in my work flow. I'm deeply appreciative of that and think I'm utilizing the software in a somewhat unique (if inappropriate, ha!) manner. Attached it a screenshot of part of my current file (each one is 3240 px x 21600 px) - I rarely organize layers, . If printed to size, the canvas would extend football fields! (I printed it awhile ago during my MFA program and at 6 inches it was 45 feet long). I dream of having a program that would enable multiple user to work in the space at the same time. I really want to collaborate on an infinite feed with other people(s), I think the framework of my project would be perfect for a (maddening) collaboration! Thanks for this incredible program and if you have any questions about the project, I love talking about it! -Brick shoemakerstudio.com
  4. Quick google search yielded nothing, but I'm hoping 1.7 implemented this function - is there a way to lock guides?
  5. @GabrielM thank you so much. I was told in an earlier post to do the artboard thing. This is truly amazing, it makes my workflow even faster than my old photoshop methods. Amazing.
  6. I am using designer to make my connected instagram feed: https://www.instagram.com/infinite_canvas/ I make files that are 20 rows long and then cut those up with guides to imitate the instagram feed. For some reason, when I insert an artboard to crop the document for a post (I usually crop for two rows, so 3240 x 2160 px), it shifts the position of layers as I resize to the required size. Does anyone know why this is happening? Please see the two images below, notice how in the second screenshot ("after.png") the face on the left has shifted down in relationship to the guide. This shift ruins my ability to match things perfectly, which ruins the "connectedness" of my feed. After a few tries, I can correct it, though it remains often a few pixels off. Its a time suck that goes against this rather carefree nature of what I'm doing with the feed. From a features request standpoint, guides should remain in place and when inserting an artboard and the resize should snap to guides. Anyways, I really don't want to move to affinity photo because I'm utilizing some weird stuff in designer and enjoy the process. I hope this is clear enough, thank you.
  7. Thanks Alfred. After thinking about it though the entire point of using designer is that it offers so much of what I do without having to switch programs. I work on the fly with huge files and loading them into another program for this one crop would greatly reduce the efficiency of my process. *unless it does everything that designer is doing for me haha EDIT: The artboard tool work around is easy enough and then I can just revert back to it after exporting the crop. Thanks @toltec !
  8. Hi @toltec Thanks for your reply. Does Photo allow for drawing, image editing, lassoing and all of the "photoshop" digital drawing stuff that I do? I would describe my process for this work as digital drawing and collaging on the fly with lots of manipulation of individual elements (from color correcting to painting over them to erasing and selecting areas for removal). Also, while I understand that this is a page based program, it offers almost everything that illustrator and photoshop do in one, so why not just have an option to let the crop tool crop the entire page so that I can achieve this simple result without having to move into another program?
  9. I just switched over to AF Designer and can't figure out how to crop my entire multi-layered image. I'm posting a picture to illustrate. I work in really large files with hundreds of layers and then I cut them down into rows. So the longer image (before.png) would be cut down to just the first two vertical guides (after.png). I used the crop tool in photoshop. How can I easily do this? I searched around but couldn't find an easy way. This would be a major bummer as I can't use AF designer without being able to do this.
  10. @Paul Mudditt Problem: I've changed the default save location to iCloud Drive but when I click on the file in iPad Affinity Designer and "Save", it says "saving to location "on my ipad""... I've reset the program and tried after, the default save location says "iCloud Drive" - any ideas? edit: once I duplicate and save, it does save to iCloud Drive... odd?
  11. @Paul Mudditt Thank you so much for this. A refined version of this tutorial should be front and center for the AD iPad app, it's crucial. On top of that, though, you should just be able to easily airdrop these files from iPad to OSX.
  12. @gdenby thanks so much. I'm all set.
  13. thanks for your reply gdenby, so should I go into the hat (the object on the left) individually to each curve and try to change the stroke to .5? they are all drawn with many curves.
  14. Hello, I'm making three logos on a business card using vector mode on iPad and I can't figure out why one of them (the left most one) has thicker lines even tho I have set the stroke to .5 pt for all three objects? Attaching a screenshot. (side note: I tried to rectify in illustrator but when I place (or open directly) similar problems occur and, also, my layers are eliminated.)