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  1. Great! Your a star, yes it works. Wow, that saved me a ton of hassle, many thanks! A.
  2. I set a book 400 pages + in 2 page spread, but now discover Kindle likes a single page PDF. When I 'uncheck' facing pages it converts to single page but something becomes problematic as the file after that is really buggy. It opens slowly or shows 'file not responding' tag at the top of the screen. Also some of the page layout is wrong etc. Is this a known issue? I could not see another post about this specific issue. I don't really want to reset all the text, so is there a better way to convert from 2 page to single page? Thank you!
  3. OK, thank you. Yes, odd that it works the other way, if its a text box in isolation. Oh well, hopefully this is something that will get pick up in the future. Thank you for response. A.
  4. I've tried this a number of times now and its still not doing what you thought it should do. If you do an isolated text box it converts into the correct text, if its on a page with other text boxes it remains the same. Sorry, I know this is a pain, but if its possible to resolve it will same me a ton of work. A πŸ™‚
  5. Hi and thanks for swift reply. This is interesting. So it seems to work when it’s an isolated text box, however when I export the whole book it does not seem to work. I include 2x jpegs below which show the results on the actual book. I also attach 1x Pub file and the resultant PDF after print to export. Any more thoughts as to what is happening will be gratefully received. This book is turning into a total nightmare :-). Andrew 10x7-Interior-cut down.afpub 10x7-Interior-cut down.pdf
  6. Im not sure where the original text was complied. It might have be possible to put it together in word, but I know a lot of the indic guys use Linux and other software, so its possible the originator did it on another system/software. This is a book to be printed on Kindle Direct. I usually export to PDF and upload etc. Is there a way to export to PDF file (making sure the right version of the text is saved) that could then be uploaded to Kindle? That would save so much time. I really don't want to a add static graphics to every page, that would be such a pain. I have Phantom Foxit software, but still need to get it from a .afpub to PDF. Thanks so much for your efforts! Really helpful. A πŸ™‚
  7. I found a few other posts relating to Devanargari/Sanskrit, these were from 2020 so maybe they were not able to address it yet. OK, seems I will need to insert images so get around it. Hassle, but no other option. Thank you for your assistance! Andrew πŸ™‚
  8. No, Libreoffice is the same. Weird you can copy from Word to Libre Office with no change in formatting. I also tried in AfPhoto and AfDesign, just in case I had ticked somthing weird in Publisher, alas, nope. It looks like I will have to export as an image and place in the text. I wonder if anyone has posted this on youtube?
  9. I'm downloading Libreoffice and see if that yelids better results than word. I turned off spell check also, but it made no difference. Nightmare - haha.
  10. That would be a nightmare, I only have Publisher. I wondered if it was a spell check issue and when I go to check spelling it shows the right character in the spell checker. Why would that be? A.
  11. I seem to have another issue with the same text, I'd not noticed - was concentrating on the roman script with discritics, but it seems the Sanskrit is being changed when I use the EDIT>PASTE SPECIAL>UNICODE function. I'll have to gop back and change what I've done as its all wrong - I should have checked 😞 Any ideas why this text is being changed. In the original Word file its Arial Unicode MS, as is the pasted text in Publisher. I have no font substituition set up. Thanks in advance and sorry to bother again. Andrew Sanskrit.afpub Sanskrit.docx
  12. FAB! This works. It solves the problem so that gets me off the hook! Thank you so much, you're a star! Andrew πŸ™‚
  13. This would take too long as there are too many instances. But I'm sure that would be OK as I have essentially done that when correcting. The other method suggested by pasting special worked, so for now that would appear to be the best move. Thank you so much for your assistance! Very much appreciated. I've been using Publisher for ages and love it to bits, and seldom need to consult the experts, but it’s nice to have help as I learn! Andrew πŸ™‚
  14. I can download and try. I'll give that a go - thank you! Damn, this is a real pain in the butt, this is throughout the whole book. Nightmare 😞 A.
  15. Here is a screen shot of the font manager. Does this help? I have selected Times New Roman Regular as sub font. A.
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