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  1. This is easy to implement, and yet so useful... Please give us the fullscreen view!
  2. Hi, As the title suggests. I am a fan of your software, it has good architecture and is capable of besting Adobe products in long run, only I feel the the development is too slow. I don't mind paying twice the current price for each of your products - maybe a poll among the users about that? Best
  3. amandas

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.5

    Hi, Thanks for new version. As much as I like AP, the painting performance is a real deal-breaker, regardlesss of app settings and hardware. Are you working on this? Since it needs a serious boost here, probably some low level rewrite of engine.
  4. amandas

    Polygonal Lasso Tool

    I can constrain my selection creation to make straight edges - but how to make it constrain to straight angles (snapping to an angle defined in snapping manager would be a great solution).