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  1. Pretty keen to pull the trigger on one of the products. Would be interested to know. Thanks
  2. Ima just going to throw this in here as it seems on topic and may (when it is set up with Affinity) provide a more straightforward route to a similar result. And given the progress (or lack of) here, this may fill a gap for some people (in the not too distant perhaps)_. Note I am not the dev and have no affiliation with the app or its development.
  3. Linux host, Windows 10 VM. The OS is fresh install running from SSD. CPU is 3.4ghz with an allocation to the VM of 4gb RAM CPU virt settings are enabled Full allocation of VRAM - But the application runs with a significant delay between mouse movement and rendering on screen. I really would like to continue using Affinity because I love it. However I am done with Windows and will not be moving back to it in future. Anyone have any joy with this sort of setup making the app run at a reasonable speed?
  4. Really fell like the title of this thread is misleading inasmuch as a number of people have commented they thought 'working' meant 'functional'. Some statement in the first post that this is experimental and not ready for production might ameliorate the hyperbolic initial presentation
  5. Im assuming you mean 2060 Are you using the 2060-specific driver? (Was added @ 415.27) if not, https://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/159360/en-us
  6. you understand this process is experimental and may not work as you expect? if you want to continue despite that, and are prepared to go though the instructions to try and get it working on your system, you will need to provide details about your specific problem (the point you got up to that didnt work for you, what you did to try and fix the error yourself, and what you need to know to make it work). from there someone might take an interest and try to assist.
  7. Thanks to everyone involved in the efforts here. Its excellent progress and very pleasing to see headway is being made. Has anyone spent much time working in Affinity using this (wine) setup? How are you going with it? (trying to decide if I should set it up or wait in hope of further developments) Thanks
  8. I have been having issues with any large file in latest build. It is _really_ slow even with just copy pastes. The machine gets really sluggish for about 10-20 secs, mouse movement juttery, impeded. Anyone else having this issue?
  9. Oh ok! That makes sense! How do I fix it? What do I need to do to the rotated curve to make it not do that?
  10. Thanks Walt. Appreciate your reply Im not sure I understand what you mean. I have rounded off the X and Y but its still doing it. Sorry if I am missing something from what you said! Please see video for what I see this end when I try to do this. https://sales-wscr-com.tinytake.com/sf/Mjk5ODg5N184OTkxMDIy
  11. I have an icon, 13x14. I select the icon, EXPORT, SELECTION WITHOUT BACKGROUND, and Affinity changes the size to 14x15 Why does it do this, and how can I stop it from doing this? Thanks
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