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  1. This I know. Smart Find/Replace is good but for brochures, leaflets etc. GREP is necessary for anything more. PS. Ive purchased Publisher on Christmas 2019 bargain/special offer.
  2. Guys-any news reg GREP? If you do DTP professionally, on regular basis - any discussion about GREP's superiority/inferiority is pointless. Its a must. Also GREP capability in Text Styles got to be in 'basic package'. Iam serious.
  3. Why 'wrong way to go'? I started with printable content, agreed some CMYK values with the client, did the work-fine. After some period I started to work on Wordpress site for his company and need just to READ relevant RGB values for previously agreed CMYK colors-thats all. But THE VALUES should stay the same every time I open this document. Really, maybe Im just nuts. Btw. v.1.7 attached. Just re-set proper colors for blue and yellow, dont count how many times... EKSN_logo_v17.afdesign
  4. Starts to piss me off. Maybe Iam nuts..and see different numbers every time I open LOGO document. OR maybe its Beta AFD issue...
  5. What do you mean by 'simple color profile issue' ? Changing color profile for a document results in non-repeatable CMYK/RGB values??! Maybe its really some simple issue..??
  6. Sorry if I understood my knowledge of english language too freely..; I meant: Ive created some document w/set CMYK values /a logo, not mine but it does not matter for now/, and saved it. Every time I opened this document after - CMYK values were different from those set at the moment of creation these entities/objects. CMYK values should be: 1.for BLUE: 100 82 0 32 2.for YELLOW: 0 9 100 0 I repeat: I use this document as a comparable source of previously defined logo colors. Whatever I work on for the client - I open it to check color numbers. They are different every time. No. I DONT modify them anymore. ESN_LOGO.afdesign
  7. Still confirm. Saved Designer files DO NOT keep predefined CMYK values ! Moreover: reading back and forth CMYK and RGB values DO NOT present repeatable, same results.
  8. Would be an optimal solution IF: I could draw a straight distance/a 2D vector/, connecting two reference points on an image, drawing, whatever and then assign/define/ my desired length to that distance, this way whole document/a group/ selected objects/ could be rescaled respectively ??
  9. Thats what I actually did but Iam not quite happy w/that method. but thx anyway.
  10. Hi guys, Having hard time trying to refer my design /fleece jacket branding/ to real world dimensions. Broider/?/ machine handles properly area of 28x28cm, need to scale my jacket image to the dimensions close to real ones /at least/, to have my design also real scaled. How to handle such subject?
  11. Hello, As above /maybe stupid question/ but IMHO still very useful to have sth similar like Adobe's KULER or 'Interaction of colors' /idea by Joseph Albers / done on IPad ?? From Affinity site or within AF app?
  12. Actually both cases are needed. Plus aligning one object to the other, assuming both are rotated from ortho alignment.
  13. Hello, Maybe its some easy task but..cant figure out ,nor find relevant topic: how could I align an object/group to the other object OR how a rotated object/bounding box could be reset/aligned to absolute horiz/vert level ? cheers,
  14. No, I dont mean the photos. I mean vector objects that are deep blue and yellow. Looks any/some operation on such object alters CMYK values by a few units.
  15. That may be great but..I mean working inside AFDesigner, did you notice different blue tones on various objects? I did it NOT modified them. Checking CMYK values led me to the problem.

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