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  1. @ChristiduToit Awesome suggestions. I also remember the app 'Brushes' which was the first iPad app I used back in 2012. That one also recorded time-lapse videos without hiccups within the not-so-powerful 3rd generation iPad. I was just thinking about populating our new Tik Tok account and Instagram reels with vertical time-lapse videos. But as you point out, going beyond a really simple illustration would be impossible. All in all, I'm so hyped that Affinity has started to work on this feature already, which apparently is a must for content creators nowadays and not many desktop apps have
  2. UPDATE: I've found a little hack to 'unstuck' the Gaomon stylus. You just need to press the 'option' key again and that's it, clicking with the stylus works again. I'm not sure if this is a Mac issue only, MY Mac issue only, or a global issue... but in case someone finds this useful, I'll leave it here. Cheers, Enrique
  3. Hi there! Just wanted to add my two cents here, since this post has been already opened. I got a Gaomon M106K myself (about two weeks ago), just out of curiosity. And so far, it works pretty damn well with apps such as Krita and Clip Studio Paint, to mention a few. Unfortunately, using it with Affinity Designer it's kind of a nightmare. I'm using a 2018 16 GB MacBook Pro. Despite, the action of painting itself has no issues at all, pressure sensitivity and tilt work perfectly, I've found these issues so far: Designer doesn't recognize stylus clicks at random. Doing things like
  4. Hi, since you've already sent this message to our support email address, someone from our support team has already got back to you several minutes ago. Please, check your email inbox, since we don't offer support over the Affinity forum. Thank you, Enrique
  5. Was about to post the same here. Maybe that's caused from purchasing Designer and Photo from the Apple App Store and Publisher from Affinity's website.
  6. Hello there! I can confirm the app gets unbearably unstable (freezing, unable to zoom/move) when using specifically the Clone Tool too much. I mean, if you’re just going to clone certain part of a photo, it makes no difference; but, if you’re doing some serious cloning for more than 5-10 minutes, the app just freezes and prevents you from selecting other tools. It also affects panning and zooming using gestures. It happens 95% of the times to me. I’m using a 12” iPad Pro 2018. - Enrique
  7. Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply. As Madame points out, this was offered as a free pack back in 2017, to FX Monkey email subscribers. Now this pack it's $2.99 USD. You can find it at the FX Monkey Store. However, we're offering a new eBook/Macros combo for free, if you subscribe to the FX Monkey mailing list (you can opt out immediately after getting the free files if you wish): FX Monkey You'll find the subscription form at the bottom of the page. Cheers, Enrique
  8. Hello there, I've just found a tiny error when attempting to open a previously closed file through the Open Recent menu. It always returns this message: "Failed to open file... The file is already open by another application", even if it's not. What I do is to close Publisher and once opened again, the file loads normally through the same Open Recent menu. Bests, Enrique
  9. Hi! Determining the actual weight of individual Styles and Assets (Masks) that way may be kind of deceptive. As I mentioned in other thread; despite their huge dimensions (meant for big printed artwork), the largest Style/Mask only weights around 2.2 MB, which isn't by any means a huge memory-eater Thanks a lot for your purchase by the way! I'm also looking forward to everybody being able of using this pack at its fullest on their iPads. Enrique
  10. Just want to add to this topic that despite the large dimensions of Propaganda Design Kit's Assets, the 'heaviest' of these textures weights about 2.2 MB (at 3,600 x 4,800 px); the rest gravitates towards 250 KB to 800 KB. So they're pretty lightweight to use, in general. - Enrique
  11. Hi Kenan, Thanks a lot for your purchase and your constant support! I'm really sorry you're experiencing this. Apparently, it's only happening on newer iPads, since I haven't had any troubles when I import the pack into my older 2015 iPad Pro. I've had a couple of crashes on 2017 iPad's but the Styles and Assets got installed after restarting the app or the iPad. I hope this issue gets fixed soon Enrique
  12. Hi, Sean, I already send you the pack via PM Cheers, Enrique
  13. Hello there! I want to share with you our latest tutorial for Affinity Designer: Emulating Retro Graphics. Click on the image above or follow THIS LINK to read it. Hope you like it guys! - Enrique
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