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  1. I have reverted back to previous version of Affinity Designer, and works smooth. I will keep using that and wait a little bit with updating to the newest version. Thanks for all advice
  2. Also another recording with context menus, I used different program for screen recording so that you can see my clicks Untitled.mp4
  3. Here I have recorded the issue on my screen. Maybe it is some problem on my end. I donĀ“t know. You can see it specifically at the end of the recording that once I deselect the object I have to wait. Or if I try to do some transform, scaling, moving, etc.... Affinity_Designer_9_5_2019_8_20_55_AM.mp4
  4. Thanks I wasn't aware of this during my panic mode. I use Affinity Designer - this is where the troubles were caused. Not in Publisher.
  5. Is it possible to revert to previous version of Affinity Designer till this issue gets fixed? That would be great, cos I have to finish my work, I have crazy tight deadlines!
  6. Hi, I have the same issues with performance on the latest version of Affinity on Windows 10. The blue circle starts spinning everytime I want to do a transformation, deselect an object, zoom in, etc...... And the program stops respoding and I have to wait with each small input from my side. And my file is not even huge. Yes it sucks. My computer specs are i7 - 8700 K CPU 3.70 GHZ, 16 GB RAM, NVidia 1080 GTX Ti Here is my file if it helps. Please resolve this issue, because Affinity is my main program for paid production work. THX PowerpointDesign.zip
  7. robert.sarudy

    Product mockup with Affinity and Blender

    Hi, to import artwork from Affinity Designer into Blender I usually use PNG format with transparency. Also I use PNG if I want to use the graphic as a texture in the material slot. SVG I use only if I have to use exact vector shapes and create specific meshes inside Blender. To export the finished piece from Blender I use PNG, even for animation - PNG sequence.
  8. robert.sarudy

    Product mockup with Affinity and Blender

    Great decision, it will widen the possibilities for you. If I can recommend to you this motion training is great: https://cloud.blender.org/p/motion-graphics/ . And also https://cgcookie.com is dedicated fully to Blender tutorials. Both are paid, I am not affiliated with them in any way. But I have been there in that place looking for great Blender tutorials and found these to be quite useful for motion graphics. Also on Udemy you can find some general Blender trainings usually at big discounts. Also I recommend to follow these guys on youtube - some add really great content and tips from different fields. Chris Prenninger Midge Sinnaeve MrSorbias Tutorials CGMatter Olav3D Tutorials Gleb Alexandrov CG Boost Blenderphysics CrossMind Studio
  9. Here are some screenshots of a graphic pitch I have worked on. I used Affinity Designer to create graphic labels and texturing maps. Photo was used for some simple easy colour correction. A colleague of mine asked me what is on fire because of the orange sparkles I guess it was the computer during rendering. Then I used the renders to create a demo animation. Unfortunately this project was not developed into anything real but at least I learned some new things Watermarked demo music is from Musicbed - https://www.musicbed.com/songs/seeds/36381 Madmonq_Animation.mp4
  10. Looooooks awesome. Great workflow. It is really nice to see that these kind of animations can be done without Illustrator especially if you can find an effective workaround. THX for sharing this tip, probably I will use it someday!
  11. robert.sarudy

    Affinity used for large format production

    There is always place for improvement, I am too stunned by artworks that I see other people make. But if other guys can do it, you can do it as well
  12. robert.sarudy

    Affinity used for large format production

    I started using Affinity about six months ago, but I have about 9 years of graphic background working professionally in Adobe programs. Since I was getting frustrated with CC suite I decided to switch. So it was only about getting used to new shortcuts and some other tools in Affinity. And regarding the above work, it took about 4 months of preparation and creation. I mean designing one complete lounge took about 1-2 days, the rest were revisions checking correct dimesions from excel sheets from producer, constant content changes and so on...
  13. Hi everyone, I want to share my very positive experience working with Affinity Designer and Photo. For the past 4 months I have been working on designing large booths, walls, signage and other printed materials for a huge congress with over 30 000 participants. We had tight production deadlines from our external suppliers plus I had to design all the proposals, manage communication and do several revision rounds and after that export print data. All went very well thanks to Affinity Designer and Photo. These programs handled big oversized artboards, gigabytes of TIFF images and export so smoothly I couldn't believe it. The best thing I liked was having one document per one lounge with many many different artboards which gave me flexibility to make a huge wall and small flyer with the same design in one application. Also the ability to export print ready PDFs and some JPGs in Export Persona was a huge time saver! Exporting 2400DPI PDFs was just smooth. Most of the work was done in Affinity, very very small percentage in Illustrator and 3D stuff in Blender. Here are photos and renders of some of the things which were produced. To me this was quite a successful journey. Thanks Affinity team for great products and keep going!
  14. Yes, large format print on some forex that will be mounted on the walls.
  15. Hey guys, I have a quick question. How do I make one artwork visible across multiple artboards that are stacked next to each other. In my screenshot I have faked it, but eventually I will need to export separate PDFs with the graphic that seamlessly goes across each artboard. Thanks for help! PS: Or is it better idea to slice up one big artboard in Export Persona and export separate PDFs this way?

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