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  1. Come on guys. Please put a "Make Selection" button onto the new HSL panel. Being able to make a selection of the colour range would make it so much more powerful. We would then be able to use all of the other adjustments and filters on the selected colour range. I'm not complaining. Just asking. Keep up the excellent work Or just send me the source and I will do it
  2. You have a good point though I have listed the topics in the description with quick links so you can go to any topic instantly. Thank you very much. I really love compliments. I am a very shallow person
  3. Haha. Well spotted. You are the first. I made the mistake of calling it a sheep once and then for a bit of fun decided to go with it. Saying sheep over and over again to see if anyone would notice. I took the picture at an alpaca farm. They really are super cute
  4. Here is the second volume of my Ten Top Tips for Affinity Photo. Hope you guys find it useful
  5. Thank you. The link to the macro is in the description about ten lines down. It says "Here is the link to the macro"
  6. Thank you. I'm glad you will find it useful.
  7. The macro link is in the description. I called it an "action". I have just changed the word "action" to "macro" in the description.
  8. Scott Williams HSL luminance problem

    I will need to check how Photoshop handles this myself. But it just looks broken to me. You really need to get Photoshop and test AP functionality against it. This is your only real competition. In the end it does not matter what the reasons for design choices are. If it feels wrong to the end user then it is wrong. Sounds to me like you may be being fobbed off by the programmers. I was as a programmer for over 35 years. I know all about fobbing off producers. You need a producer who is just as good as the programmers at programming
  9. Scott Williams HSL luminance problem

    Here are two files. One is the jpg I am loading to do the test and the other is a screenshot comparison between the beta and the last release version. As you can see from the screeshot. I am selecting reds on both and then reducing the luminosity to -100 on both. With the beta the reds are becoming desaturated. This happens on every image i try.
  10. The luminosity shift in the new HSL control seems to be desaturating the colours. Just select any colour range and increase or decrease the luminance and the colours become black and white.
  11. Scott Williams

    edit->Fill history?

    Thanks Walt. You are correct. After further testing I have sussed it. It will grab it's fill information from the image as it would be at that point in the history. Cheers.
  12. Scott Williams

    edit->Fill history?

    But what is it actually supposed to do? I have had a play and am none the wiser. Are there any examples of what it could be used for?
  13. In the fill dialog Edit->Fill, I can check the history option. It seems to use the history to perform the fill in some way. Does anyone know exactly what it is supposed to be doing? Cheers. Scott.