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  1. Well, sure I can but a bit unsure if it helps/ok, I'll try to make some footage during my work - both in AFP and PS for comparison?/. I use to work on raw photos, then some preprocessing and then extracting from the background in CS5 /PSD files 50-150 MB/, also print preprocessing. -all those automated as much as possible with the Actions and Scripts; it happens >1000 photos to process in relatively short time. I can see noticeable difference in speed in eg. : - raw developing - magic wand selection while extracting from the background if I would like to do it in AFP ))... - Basic transformations are also slower and one can see it clearly when working with a bit larger files. Minor things: - lack of similar CROP tool also hurts a bit but maybe I should change my workflow&habits from CS5? - possible to implement capability of setting new 0,0 = dragging rulers' 0,0 to any point for re-set? /useful whey you have to measure/compare sth/ PS. Yes, I am up to date with the betas.
  2. Id put the cat among pigeons once again /re: fresh discussion about AFPublisher ))) - sorry, cant resists that. and ask AF management team: did you or do you consider compete also on other, neighbouring fields of graphics creation like CAD drawing and/or Sketchup? Just asking, dont get mad ;-))
  3. Was any other example presented except that short footage on Twitter?
  4. Thx, must have missed that.
  5. Ive just suggested, a few posts earlier: if its money problem, shouldnt we think maybe of some /crowd/funding to support the guys, for our common wealth ?
  6. ok, thats something )) Btw. basic things: just curious if AF has not been starting planning/coding also?/ from total null/scratch, PageSerifwhatever isn a foundation to AFP in any extent ?
  7. Iam to it. Ive been also on CS5 for some time but on PC side. I would like to know only: do we have any reasonable time schedule or/which is more probable after watching predecessing posts/: theres some undoubtfully great idea for AF DTP but forget about materialising it for now... Amen...? ;-)) Pax vobiscum ?
  8. Ok, let resume that play and stay we are all believers. ))
  9. Why should software development be ruled by some other rules than these applying to project development at all? I dont get it. If a project does not meet its goals at the time and/or scope and/or quality - something's wrong with management of that project, dont you think? When did you start coding for AFP? Did you? )) Too much undocumented mystery, too little deadlines ? What do you mean by 'unpredictable'? Does the project rely on public funding, gov's contracts, weather? Because if its too much amateurship - maybe its nothing to bother about ? No, I am not gonna insult or depreciate anybody, I expect -as present user for some your products and potential user of the other ones - to be treated SERIOUSLY.
  10. Matt, you are clear about that. However: 1. Time. How long still and why so long ? 2. Perfection. You can elaborate the project to the end of the time. Every project. In the meantime somebody invents a biolink and computers become useless or sth similar-jokin but that the way it is. 3. The time is NOW, lots of people switched to AF because they saw you could offer promising, effective tools at affordable price and you ensure good customer-provider relations and development/support relations. This wil not last forever though. If it be NOW: what would be the stage of WORKING features of AFP?
  11. I have not been tracking above thread progress precisely but correct me if I am wrong: -Whats the problem? If its been so long 'preparing' AFP for ANY preAlphaTestWhatever launch, then showing some mysterious presentation then again nothing -Money? People? Time? Guys, maybe project manager of AFP could share his sorrows, maybe we could/should collect some fund whatever BUT MOVE IT. Or say its just bothering and stop that pointless talks here? Feel tired w/it and feel I am not the only one. Is it worth or not? Is it gonna happen or not? Whats the problem?
  12. Basically I agree w SrPx, otherwise I would not be here and waiting. All main reasons have been pointed out. Howgh. If I might add however sth to that thread: just because present apps AFPh and AFD look and work so promising - AFP would make a full house. /just discovered newest AFD beta cooperates smoothlessly with PS CS5 with copy&paste intelligent objects )) - love it, thank you AF team./
  13. And how is market share now /Europe/ ?
  14. Sure. But if I go for one of these-why should I still consider AFP then ? Scribus is not an option I think, seriously. I thought of Quark at times when it was available for MACs exclusively, suppose its a mature tool now. What I liked however was clear, logical and effective approach/at least to me/ in AF products I could test so far, therefore having DTP tool from AF would make a complete set to me. If the process prolongs I would have no option but to switch to another soft.
  15. Well, not having an option is not quite a good option anyway