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  1. Even stranger. Creating new file locks AD also...; Creating/opening ANY file locks AD completely. Can run w/some error logging on? How to query crashpad_handler?
  2. hello, For future investigation: suddenly can only open the file i used to work on but thats it. AD gets stuck, need to kill the process. OpenCL off. /Retina on low./ File enclosed, suggestions welcome. fordon.afdesign
  3. Hello, Guys, I'd like to use AD for creating some pattern to present the layouts for pavement cobblestone /granite cubes actually/ design, like these below. Does anybody have experience and could advice some reasonable approach/case study?
  4. hello! The thing is: upper text frame OK, typed from scratch and styled 'CV_Body', lower text frame/existing text-imported RTF/ -first 'No style' then 'CV_Body' applied: res1.afpub
  5. hello, as usually theres need to format a text frame with a style but imported text isnt 'clean', ie there are different types of spaces, alignment does not work properly etc. Assigning NO STYLE does not do the job.. Any ideas how to do it properly in AFP ?
  6. Hello, Need to refresh: any news re above? Suggested workflow for color matching seems too awkward so far. Btw. When samplng from an image would not let to choose *.aphoto file because neither Documents nor Raster images filter recognizes *.aphoto file to pick...Suppose youve just download an image from built-in Shutterstock feature - you obtain *.aphoto immediately...
  7. Thanks, not tried yet but..simplest ideas are best ideas. Btw. AFD hardly performs such kinf of structures, at least on my GTX760.
  8. Hi, Anybody got idea how to simulate cone light/typical effect for bitmap apps eg PS/ in AFDesigner ? needed in the entrance - of course i can switch to APhoto BUT maybe i could stay in AFD with it (love that software)) .. So far I made this: and this:
  9. Hello, Is is possible to create Effects on 'empty' objects, eg. Pen Tool created stroke with zero or close-to-zero stroke or NULL stroke / Fill ? So in results only effect itself would be visible? Useful to me when I need to create effect but on some edges or segments /NOT whole outline of an object/ Possible to ARRANGE Pen Tool stroke on a stack?
  10. **Awsome pattern creator, file attached below. Just curious if possible to provide transparency/cut outs instead of secondary color..?? AFFINITY-DESIGNER-PATTERN-TEMPLATE.afdesign **To Admin: move to RESOURCES, pls
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