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  1. I've tested your suggestions before and It's not working
  2. Hello I set it in: Document Setting / Color / Color Profile / Adobe RGB (1998) Nevertheless, I can see vivid colors on the monitor - after the export the colors fade (OK in the end is Color Profile / Adobe RGB (1998)). How do you set in AD so that the colors are displayed in the same way as it is set (Color Profile) in Document Setting during operation?
  3. Next test and learning AD. text in the picture: Want? I'll take you on the frame.
  4. Hi from the same series illustration entitled "Skewers of mosquitoes".
  5. My problem stems from the fact that for years I have been working on Corel and Inkscape. In some aspects there are more options in editing the curve. In affinity, some tasks are not so obvious
  6. @haakoo I understand :).I see that it matters as curves connect. I connected through: Selection of 2 objects - Layer - Geometry - Merge Curves - because I did not know another way. I did not know that you can connect through the Node tool
  7. Did not work. Or I do not understand the steps in turn. Whatever I do not do, they do not connect with each other
  8. @Pšenda What you propose is exactly included in my pictures picture 1 (one object created from 2 curves) picture 2. (operation close - creates an undesirable effect)
  9. your suggestion gives a solution like in my middle image - that is, the curves close themselves and do not create segments between them
  10. How to insert a segment between two nodes? I can not find a solution, although I understand that maybe it is obvious. Details in the picture
  11. Basic brushes test. I wanted to obtain the effect of free strokes (marker or ink). Old Wacom intuos tablet. Brushes using the pressure option. As a result, I worked well but most least - (I will prepare a technical description in another thread). The inscription : "Two wheels and I am faster than the wind"
  12. :) All illustrations from the series Week to see here: BEHANCE - week // 2D - illustrations for children
  13. William - Gunny is ironizing here - But all these illustrations are about the way of communication, lightness, technique - not about imposing anything.
  14. Bartek is a diminutive from Bartłomiej (male name)
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