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  1. https://odysee.com/@fotis575:3/Import-SVG-to-Affinity-Designe-from-Lightburn-(Solution)-part-2:9 this ts my solution
  2. with lightburn I do not have the ability to choose the density in the dots
  3. I make jarvis with lightburn. When i was using corel the program had the possibility for jarvis and I wanted to know if this possibility also exists in the affinity photo.
  4. I have a laser and I create photographic engraving. is there jarvis in this program? Thank you.
  5. Jimmy jack, Thanks, this reduces my problem a lot. I do not know from programming but if the lasso could be added to the Move tool it would be an excellent tool.
  6. thank you all. I know the ways you described to me, I just wanted to know if there is a way to use Node lasso as Move lasso. I realized that it is not possible. Thank you all again for your time. google translate.
  7. Move tool has no lasso with result, when I have complicated shapes I have to select the pieces one by one. (google translate)
  8. how can i use the Node tool this way (lasso) but select and group only what i chose? Thank you Only the selected nodes.mp4
  9. This is not correct, the X Y axes work gyroscopically so that the actual width and height are distorted. Is there a way to lock it to show me the actual size according to the rotation I make? (google translate) not correct X Y.mp4
  10. When import svg from lightburn to Affinity Designer the linked vectors appear in scattered places.(google translate). Video: https://odysee.com/@fotis575:3/Import-SVG-from-Lightburn-to-Affinity-Designer-(problem)-2022-4-24:d
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