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  1. Obviously I meant apps that treat the PDF as it was meant to be treated. i.e. honour embedded fonts etc. This was all fine until some bright spark thought 'hey lets allow editing' and other developers didn't want to be left behind on feature set. Now its just a big bag of hurt again and a new 'PDF' format is required that can't be messed with so we're back where we started sending fonts and images back and forth. As a publisher, if a client sends you artwork you want to know for sure that the file is exactly as they intended it to look. I can open a PDF in publisher and it may look 'ok' but you have no idea that its different to what the client intended. If you send the file back to the client it will look fine for them as they have the fonts installed so they will say yes the proof looks great. You then send off the file to print and the next thing you have is a client refusing to pay because the artwork they sent is not correct. You can't convert to paths/TIFF if the font is not honoured. Its daft that you need Acrobat to do it which means you still have a subscription with Adobe and so you may as well stick with Adobe.
  2. This is what stops Publisher being used in a professional environment. I really want to use it, I've paid for it, but simply cannot do what I need to do. So my money will unfortunately still be going to Adobe until Passthrough is implemented. In my opinion PDFs shouldn't be edited anyway. The whole point of PDF was to lock everything down so when it arrives at the printers there are no issues with missing fonts etc. Hence why its called 'Portable Document Format'. i.e. you can open it on anything and it will appear as it should. Now people start trying to edit them and all you get is issues with missing fonts etc. The document should be edited at source where all fonts, images etc are available to retain quality and control. Still not sure why Affinity don't implement this as it can't be a licensing issue as it was standardised years ago. Hence why other apps have no issue with PDF passthrough. I'm sure they have their reasons but until Passthrough is implemented Publisher is sadly not an option for professional use. I keep checking back when an update hits to see if it's been added... still nothing.
  3. Its down to the tracking and kerning built into the font. You can always use text with no background and then add the background manually then you have a little more arbitrary control over the layout. Just personal preference really.
  4. Changing the physical size of the document i.e. a4 to a5 without downsampling the images will lead to little or no reduction in end file size. Most of the data is inside the images and they have not changed, yes they will look smaller but the dpi has now increased so they are essentially untouched and contain the same amount of data. You don't need to change the dimensions of the page as the ratio is still the same so simply export with images downsampled and the output PDF (tfnthats what you're using) set to the page size you require. All that being said though, and as others have pointed out, if it's only going to be viewed online being a4 or a5 doesn't matter in the slightest as people will be zooming in and out and viewing at different levels. As long as the images appear sharp at relatively comfortable zoom levels then thats all that is required. Export as PDF and play with image downsampling. Even Adobes 'one click' solution' will not be perfect (its effectively just a preset). Its better to have control of the detail and set accordingly so if you want something to look its best a one click solution isn't the best option. Spend that little extra time to get it perfect.
  5. Polygon tool will not accept any changes to settings. It always defaults to 5 sides and zero curve. If I use the Apple Pencil I get the same result. If I use the pop up to input a number it still doesn’t work. Quite simply cannot use the tool unless I want a pentagon.
  6. Or you could do that lol. I always forget about that tool but I don't use Affinity enough to remember it at times.
  7. Maybe not the best way but this is how I would do it. Create a line. Make sure the rotation point is set to the bottom. Duplicate it. Rotate the new line 24 degrees, then press command (ctrl Windows) + J to duplicate another 13 times. Group the lines. Align the circles and the now grouped lines to the centre. Done. I did a few more bits in this video like expanding the stroke of the lines and punching out of the circle. Which if you intend to colour each piece like in your image then this way may be a good way to do it. circle.mov
  8. Fully appreciated Dominik but if this is supposed to be professional software then most professionals don't have the time to 'challenge' themselves and discover ways of working. The app should be intuitive and allow you to create graphics quickly and easily so you can maximise profit or else designers will use other tools to do the job. For such a simple end result the amount of work involved is not ideal in this case. MEBs reply to one of the earlier linked posts seems to be the quickest option but I still think an updated pen tool would be relatively easy to implement and will allow much quicker drawing of complex graphics.
  9. Im seeing a difference in Bitrate. Vuescan has 48bit and Affinity shows it at 32bit i.e. less information equals less colour range. Could that be it?
  10. No worries. Hope it proves useful to people.
  11. Hi Sorry I missed your responses here. I still haven't found a solution as Im still unable to use Publisher as its missing PDF passthrough which is essential for er... publishing. As such I rarely use Publisher and haven't looked further into the bitmap issue. I doubt it will be in a future release as it is a bit old school using bitmaps however with tons of old files still in use the feature would go a long way to helping people transition from InDesign. 🤷‍♂️
  12. Hi Chris, MacOS 10.15.4 (its also done it on earlier versions). The icons are on the desktop so its standard icon view really but screenshot attached.
  13. I was thinking it might be down to the end cap. Try the one on the right of the three options. This will give the overlap but with a sharper edge.
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