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  1. Mark, MEB, Chris B, Nazario, and fellow 'Resize Document' contributors. I responded by submitting a new thread in the Affinity photo beta forum (as suggested by Mark) please continue this topic from there.
  2. Chris, I was answering Alfred - I'm sure Mark did his research on the resize forums. I am really looking forward to the 'upgrade', and perhaps saying a final goodbye to Adobe.
  3. Hi Mark, look forward to seeing the improvements, but on Mac. can you tell me if I am correct in assuming that all those concerned in the Affinity team have undertaken to improve the interface problem, also in Mac?
  4. Alfred, You have not followed the threads, please read the complete thread about the Affinity Photo resize issue, you will understand that the shortcomings of "resize document' effects all professional graphic designers who use the Affinity suite because we need to resize efficiently in 'Photo' in order to make the picture our required size cm, inch, etc. in Affinity Publisher and Designer.
  5. We are trying to invoke a serious discussion with the Affinity Photo TEAM, not with the Serif company, yet.
  6. Nobody from Affinity has ever related specifically to the resize INTERFACE problem, being such a major issue, (not just a fix) - we would expect that Affinity would have read in great detail and concern, and related to so many important posts in each different forum categories, none of which have been seriously contributed to by Affinity. We are waiting to hear that Affinity understood the issue by relating to it specifically in any detail. We are worried that you may fix the technical bug but not improve the interface to make it at all useable for graphic designers and publishers, I feel that Affinity is either still completely unaware of this huge issue, or just not willing to discuss it. If Affinity was to search and read all posts on the resize document unusability - they would have redesigned the resize interface long ago.
  7. The bug is not the main problem. So many people have complained that the resize interface is very bad, for such a long time and there is no feedback from Affinity. The interface is so bad that users who need to resize use other apps - this is the major issue. Has Affinity not read our posts - thousands of users have! Please try to get them to address the issue. thanks
  8. The bad resize interface is of such vital importance that i would have expected that Affinity, Serif would candid and respond with all-out vigor.
  9. Mark, we deserve response about the mac version, such major fundamental flaws in resize needs to be addressed, we have been patient, but affinity can’t continue ignoring our concerns, This has created too much frustration, and if it is not addressed Affinity will not be adopted by its largest market section potential.
  10. Mark, delighted to hear from you, that youare dealing with the resize problems, great.
  11. The Affinity team must be made to realize that the fundamental issue here is not the bug, even if it worked according to design, the whole concept of the resize function is bad, absolutely unusable for graphic professionals, publishers, advertising agencies. None of us can use it, but we need to, many times a day. This means that thousands of professionals cannot move over from Adobe to the Affinity trio. This message must find it's way to the decision-makers at Affinity, (somehow).
  12. I have been complaining that the resize document function is very poorly designed for years now, the Affinity team has never taken this complaint seriously, even though it is the biggest single drawback to using Affinity. Graphic Design studios Publishing companies etc. who are currently using the Adobe trio, cannot possibly switch over to Affinity, even now that Affinity Publisher is out. We need to resize documents efficiently all and every day for use afterwards in 'Indesign' or could-have-been 'Publisher'. Affinity photo 'concept' for resizing is seriously lacking functions, rendering it useless. The Affinity resize document also has a bug, so it doesn't work even according to design, but this doesn't really matter because graphics professionals have to use other applications to resize anyway. Affinity has not responded seriously to this topic which has been read by thousands of users, but not appropriately understood by Affinity, I would advise them to look deep and understand what is wrong and lacking in the resize document function. AND NOT JUST FIX THE BUG!. Please look at this recent topic. (Affinity
  13. Nazario, one image is enough to drive me crazy. Petar, do you really think anyone from Affinity is reading this? - we need to find out what they do read.
  14. Nzario, I share your frustration and this is what I would like to add: Only now that Affinity Publisher has been released can magazines, design studios, advertising agencies, etc. consider replacing the Adobe trio with the Affinity suite. Because of flaws in Affinity Photo such as and especially the “Resize Document” these industries cannot possibly consider the Affinity as a viable alternative. Resizing needs to be efficient, with settings which allow intuitive, on-the-spot, precise control for feasible workflow. The fact that the Affinity Photo tools which entail sizing have been so lacking right from the outset, and that criticism concerning the expediency of these tools was not seriously addressed by Serif in the forums since November 2014, leads me to believe that the Affinity set was perhaps never really intended to compete with Adobe, It must have been clear to Affinity that especially businesses such as hi-end magazines could not possibly use the essential Resize Document tool. We have tried posting in feature requests, bugs, and this forum - there must be another "channel" to address our concerns, and to which Affinity would relate!?
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