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  1. Proxy icons are so integral to my workflow that I sometimes get frustrated using Affinity lol. Given how the front-end of Serif's apps are native, I can't believe they missed something like this.
  2. I do mean to be rude, but you certainly noticed I said "dock/taskbar". Nice cherry-picking.
  3. I don't meant to be rude, but why would anyone want this? More clicks just to open an app (that should already be on your dock/taskbar).
  4. I'd happily pay more ($80 per app, $63 on sale is still cheaper than Adobe) if it meant Serif could develop their DAM quicker. I'd also suggest: prioritising a desktop DAM over a tablet Publisher–desktop publishing is better done on a desktop.
  5. Telling us your device, OS version + app version will let us help you. Telling us "it's broken" will not.
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