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  1. There seems to be a problem with the curves tool. It snaps the curve as you move your mouse over the point where you placed a node.
  2. ctrl+left alt + left mouse or right alt + left mouse.
  3. My error. I see. It is just the new behaviour. Though the left and right alt buttons are behaving differently. When using the right alt I don't need to use control to change the params.
  4. I can no longer change the paint brush size or hardness with the left alt+l/r mouse. Only the right alt is working. I have tried this on both of my machines with the same result. I'm using the latest version . on windows 10.
  5. It sure is. I have gone backwards though the game ready drivers today. The latest one to work for me is 442.74. Any game ready drivers after that one one don't work. So I will just stick with that one for now.
  6. According to the event viewer affinity photo is crashing in nvwgf2umx.dll
  7. I've just tested on my other machine with same os, drivers and graphics card. It has an old i5 processor rather than the ryzen 5 3600 in my dev machine. The nvidia settings are exactly the same and there is no crash.
  8. I'm using the game ready at the moment but I have tried the studio with the same results. Driver version 451.67
  9. I recently upgraded my graphics card to a 1660 super. Affinity photo is constantly crashing when I use recent drivers. If I roll back to drivers from last year then everything is fine. I am on Windows 10 64 bit. It usually happens when loading any image. It seems to be when the image has loaded and it tries to display the image. Sometimes when loading a raw file it does not happen until I hit develop. It is fine until it tries to display the image and then it crashes. If I turn off hardware acceleration and use warp then everything is fine. It is the same with the beta version. No crash report is being generated.
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