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  1. Oh, please include this on the future roadmap...I decided to switch from ID to Publisher, but forms, where clients can add some text would be crucial for me to have the entire functionality I'm using right now in ID. Thanks! Keep it up...
  2. I tried everything, even turned off and on iCloud on my iMac, what was Really painfull as I have 200 GB content on it. But nothing works...and never seen a thing like that with any other apps, so you guys should go deeper into this issue. The problem I have is that when I open a doc from the (buggy) Affinity Designer folder on the Mac it opens in Photo, as it has the Photo icon on it (but written Designer), and That is really annoying, ok, I could always do right click, but just WHY when all is updated, my system is kinda new, and everything is nicely managed.... I hope you will fix this issue in a future update... Cheers
  3. dolfonzo

    AD (only) Isometric Mock-up with Symbols

    Great stuff, thank you @Michelangelo_ for sharing it! :)
  4. dolfonzo

    Global Colors on iPad Photo

    Hi MEB, are you still planning to bring global colors to the Affinity Designer iPad version? Cause I can't find an option for that and for complex designs it would be a crucial feature. Anyway the app is fantastic, keep it up! :) :) Cheers