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  1. SilverSurfer1221

    Place Randomly Changes to TXT Instead of All

    Any word on this?
  2. SilverSurfer1221

    Can't Print From Designer Most of the Time

    It was a document with some fairly simple shapes. I can share it here (see attached). As pointed out, it printed once out of about five tries ... and that one time was not the first attempt. CSTabmate_Scheme.afdesign
  3. Hello. This is a strange one. I installed the latest version of Designer today (1.7.2) and I cannot always print my work directly in Designer. In fact, out of 5 attempts (with starting Designer over twice), I was only able to get a document to print once. I've had to export to PDF and print from there. Each time I attempt to print from within Designer, my printer starts to whir like it is going to print, then it shuts down as if it didn't get a file. My printer is not reacting this way to any other piece of software I have installed on my Windows 10 PC.
  4. SilverSurfer1221

    Place Randomly Changes to TXT Instead of All

    I have not placed a single text file nor was I placing in or using a Text Frame in either Publisher or Designer when I noticed this. As stated above, I was placing IMAGES for a DECK OF CARDS to be printed. In each case, it was a PNG file. So, Place was reverting to TXT despite me using images each time.
  5. SilverSurfer1221

    Place Randomly Changes to TXT Instead of All

    After completing the project, I noticed this happening about every second or third time I was using Place.
  6. I've had a project where I've had to use Place to place a lot of images (basically setting up a deck of cards in Publisher to go to print). Every once in a while, after using the menu to click on Place, the area where you select document type gets set to TXT instead of ALL. I never change this, so the software is doing it on its own. It does not happen every time, but it does happen frequently - maybe once every four or five times accessing Place. BTW - This happens in both Publisher and Designer. I've not tested this in Photo.
  7. Hello. I really am enjoying using both Affinity Photo and Designer. My feedback/suggestion here is a small one, but I hope you will consider it. I think that the Alignment icon/button that appears on the top bar of both Photo and Designer should be in (approximately) the same location in BOTH applications. Currently, in Designer it's almost in the center of the bar. In Photo, it's toward the right side. Many of us are using both applications and switching between them. Reaching up and clicking the alignment icon to align items starts to develop muscle memory ... or it would ... if the icon were similarly placed in both apps. As much as these two apps are used together by so many artists and are so similar, it would only make sense that this one button be similarly positioned on the top bar.
  8. I feel like an idiot. I looked before posting and didn't see that. I looked again after reading your post and STILL didn't see it! I was about to post that it wasn't in my version of Photo! But I decided to look again and THERE IT WAS! Wow. Now ... where's my glasses?
  9. Hello! I couldn't find a means of locking guides in Affinity Photo (Windows 10). If it's not there, can we please add this? I find that I am accidentally moving guides all the time and having to hit undo. Thanks.
  10. Hello. I am using Affinity Photo for design. I have some text and because a particular word is not recognized, it has the red squiggly line under it indicating the spell checker has flagged it. This is normally fine. However, I placed a layer over the top of my old work filled with white. This is a blank slate for me to revise my design on. Guess what? Through my white layer I can see the red squiggles from the unrecognized words! Yes, I know I can go to Text>Spelling and turn on/off spell checking. But why should I have to do that each time? I think it would be nice if spell checking only worked when a text layer is selected. After all, if a text layer is not selected, you are not working on text. So, the end-user is probably not too concerned about spelling and are probably working on other parts of their design. Having the red squiggle on at all times is, at best, distracting. This is not massively important, but I think it would be a nice feature to have.
  11. SilverSurfer1221

    Tabletop RPG Rulebook Cover Design

    Thanks for the comments and feedback, GarryP! I appreciate them. I am happy that the cover shouts RPG RULEBOOK! That means I am heading in the right direction. As far as the back cover - I've done some research on that. Many of the core rule books have a ton of text on the back. Not all. For example, the modern D&D 5e DM guide is pretty sparse on the back (word-wise). But several other guides had a ton of text. The thing is, most of the tabletop gamers I know are readers and wordy, as such, like to have as much info as they can when looking at something like a core rulebook. When competing with games like D&D, Pathfinder, etc., I feel it is important to detail what sets my game apart. I don't believe that short bullets will do enough of the job. The intended audience will most likely want to read as much info on the back as they can instead of having to dig through 150 pages of text to see what the differences are. As far as the space - I might fill it as I create more art for the book ... but I might not. Several of the manuals I researched did not have much there. Others? Had a ton of imagery. My original plan was to put something there and I might yet. I just need to get more art done for this project.
  12. SilverSurfer1221

    Tabletop RPG Rulebook Cover Design

    Here's a cover I designed for my tabletop RPG core rulebook, Creative RPG. The main image was painted elsewhere (Clip Studio Paint), but the cover was created in Affinity Photo, including painting the subtle red tones all over the cover, creating the hexes, and placing the text, etc. I used to do this work in Photoshop, but now I am quite happy and content to use Affinity Photo and Designer. Thanks for making these great products!
  13. I just read another post about the latest official release being sluggish and it was suggested to try the beta (available via a link in the beta forums). I did test Designer and the sluggishness I had been experiencing was resolved. You might want to give the Photo beta a try to see if it resolves your issues. If it does, then the next official release should fix these issues.
  14. I've not tried anything serious in Photo since the last update, but I've had serious slow downs in Designer which I believe are related to zooming, too. I created a post about it here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/91399-moveduplicate-selection-slow-in-designer-on-windows-10/