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  1. hi, Just a small suggestion reg. Resource Manager: - maybe LMB DoubleClick on a image item in the list could also invoke LOCATE /or RMB context menu/ ? I mean every detail could make workflow easier&faster is GREATLY appreciated ))
  2. hello, A question about image inserting and manipulating: - inserted image appears 'as-is', it cant be cropped/trimmed/whatever within an image frame /see: Indd/, is it going to be eventually so or its just beta stage for this feature ? Btw: Cant Create STYLE based on marked Object /text block, image etc/: its also beta stage for it?
  3. (blah blah blah...) We will add requested feature TOMORROW. I love that type of cooperation )) You ask-you get.
  4. Hi, Having received lots of proofing from the authors I just wonder why/if pdf notes are missing after importing to AFPub ? Of course I can review in pdf reader but..))
  5. Hi, Ive faced recently some problems that occured quite often when a print house calls me with the remarks and I am off my home desktop&NAS, the amendments are to be made quickly and I cant EDIT Indd document (+200 MB) off my workplace. Is/would it be possible to work remotely on such /APub/ document? Or maybe Affinity cloud option? Assume all the images have been linked and I dont even have to correct/preview the graphics, rather that the text content alone. W/out the graphics our DTP documents are very lightweight - see IDML...
  6. As I just discovered great PDF handling /I lost some of my original Indesign files and now can only recover final PDFs/ in APub and have additional question: - would image linking work similar as Indesign: i.e. when I point to one missing image/refresh the link/-the other ones from that folder get re-linked too ?
  7. Guys, move the topic if needed. I have to express my full appreciation for the way you provided pdf services within APub. Really, I found it especially valuable because during data migration between my NASes I lost some Indesign documents but still could recover final PDFs from cooperating print house. Looks I can still work on these docs with APub and this huge doc can be still viewed, zoomed and panned with full display resolution and performance. ))) !
  8. Enhancing this productivity thread: Id even say: Drag-and-drop images onto AP window AND /like INDD/ you could then select multiple images AND, holding some control key /CTRL,Shift,Alt/ - align them immediately in even columns/row - see INDD. Linking is priority IMHO. Embedding may have its advantages but it can clogg the app very quickly.
  9. My bad. I WILL. Thanks you thought it over. Hope its/would be possible for quick edit in source app: it happens often you have to review linked images, submitted by the authors, replace some of them, adjust/change some etc. Like 'Edit original' in INDD.
  10. A kind request NOT to forget about sooner /than later ))/ implementing some crash recovery procedure/program/option for APub docs...
  11. I am also to it. If scripting is not possible at the very moment/release of AP - GREP is a must, both in Search/Replace criteria and Styles definition. I would strongly suggest to enable both: Search AND Replace capability in Style definition, NOT Search exclusively...
  12. Could not figure out so far - most probably images are being embedded into APublisher document ? PLEASE consider linking, otherwise larger documents with lots of images would not be usable...
  13. What is the reason to force the users for total upgrade once they expected APublisher as an amendment to remaining AD and APh?
  14. Can't confirm that, have latest Insider's build x64.
  15. As long as we are supposed to test beta both import and export indd/idml ability IS CRITICAL because ITS BETA and if you do your work on beta you always have to be secured with possibility to finish your tasks/documents in the other app. If its not critical - should you use AP for fun only ? )) Imho.