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  1. I completely understand it. That is fine. Overall Affinity Designer is still the fastest tool in my workflow anyway
  2. This is good for training my patience. Please check the video. It would help if this can be fixed. Thx Running on Windows 10 latest version 1.7.3
  3. I see. This one artboard is especially slow. It is one vector symbol duplicated many times over 1.3 meter artboard in scale 1:10 which is going to be a 13 meter wall. This one takes ages to export as print PDF. Probably it is normal with so many vector data.
  4. I understand thank you. That private link could be helpful. The file is much bigger, I didn't include the screenshot of the whole thing. The file is about 2 GB in size due to the very high resolution embedded image files that are over 10000 px Probably this is normal in this case. And my Macbook thermal throttles and I just didn't notice performance drop when working. And when I now have more powerful machine, Affinity uses all cores that you throw at it. But yes please send me the private link so that guys from the team could look at it. THX
  5. Hello guys, I just have a quick question. Is this normal that my fans are spinning like crazy and all threads are fully utilized during the Affinity Designer export? Now I am on Windows 10, with AMD Threadripper 2920x 12/24 Cores overclocked to 4.1 GHz. This didn´t happen when I exported on my Macbook Pro with i7 2.2Ghz. Using the same file. I am exporting some large scale stuff for 12m long walls into the PDF with high DPI count above 300 DPI. So I understand that the export obviously takes longer. But my CPU is fully utilized now for 10 minutes. And my temps are hitting 73°C. I am running the latest Affinity 1.7.3 Thanks for any help or sugggestions.
  6. I have reverted back to previous version of Affinity Designer, and works smooth. I will keep using that and wait a little bit with updating to the newest version. Thanks for all advice
  7. Also another recording with context menus, I used different program for screen recording so that you can see my clicks Untitled.mp4
  8. Here I have recorded the issue on my screen. Maybe it is some problem on my end. I don´t know. You can see it specifically at the end of the recording that once I deselect the object I have to wait. Or if I try to do some transform, scaling, moving, etc.... Affinity_Designer_9_5_2019_8_20_55_AM.mp4
  9. Thanks I wasn't aware of this during my panic mode. I use Affinity Designer - this is where the troubles were caused. Not in Publisher.
  10. Is it possible to revert to previous version of Affinity Designer till this issue gets fixed? That would be great, cos I have to finish my work, I have crazy tight deadlines!
  11. Hi, I have the same issues with performance on the latest version of Affinity on Windows 10. The blue circle starts spinning everytime I want to do a transformation, deselect an object, zoom in, etc...... And the program stops respoding and I have to wait with each small input from my side. And my file is not even huge. Yes it sucks. My computer specs are i7 - 8700 K CPU 3.70 GHZ, 16 GB RAM, NVidia 1080 GTX Ti Here is my file if it helps. Please resolve this issue, because Affinity is my main program for paid production work. THX PowerpointDesign.zip
  12. Hi, to import artwork from Affinity Designer into Blender I usually use PNG format with transparency. Also I use PNG if I want to use the graphic as a texture in the material slot. SVG I use only if I have to use exact vector shapes and create specific meshes inside Blender. To export the finished piece from Blender I use PNG, even for animation - PNG sequence.
  13. Great decision, it will widen the possibilities for you. If I can recommend to you this motion training is great: https://cloud.blender.org/p/motion-graphics/ . And also https://cgcookie.com is dedicated fully to Blender tutorials. Both are paid, I am not affiliated with them in any way. But I have been there in that place looking for great Blender tutorials and found these to be quite useful for motion graphics. Also on Udemy you can find some general Blender trainings usually at big discounts. Also I recommend to follow these guys on youtube - some add really great content and tips from different fields. Chris Prenninger Midge Sinnaeve MrSorbias Tutorials CGMatter Olav3D Tutorials Gleb Alexandrov CG Boost Blenderphysics CrossMind Studio
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