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  1. Hello guys! The Flip Vertical/Horizontal icon is missing in Affinity Photo from the main toolbar and it's missing from the Customize Toolbar window.
  2. Hello guys. I'm tried to help a mate. He has some templates he made, and he wants to replace the texts in the textboxes for each client, but he wants the font size to change automatically , so all the text is visible in the textbox instead of wrapping it. I tried to help him by showing him the Constraint feature in View > Studio but it doesn't help. It only works in resizing the objets, not font size. Eg: He opens a template. Navigates to a textfield where the name of the client is supposed to be written. The textfield has a default text of "My Name". He types a long name. The font size changes accordingly, so the long name shows up completely in the textbox, without wrapping it to new lines. Is there a way to achieve this? Is some feature like this in the roadmap? Thank you!
  3. angelhdz12

    Auto Font Size

    Thank you for the video and for replying. Sorry for the delay. I'm programmer and have been very busy building some apps and learning some new technologies and languages. Let me explain what my cousin needs:
  4. I can't react anymore for 24 hours LOL I'm banned! I reacted with a heart on your reply. Other developers are talking about this. Python, TypeScript and Javascript are the language more voted. I'd vote for Python or Javascript because they are not static typed, easier for building actions/macros/extensions to automate tasks in Affinity programs. It's a must! So every programmer out there can develop these so less feature requests the Affinity developers will have.
  5. Hello guys. I left this feature request in the image-line forums, for the music production software FL Studio, so, I would love to have the following feature in Affinity as well. It's the ability to program commands or extensions like programs like Microsoft Office, Adobe Flash/Animate, Microsoft VS Code, etc. It would be really useful to be able to create commands to automatize tasks, in either Python, C# or Javascript language. (I'd said mostly C#, but Python would be good because of its simple syntax). This will benefit greatly the Affinity/Serif developers, because they would only need to focus on fixing bugs mostly, and us community programmers could contribute by creating these commands and extensions so, the amount of features request should decrease. For example, one crucial extension would be we type a text in a input textfield/dialog, and it splits that text by the spaces and create {n} amount of textfields with the split words. Also, search layers by layer description/name/title or by another search query like hidden, locked, blend mode, or layer containing {x} FX, or search all layers of type textfield, or search all pixel layers, etc. There are so many tools we need to automatize task that us programmers could easily implement. Can someone from Affinity confirm if there is any plan of including this feature, or at least, if they would at least consider implementing it in like version 2.x? Thank you!
  6. Non-Destructive Warp Tool or Live Filter. Come on, it's 2018!
  7. angelhdz12

    Expand Stroke Broken

    Hello guys! Already read a lot of "Expand Stroke Broken" topics. Just wanted to give follow up. It's annoying! I have Designer version Thanks!
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    Expand Stroke Broken

    But you can certainly speak for us to the higher ends, because we paid for it, but if features like this are faulty for sooo long... one would certainly think twice to pay for the next major upgrades. This kind of bugs slows our workflow. Thank you.
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    [Bug] Pixelated vectors on big documents

    Thank you guys for your answers. I probably opened a picture that was that size and the canvas stayed at that size. I will try using integers to see if I see any difference, but with MEB's answer, I think I get why is this happening. I just assumed that because there is a bridge between Designer and Photo, then in Photo the vectors would act as vectors. I don't remember having this issue in Adobe Photoshop CC and I used it a lot in my former Publishing Agency. In Photoshop I could work with vectors with any issue in any canvas size.
  10. Environment Description: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit Affinity Photo Version: Graphics Card: NVIDIA NVS 4200M Driver Version: Driver Date: 8/1/2016 Issue Description: After being using Affinity first Windows versions, I am now noticing strange visual glitches. Vectors on 1000px and up document sizes used too look good, and it should because they are vectors not pixels. But now I'm getting pixelated text fields and vectors on big documents. I tried disabling Windows Scaling back to 100% from 125%, I tried formatting Windows 10 (I had to anyways, there where other issues not related to Affinity). I noticed that sometimes, when I create the text fields and vectors from scratch it doesn't happen, so it must be related to how the screen refreshes after a size change. I don't think this is graphics video related issue (it could be, though).
  11. Some icons are not accessible when I set Display Scaling at anything but 100%. I had to do this because I have a 1968 x 1080 monitor and everything looks extremely small on at 100%. I know I can undock it and all the icons will be shown, but then it will be floating and I can't snap it to any side of the workspace. Maybe allowing the resizing of the toolbox and also snapping it to any side or bottom. Or adding top and bottom arrows to show more icons (scrolling?) For now, I found this workaround:
  12. For anyone having this issue:
  13. Solved You are a life saver! Very appreciated. Blessings mate!
  14. Yeah, but at least we can rotate manually or by setting the rotation in the Transform Panel, but not with Flip Vertical/Horizontal. Cheers!
  15. Affinity Vectors Affinity Pixels Affinity Pages *MIND BLOWN*
  16. That could be also applied to you mate. Strikes me that you have too much time on your hands and you come here to attack people on their opinions. Who says your opinion is better than everyone else's opinion? Keyboard warrior much?
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    [Bug] Pixelated vectors on big documents

    Update: Issue is also present in the latest Affinity Betas.
  18. angelhdz12

    [Bug] Pixelated vectors on big documents

    Update: Issue is only present on Affinity programs. On Inkscape, all is good.
  19. Considering Typescript is the language to develop VSCode extensions... yeah, most probably they go the Javascript/Typescript rute.
  20. Sure, you can have an opinion, and we respect it. But if most people says Python it's best, you can't fight that. For this same issues is why polls and voting systems exist. I come from bracket and static datatype languages, and when I discovered Python, that opened a world of possibilities for me. For example, I ditched Batch in favor of Python to develop tools to solve my daily life tasks. Tabs are basic and common in normal text writing anyways, for example, to start a new paragraph. You can love Lua all you want, but bashing Python over that, it's silly. "Lua is better than Python because I love it". No, it doesn't work that way. Blender (3D modelling and animation software) uses Python. Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate) uses JSFL, a flash port of JSAPI, a Javascript API . Web browsers use Javascript for their extensions development. Last words: It makes sense to have Python as the language to automate Affinity Programs tasks. If not Python, then Javascript. These 2 languages are common among graphic designers that also become frontend developers, because of their simple syntax. I dream about Python replacing Javascript for the web. I want to know your opinions on this guys!
  21. Hey guys! Is in your plans allowing programmers to control the affinity programs with code? Like commands/actions in Python, C# or Javascript? Preferibly Python or C#. So we programmers can develop commands/actions that people can install or run to execute certain tasks. I need a definitive answer to this, to see if it's worth waiting for it, or a definitive NO! Thank you!
  22. angelhdz12

    [Multi] Python API

    I was asking for this, and the languages I chose were Python and C#!!! Cool! But I think I'll vote for Python. Simple syntax, no datatypes, and a lot of functions , string interpolation, generators, list comprehension. Yup, Python it is! please Serif add this feature!
  23. Python or C#! Edited: Python is best! Simple syntax, yet powerful! String interpolation, generators, list comprehension, array/string slicing, no static data typing, etc.
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    Convert to Text Frame Grayed Out