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  1. The amended video is now up - link is changed. The right panel part is at 17:37.
  2. I owe you an apology, It is not there. I have accidentally uploaded an earlier version of the video without the right panel explanation included. I am very sorry for making you out to be wrong when you have kindly taken the time to properly check out my video. Thank you very much for pointing this out. It has has over 400 views in two days and you are the only person to mention it. I am very grateful. It will be deleted today and replaced it with the correct video today. Thanks again. Scott.
  3. Thanks Near the end of the video I explain how to use the right hand graph. After the examples.
  4. A tutorial on how to use Blend Ranges withing Affinity Photo
  5. Haha I thought I'd put the third one up Thank you very much!
  6. My latest tutorial. Creating a dramatic image from a boring raw file using only Affinity Photo. This one is quite long and has many small incremental adjustments, so I've split it into three parts. Here is the link for the first one..
  7. I have added a written tutorial to complement the video. https://ssdvisual.uk/static/tutorials/the-portal-affinity-photo-editing-tutorial/
  8. Fixed Thank you very much for reporting this to me. I have no idea what it was. The link worked earlier. Oh well, I'd better keep an eye on that.
  9. Thank you very much. More are on the way. Subscribe to my channel. I will be posting tips and tricks for affinity and other photography related stuff
  10. A complete start to finish Affinity Photo tutorial. Turn a nice scene into a dramatic image.
  11. Affinity Photo can open Fuji X-T3 files. Adobe can't do this. Another reason to love Affinity Photo!
  12. How to create the teal and orange look with the channel mixer. Probably the easiest method. Just enter 3 numbers!