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  1. Fixed Thank you very much for reporting this to me. I have no idea what it was. The link worked earlier. Oh well, I'd better keep an eye on that.
  2. Thank you very much. More are on the way. Subscribe to my channel. I will be posting tips and tricks for affinity and other photography related stuff
  3. A complete start to finish Affinity Photo tutorial. Turn a nice scene into a dramatic image.
  4. Affinity Photo can open Fuji X-T3 files. Adobe can't do this. Another reason to love Affinity Photo!
  5. How to create the teal and orange look with the channel mixer. Probably the easiest method. Just enter 3 numbers!
  6. I would love to be able to make a selection by picking a colour on the colour wheel and specify the range and falloff.
  7. My mistake - It is working I was looking at the values in the wrong colour channel
  8. It looks like when you select a preset fro the channel mixer using the adjustments tab it doesn't actually update the values in the channel mixer dialog box.
  9. Scott Williams

    Orange and Teal with Curves

    Thank you very much. I am really pleased that you found it useful. I love Affinity Photo so many more of my videos will be Affinity based. I only have three videos up at the moment but I am spending the next few months trying to get at least a couple up a week. If you would subscribe to my channel that would be a very big help
  10. Scott Williams

    Orange and Teal with Curves

    I have another video on my YouTube channel. Orange and Teal with the curves adjustment. I'm still a beginner at this YouTube thing so comments are very welcome
  11. Scott Williams

    Affinity Photo Equation Filter Video

    Cheers for the input John. I may create an improved mark ii version at some point and will definitely add the y-sin
  12. Scott Williams

    Affinity Photo Equation Filter Video

    Hello all. I have decided to start putting up some tutorials on my YouTube channel. As I absolutely love Affinity Photo, I though I would start with that. So I have created a little video explaining how to create a water ripple effect using the equation filter. https://youtu.be/wIi6_60KF90 If you like it then please give it a thumbs up as I need all the help I can get Cheers. Scott.
  13. Scott Williams

    Frequency Seperation radius reset whilst panning

    Nope. Tested properly. Happens if you hold space then press down left mouse button then move the mouse to pan and then release. Sometimes takes a couple of tries but it is happening. At least on my machine here.
  14. If you try to pan whilst holding the space bar when doing frequency separation the radius will be reset back to zero. Sometimes it takes a couple of swipes but it always happens. Happens on the latest beta too.
  15. Scott Williams

    Preserve alpha on by default

    Good idea. Thanks