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  1. Hello, today I got my new notebook. All problems are eliminated and it runs like a turbo. :) HP-Zen Intel (R) Core (TM) i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz, 32 GB RAM, NVDIA M3000M No problems with Kurventool and OPEN-CL works and it is fast.
  2. OK, I hope for the future. It is already clear to me that you cannot eliminate all problems in the software overnight. I think that a more powerful computer still makes sense. Although I have read that a strong CPU and 32GB RAM are much more efficient than a high-end graphics card. I used to do composings with PS and want to do the same with Affinity. Many thanks for the support. I will then set up my new computer as soon as it arrives and I am convinced that the problems are almost eliminated.
  3. "The OpenCL toggle should be enough but perhaps it would be nice to detect whether a PC is up to the task and ask the user as opposed to being on by default. " No, it is definitely not that simple. This problem is also present when the OPEN-CL support is switched off. No matter what you do. Switch off onboard graphics card, switch off GPU 1, optimize NVDIA Manager, replace driver, whatever. I've tried everything that an advanced computer user can do. This certain computer ALWAYS shows this behavior. It must be a special combination or configuration that triggers this behavior.
  4. I have the same problem : The hooking and jerking of the curve points of the gradient tool has already been described several times. I made a video, unfortunately you can't see the mouse pointer. It also does not occur in all images, in some not at all and in some already at the second curve point. My observation tells me that it is mainly the depths that are stuck. You drag the mouse pointer away from the curve (crosshairs), nothing happens and suddenly the point makes a big jump. So you cannot set the exact toning of the colors and brightness. It works with the cursor keys, but it is very slow. I have now bought a used HP Zen workstation with the appropriate power and an NVDIA M3000M card and hope that the general performance will then be better. I don't expect sophisticated image processing software to work without problems on low-level computers. If there are still problems, I will contact you again. I would like to add that there are no problems in this regard with version 1.8.5. Wouldn't it be possible to completely exclude the entire hardware acceleration program code for owners of older computers?
  5. Unfortunately it was not the solution to the riddle after all. If more than three points are addressed on the curve, the point jumps again and again sporadically. The gradation curve is an important tool. :( If I downgrade to version 1.8.5, then I have no problems. I have ordered a new notebook anyway and hope that the overall performance will be better. Nevertheless, this problem is very annoying, especially since it seems to be on computers with built-in graphics eg Intel HD630 does not occur. Obviously it is related to the interaction with the second graphics card.
  6. OK. that's the problem. I switched off magnetic alignment completely and the curve is as smooth as butter. I then try to push myself to the limit. I actually find the ability to snap into place very cool and helpful. Thank you very much for your help and I wish you a good day. This good service is a very important argument for the software. In our company, all employees who have anything to do with design and images now work with Affinity products. Cheers Michael
  7. Many thanks for the answer. I've already tried this. Without any change in behavior. I deactivated the Intel onboard card in the device manager, tried settings in the NVDIA manager and in the Windows settings. I was looking for the latest driver for the card. No success. What I do not understand is that an Acernotebook from 2012 works without any problems. O.K., the performance is not good, but everything works without jerking, albeit very slowly. My Fujitsu computer at work only has an onboard graphics card installed and there are no problems there either. However, there is a more modern I7 from 2018 installed. I can't imagine that I'm the only one with this problem. Everything else works without any problems, apart from the moderate performance due to the older hardware and I am otherwise very satisfied with the results.
  8. Hello, everyone Please excuse my bad english. I have the problem that the curve tool does not work properly on a computer. I click on the curve, a point appears. Unfortunately, I can only move the point jerkily, so that an exact setting of the gradation is not possible. I've already noticed that you can move the point with the arrow keys, but it's cumbersome. I only have the problem on one computer, one installation on my work computer in the company and another on an old notebook work correctly. If you set the priority to HIGH in the task manager, things get a little better, but not correct. Could it be the graphics card? (INTEL I5 6400 T 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD Crucial 500MX NVDIA GeForce 930A. Windows 10 Home 21H2.) I know the hardware is not great, but the software runs without problems on a poorly equipped computer. The gradient tool works perfectly with other image editing programs such as Alien Skin (old version). Thank you in advance for any help. If the problem is known and the developers are working on it, everything is OK. Cheers, Michael
  9. I have the exact same problem as Scott, but only on one machine. At work I have an installation that runs well and where the curves can be set precisely. Likewise on my old Acernotebook from 2012. Where it doesn't work, is my HP-All in One PC. I tried everything that came to mind and what is described, drivers, firewall etc. I switched off the support of the GPU. The jerking is independent of all efforts and settings. Could it be the graphics card? INTEL I5 6400 T 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD Crucial 500MX NVDIA GeForce 930A. Windows 10 Home 21H2. I know the hardware is not great, but the software runs without problems on a poorly equipped computer.
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