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  1. Justyna


    :) All illustrations from the series Week to see here: BEHANCE - week // 2D - illustrations for children
  2. Justyna


    William - Gunny is ironizing here - But all these illustrations are about the way of communication, lightness, technique - not about imposing anything.
  3. Justyna


    Bartek is a diminutive from Bartłomiej (male name)
  4. Justyna


  5. Justyna


    These are further illustrations for the "week" series. The idea - it's a short rhyming sentence - a task for every day for children - so the children's stylistics. For me it's Affinity fun and learning. I only show the ones I have done in Affinity Designer (others are in Inkscape). Each illusion came out in a different style. THURSDAY
  6. Justyna

    Scooter - Affinity Designer

    Thank you, I did not know Janoschs Traumstunde before. Indeed a nice line. I wanted to draw something that referred to the old illustrations (contours) and light it a little with color spots. I love to draw by hand, but the curves allow you to scale without losing quality.
  7. Justyna

    Scooter - Affinity Designer

    Rubber scooters are the future. It'sjust such a hitch that it would not be too sweet
  8. Justyna

    Scooter - Affinity Designer

    Thank you :-)
  9. Hi I'm testing brushes and a new styling in my illustrations. (standard affinity brushes)
  10. thank for reply - it's very helpfulI will pay attention to hints in Status bar
  11. Old Bruce I can change the types of nodes. My point is that the swap is swept into a sharp knot that deforms the shape - I do not want it. I want to determine what node is in a given place - and this is what I see during the curve modification, the program itself changes nodes, for example, sharp to smooth. I miss quick keyboard shortcut to change knots - sharp to smooth
  12. If I draw a shape, it often has smooth nodes by default. If I plan to modify it - I change the node into a sharp one and change the curve only on one side of the node - at this time the other side of the node remains unmodified. It speeds up the work - it does not destroy the curve that already exists - I modify the segment only the one I want. it is very comfortable
  13. in many programs it is possible to paste in place and paste under the cursor. One option is default, the other option is available under the shortcut. I think I will satisfy everyone
  14. Gear maker I think the pictures will explain what I mean
  15. Gear maker Thank you for your answer. I think that pasting at the cursor would be a good thing to do in the next versions of the program