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  1. I think w'eve all fallen for that one
  2. This bug still exists. Is this being looked into?
  3. Scott Williams

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.2

    Fantastic! Great work as usual.
  4. In this video I show how to use Capture One and Affinity Photo together to create a vibrant image from a dull raw file.
  5. They should put the old one back and rename the new one to "Crappy"
  6. Scott Williams

    HSL Luminosity

    When using luminosity shift on selected colour ranges in the HSL panel it makes the colours greyscale. The master colour selection seems to work properly.
  7. Scott Williams

    Text stroke size

    Thanks for the answers guys. I still think it's a bit crap. Just put the stroke colour and control next to the font colour. It's not a big ask and it will stop people having to look for it. These types of quirky and awkward designs decisions can be really annoying and put people off.
  8. Scott Williams

    Text stroke size

    Yes you can but is is a layer effect. If you use stroke then you can use outline in the the layer effects to have an outline outside of the stroke.
  9. Scott Williams

    Text stroke size

    Where is the stroke panel - I'm using Affintiy Photo.
  10. Scott Williams

    Text stroke size

    Cheers PixelPest. Well that is a really crappy design move. Now I have to switch to the character panel to change the stroke. I'm sure people would be setting the stroke width more often than using many of the other items on the menu bar for the text tool.
  11. I'm probably being thick here but I can't figure out how to set the stroke width for text. I can set the stroke colour by using the colour picker but I just can't see where to set the stroke width. I'm using windows.
  12. If it does turn out to be the profile passed to the plugins then could there be an option in the preferences for the plugins to not pass it? At least we would be able to use the plugins we have been using. And it would also stop us having to rely on the plugin developers creating a compatible version.