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    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    Great Keynote guys. Well done!
  2. I feel your pain because our political parties in the UK are a total bunch of ....
  3. I resize about the same as you per day haha. I produce over one hundred printed publications and about 2000 adverts a year. Right now I have 165 current projects on the go. Just little old me. The smallest inefficiency in workflow adds up to massive amounts of time wasted with needless mouse clicks amid quirky interfaces. Below is my current load. Each one of those is a 36 page printed publication averaging about 10 adverts each. EVERY single image needs resizing and adjusting. I need efficient software. I'm on the fence with you.
  4. So I've just downloaded the Beta and it finally does seem to work (even though its not listed as being fixed?). Anyhoo... I can now see that the implementation of Document Resize is completely baffling to say the least (as I feared). You have to set the units to Pixels. If you use any other unit it simply resamples even when you untick resample. This is just stupid and confusing! Something that compounds the confusion is the UI whereby you are unable to see the what the changes you input will be, so you have to go through with the operation you might not actually want by clicking resize, then open document resize again and then choose another unit to see the changes. If it simply showed the pixel dimensions in the window along with the chosen units and it updated live without having to click resize and then reopen document resize, it would then be just about bearable to use. WAY too many clicks are involved in a needlessly complex implementation. The same as the colour picker tool and the tab order in the Transform palette. The UX seriously needs looking into in my opinion and the UI in parts.
  5. So they've broken it now then? lol
  6. It’s ‘by design’ mate lol. Its funny though because Andy’s response in the thread below goes completely against the information in the tutorial on resizing. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/88148-by-design-ap-17-resize-document-does-not-work-properly/
  7. Doesn't matter what unit i use it just does not work. My initial screenshots were using CM and Pixels.
  8. I have posted it in the bug reports forum and linked to this thread.
  9. FYI Preview app in MacOS also works exactly like Photoshop and I get consistent and more importantly 'expected' results. I'm trying to create an Automator workflow to allow me to drop files onto a workflow and to change the resolution for me but I'm struggling to find an action to change resolution. At least I can use Preview and its very quick too. movie.mov
  10. I have no problem with that. My problem is that there is a bug, why include a resample tick box if it doesn't actually do anything? Plus we all get inconsistent results. But also the fact that there is no explanation of their implementation. You can't just add more pixels to an image and say the resolution has increased or take them away and say its decreased. Thats what is happening and its inherently wrong. When you change the DPI the pixels should remain constant and only the print size should change hence why its called Dots per inch and not Pixels per inch.
  11. I can't remember the number versions so I'm probably wrong on 'prior to 1.0'. What i meant was i was part of the public beta's for all the apps prior to release and even before Photo was officially released as non beta retail I had the issue that we are discussing but Affinity say is by design. Hence, I'm assuming, why its still not been fixed and now simply gets ignored. Basically we have a very expensive RIP that throws a wobbly if any images are below 300dpi. Due to Affinity's bug AND implementation of document resize I can't get any images past it so I'm unable to use Affinity Photo. Simple as that.
  12. Its been like this since the betas for me.
  13. Ive told them its a bug but i see posts whereby they state its 'by design' as Petar has said. If its 'by design' i want to know their logic. I've shown mine above.