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  1. Nazario, one image is enough to drive me crazy. Petar, do you really think anyone from Affinity is reading this? - we need to find out what they do read.
  2. Nzario, I share your frustration and this is what I would like to add: Only now that Affinity Publisher has been released can magazines, design studios, advertising agencies, etc. consider replacing the Adobe trio with the Affinity suite. Because of flaws in Affinity Photo such as and especially the “Resize Document” these industries cannot possibly consider the Affinity as a viable alternative. Resizing needs to be efficient, with settings which allow intuitive, on-the-spot, precise control for feasible workflow. The fact that the Affinity Photo tools which entail sizing have been so lacking right from the outset, and that criticism concerning the expediency of these tools was not seriously addressed by Serif in the forums since November 2014, leads me to believe that the Affinity set was perhaps never really intended to compete with Adobe, It must have been clear to Affinity that especially businesses such as hi-end magazines could not possibly use the essential Resize Document tool. We have tried posting in feature requests, bugs, and this forum - there must be another "channel" to address our concerns, and to which Affinity would relate!?
  3. The resize bug you had 'became' fixed on my Mac too for a while, but now it's misbehaving again, exactly as it was in 1.7.0. I find it incredible that Affinity is not reading our complaints, or perhaps they are but don't want to get involved with such fundamental problems. I have observed that they are answering far less important posts in great detail.
  4. davemike

    [By Design] Document resize bug?

    The Resize document issue has not been resolved, just put away, there has been a huge following on this subject. For example Please see the discussion below, to which there has been no comment by Affinity: Contained in that discussion are dozens of remarks that Affinity needs to read
  5. Hi friends, It's been 2 weeks since our complaints concerning the resize document flaws. I have searched for a response from Affinity , it appears to have been ignored, has anyone seen any comment about this problem, other than "it is by design"? (in the bug forum).
  6. Probably a very large amount of people are of the same mind
  7. I'm not prepared to suffer all that, rather than getting frustrated and irritated each time I resize a photo (which is between 1-20 per day) I have decided never to do that task in AP, I don’t believe they will ever re-program that feature, which was doomed from the beginning, I don't believe that they are unaware of its shortcomings.
  8. The worst possibility is that it is of design (but with a simple bug, which means they will never reconsider the overall inadequacy of the design - so we will still prefer photoshop for resizing.
  9. They don’t recognize bad software design as being a flaw/bug, that’s the way they thought it should work because they didn’t consider what is needed thoroughly. They insist that it was designed that way, so its ok. They will just explain that you don’t use it properly. The only way to get them to thoroughly compare the AP approach to that of photoshop, and i doubt that they would invest in making that feature successful even though every graphic designer has to resize nearly every photo he ever uses. In the meantime we can continue to use photoshop for resizing.
  10. Perhaps many people did try but Affinity explained that the users didn't comprehend. and people learning to use the app through lack of confidence didn't want to appear stupid and dropped the case. I can't understand why Affinity didn't check the quality of their own features versus Photoshops, so as not to have vastly inferior functions like resize document.
  11. I have applied in "future "suggestions for affinity photo that they completely redesign "Resize Document". It's a pity more people didn't complain from the outset (whenever it was exactly). I think we should be united and insistent.
  12. Prior to 1.7 it always 'worked' but very limited and poorly designed: features/functions we needed were missing, now in v. 1.7 it has taken a turn for the worse.