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  1. Hi guys, a little update. I made a reel, everything featured in this video was made with Affinity Designer and After Effects
  2. Individual sub, no need for the whole suite, I cut the cost down by getting a yearly subscription. I still save over 500 dollars, which is good to me.
  3. Some more animations I have done with the workflow (Affinity Designer + After Effects). At the moment I have not encountered any major drawbacks with using Affinity Designer and After Effects. I'll be experimenting a lot more, so if anyone's interested, you can check it out here Scene.mp4 Walk cycle.mp4 Boombox.mp4 Wow.mp4 burger.mp4
  4. @SrPx, No, I haven't. I'm not sure I can make animations which are so complicated with Da Vinci. I'm working on making character animations mostly and I don't think there's anything available that can beat After Effects at the moment.
  5. kpatart

    Product mockup with Affinity and Blender

    Super awesome! I'm learning Blender right now, might take a couple months, but would love to make videos like this someday
  6. @robert.sarudy Thanks, I might make a Youtube tutorial in the future to show the entire workflow. I think After Effects is one app which holds people back from giving up on illustrator, but it's entirely possible to make everything work with Affinity Designer and Photo.
  7. @Rocketdrive I used EPS format, which I imported to After Effects, then converted it into shape layers. Then I used explode shape layers (script available from AEScripts) to break everything into individual shape layers. From there I merged various shape layers together (again using the explode shape layers script) so that I could cut down on the number of layers I needed to worry about. From there, it was just a matter of animating everything. This method works well with complicated animations as well- I have a short snippet of a more complex below: Whilst it is a bit more work than using illustrator, I don't think it's too much extra work. I've found that preparing files for animation with After Effects always requires some preparation anyway, so 5 more minutes of work isn't too much of a hassle, especially if I can get away from paying 30 bucks a month on another Adobe license.
  8. Hi guys, I wanted to show some work I made using Affinity Designer and After Effects. When I started learning how to animate, it was hard to find info on how to make designs in Affinity Designer and animate them with After Effects. After some experimentation, I figured a decent workflow. As you can see, I'm not limited by the lack of integration between the two software suites. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to help. Trampolining.mp4 Run.mp4 qDxDyRuLqRegTung.mp4 Robot 3d faux.mp4

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