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  1. AFD needs to be sure YOU REALLY want to do sth serious with it ))
  2. Thx, Ive figured it out, just a bit diffeent workflow manner than Adobe ))
  3. Since AFD does not provide MACRO functionality for now I would have to arrange main workflow in AFPhoto and would it be possible to preserve /similar to SmartObjects/ editability of an AFD object/a title block-text/ placed in AFPhoto? Just so I could modify only some text in placed title block?
  4. Ad. 1 Awkward handling... to say least.)); Imho /and people I know working in PS/ its very useful if you can assign previously defined macro/action/ to a shortcut Ad. 2 As mentioned earlier: I need to merge an image with a title block so I started as follows: 1. enlarge image canvas center-downwards 2. place AFDesign title block /btw on PLACE user interaction is required, can it be done in host image center-by default /w/out user interaaction/? 3. resize placed AFD title block and move it to a position 4. crop whole image /known problem with cropping to layers' bounds/ 5. resize canvas /centerwise/ to add some margin around So if I have all above in on MACRO only step 1 and 2 seems to work ok - alternatively: 3-5. When a single step activated-eg. 3-also works. As a whole MACRO it does not work, I can obtain only proper result 1-2.
  5. So coincidence ? Looks that was the ambition. Nevertheless discussion seems pointles. So they are not/yet?/ mature enough to be production use.
  6. Iam starting to feel an unreasonably importunate customer )) Afaik AF was intended also to resemble Adobe products in functionality but with greater ease of use. And there come such questions from. I would like to reproduce at least same functionality with AF as I had/have in Adobe. Am I wrong with that?
  7. To existing size? Absolute: X to Y Relative: X by Y
  8. Btw resize canvas: 'relative resize' feature would be much appreciated.
  9. Cant find a folder MACRO whatever neither in app nor user folder structure....Where am I supposed to save recorded macros to make them available in that drop down list? Do you plan some scripting feature /eg JS, Python/ to extend flexibility /similar to Extended Script and Aactions in Adobe/ ?
  10. Btw. batch processing: NEW BATCH JOB->Available Macros... Only DEFAULT available? How can I load previously defined macro to process the files?
  11. I mean some test procedure/files/macros you/devs use already in similar cases.
  12. I ll try to reproduce but maybe you have any test ideas so I could check it reliably?
  13. TRANSFORM works if executed as standalone step in a macro/other steps switched off/ and DOES NOT work if executed within whole macro. Btw. editing specific steps would be VERY useful imho, dont you think?