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  1. UPDATE: I've found a little hack to 'unstuck' the Gaomon stylus. You just need to press the 'option' key again and that's it, clicking with the stylus works again. I'm not sure if this is a Mac issue only, MY Mac issue only, or a global issue... but in case someone finds this useful, I'll leave it here. Cheers, Enrique
  2. Hi there! Just wanted to add my two cents here, since this post has been already opened. I got a Gaomon M106K myself (about two weeks ago), just out of curiosity. And so far, it works pretty damn well with apps such as Krita and Clip Studio Paint, to mention a few. Unfortunately, using it with Affinity Designer it's kind of a nightmare. I'm using a 2018 16 GB MacBook Pro. Despite, the action of painting itself has no issues at all, pressure sensitivity and tilt work perfectly, I've found these issues so far: Designer doesn't recognize stylus clicks at random. Doing things like selecting brushes, selecting layers or switching Personas won't work most of the times. Sometimes I restart the app, works for a while and then stops working again. When you press 'Option' plus clicking with the stylus to use the color picker, sometimes picks up the color, but it gets stuck picking colors all over the canvas. With Photo happens the same, but less often. It might seem like a little, but when working an entire illustration with these issues happening all the time gets really frustrating. My old Wacom Intuos Draw, work flawlessly with both apps. It's a bummer, because painting with this Gaomon tablet feels a lot smoother and more precise than with my Wacom. - Enrique
  3. Hi, since you've already sent this message to our support email address, someone from our support team has already got back to you several minutes ago. Please, check your email inbox, since we don't offer support over the Affinity forum. Thank you, Enrique
  4. Was about to post the same here. Maybe that's caused from purchasing Designer and Photo from the Apple App Store and Publisher from Affinity's website.
  5. Hello there! I can confirm the app gets unbearably unstable (freezing, unable to zoom/move) when using specifically the Clone Tool too much. I mean, if you’re just going to clone certain part of a photo, it makes no difference; but, if you’re doing some serious cloning for more than 5-10 minutes, the app just freezes and prevents you from selecting other tools. It also affects panning and zooming using gestures. It happens 95% of the times to me. I’m using a 12” iPad Pro 2018. - Enrique
  6. Hi! Sorry for the delayed reply. As Madame points out, this was offered as a free pack back in 2017, to FX Monkey email subscribers. Now this pack it's $2.99 USD. You can find it at the FX Monkey Store. However, we're offering a new eBook/Macros combo for free, if you subscribe to the FX Monkey mailing list (you can opt out immediately after getting the free files if you wish): FX Monkey You'll find the subscription form at the bottom of the page. Cheers, Enrique
  7. Hello there, I've just found a tiny error when attempting to open a previously closed file through the Open Recent menu. It always returns this message: "Failed to open file... The file is already open by another application", even if it's not. What I do is to close Publisher and once opened again, the file loads normally through the same Open Recent menu. Bests, Enrique
  8. Hello there! I want to share with you our latest tutorial for Affinity Designer: Emulating Retro Graphics. Click on the image above or follow THIS LINK to read it. Hope you like it guys! - Enrique
  9. Hello there! I haven't shared this tutorial here, yet it's one of our most popular ones, so here you have. We'll show you how to create some delicious popsicles using simple shapes and Affinity Designer's FX Panel, we'll be also relying on Clipping Masks to speed thing up... all in all, a super quick and fun tutorial, for all those who want some refreshment in their illustration skills. Click on the image to read the tutorial, if it doesn't work, go HERE . Hope you enjoy this one, Enrique.
  10. Hello folks! Long time without posting here, but I promise I'll be checking more often since I've missed a lot that happened in the forums these past months! Today I wanna share a new character design tutorial we've just published a few days ago on our website. Hope you guys enjoy it and as always, any feedback would be more than welcome! Happy weekend! CLICK HERE TO READ THE TUTORIAL
  11. @Cealcrest This looks fantastic, love the line weights you've achieved here! I'm sorry I didn't see this before, haven't had much time to browse the forum lately. Cheers
  12. Hello there! This request may sound stupid, because the least thing you'd want to happen when working on a file is being unable to go back to a previous color adjustment/setting. And in that regard, Affinity Photo is a beast! I've files with literally dozens of Adjustment Layers stacked upon each other... UNLESS... you're working on a schedule, being TIME your most relentless enemy when you're hired per hour. Last week I helped on a matte-painting project for a gaming company and (I haven't noticed this workflow issue until then), creating an Adjustment Layer whenever you need to make a quick Levels, Curves, HSL, etc. tweak and keep painting over, can become your worst nightmare when having just 8 hours to deliver 4 on-set paintings. I know you can merge that layer immediately after you've made the adjustment (even with a shortcut), but BELIEVE ME, having to: 1. Create the Adjustment Layer. 2. Nesting it to the specific layer you need to apply the tweak (if not, it affects all layers) 3. Merging it down 4. Repeat for the next one... It's a very tiring set of tasks you need to do, only to make the shadows of a single tree more intense (I.E.), inside a dozens-of-layers scene. Hope this request makes sense, because it's directly related with money and delivery times and will improve A LOT certain type of work pipelines. Cheers, Enrique
  13. This is a nice suggestion. I was a color-layer junkie back when I used Photoshop everyday. It may seem like a trivial thing, but when you've been sitting for 8 straight hours a day working on several files, marking layers with colors are a BIG visual aid. Cheers.
  14. Thank you all for downloading it! Please if you have any tutorial/resource request don not hesitate to drop me a line at: contact@frankentoon.com :)
  15. Yeah, I could, but I'm used to have a generic hosting service apart from our websites just to link images... it has to do with my own OCD I think haha :)
  16. BTW... I want to apologize for the Photobucket's disaster, they've just slapped in the face even their PAID MEMBERS (me included). So all of our images in the forum aren't being displayed correctly as you may tell by looking at this very thread. Obviously I won't pay $400 for the right to 3rd party hosting... We're working on a better solution that will be buying (ASAP) our own hosting with the sole purpose of store and hot linking promo images and such...
  17. Hi there! Thanks for asking, actually I'm working on a tutorial showing the basics and practical applications of image textures and pattern brushes in AD, Which is basically the method I've used for the dancer illustration :) I'll be announcing the release of that tutorial on our Twitter account: @frankentoon please stay tuned! Cheers!
  18. Just an update on this topic: I'm still super behind schedule with this list, but I've finally found some spare time and I'm currently working on two tutorials for this month: Using Textures in Affinity Designer (part 2) Sketching with Affinity Designer and Pixel Persona I'll let you know when I got these published on the website :)
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