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  1. While its possible to create posters, documents etc in Designer, Designer is more for the creation of assets (logos, illustrations etc) to then be placed into Publisher. The same with Photo. Create your imagery then import to Publisher where you have full control of layout, links etc. I personally always link as it reduces duplicates when using the same assets again and again and its also much quicker to edit just one file and it update across the board.
  2. I agree. Especially with print AND pixel dimensions needing to be shown.
  3. Enter should be for applying the changes. Your method requires two hits of 'enter' to apply the changes unlike only one for other apps. Its a case of efficiency. I personally process huge quantities of images and small inefficiencies in UI can build up to a lot of time wasted with extra clicks, taps and mouse movements that are simply not needed. In a one off instance one extra click is not a big deal. Its when you broaden things out to high end professional workflows where the current UI starts to fail. Its inefficient. As a side note I also suffer RSI (probably from my crazy work load) so on a strictly personal level its even more paramount regarding less clicks, obviously i don't expect you to take that into account Im just saying. If the input boxes updated live, by that i mean as you type, the other fields linked to it auto update instantly, you then can see without having to click, or hit enter, or do anything what the results of your current input are going to be. If you're happy with them, hit enter to apply. Think of a workflow where Im sent an image from a client. It needs resizing, the colours adjusting, maybe some editing. I then need to put that into Publisher, set the positioning, any possible effects etc. Along a workflow all those extra clicks really add up and thats just one image. EDIT: A very clear example of the extra clicks here and there throughout the Affinity suite is the Colour Picker tool. There is a needless click required to make it work in Affinity. This even caught out the guy doing the Publisher keynote for Affinity Live (apologies i forgot his name - great keynote by the way). One would simply expect you click on the tool, mouse over the area you wish to sample and simply click the mouse to have the colour loaded and ready to go. Affinity's current implementation makes you mouse all the way back over to the Colour Picker window and then click the colour thats now appeared next to the eye dropper to actually activate the colour you've just selected. Its really not intuitive or efficient, especially on a 27" screen or multiple monitor setups.
  4. I can confirm the bug has been fixed which is a great relief but as DaveMike has said the interface still hasn't really been improved. The description field is a very slight improvement but there are still too many clicks involved. Please make the dimensions update live (across the whole suite) as you type. This would mean you would not need the description field thats just been added as you would see the results in the fields before you hit apply. Having to click inside another input field for the one you typed into to update the rest of the window is not user friendly. Essentially just copy what everyone else does for their image resize window please. It works and is efficient. Having input fields update live across the whole suite would dramatically cut down on the amount of mouse clicks involved in a users workflow.
  5. Seems theres a bug in Acrobat that stops the fonts from being outlined. *rolleyes* It very rarely works for me. Most instances the screen just flickers when you hit 'apply' and nothing actually happens. I give up.
  6. I keep trying to migrate to Affinity but I'm met with not insignificant obstacles at each step. There's a big issue with Image resizing in Affinity Photo which we seem to be finally getting a fix for very soon which stopped me from using Photo since it was released and now Ive turned my attention to Publisher I've hit upon this issue at the very first step of recreating one of my publications in Publisher. I've created my template documents and gone to import the very first client provided artwork and hit upon this issue. Until it's resolved I still can't migrate to Affinity. I appreciate as Walt said, its still early days. All three apps are brilliant but there are quite a few big issues to be ironed out until they be can used in a professional environment. Yes for this particular issue you could export the PDF as a TIFF but you will lose quality when it comes to printing small type and I refuse to provide my clients with sub par work. Without the ability to import 3rd party clients work (adverts etc) I still can't use Publisher in a publishing environment.
  7. I didn’t know the issue. I searched and nothing came up so apologies for another thread on it but it is still a valid issue.
  8. Another daft decision. That renders pretty much all client supplied artwork as useless then. I guess Publisher is also not ready for a professional environment either. All this is going to do is cause everyone massive headaches fixing artwork and increasing usage of unlicensed fonts which will harm the many talented type designers out there when their fonts are illegally copied and sent on to Affinity Publisher users. Massive step backwards. Reminds me of my formative QuarkXpress days where we had to collect for output and include all fonts links etc; 20 years ago! What happens when you export as PDF from Affinity suite? Does it also wrap up the fonts used alongside it? My guess is not. Not that you would need to do that for any other app and if you're sending to another Publisher user you may as well send the whole Publisher document with fonts included as well. PDF was created to be not editable so you could pretty much guarantee the layout will appear as it should cross platform. All the so called PDF editors these days are crippled bits of software offering only very limited editing capabilities. Even Acrobat Pro or whatever it’s called these days is limited in editing it’s very own PDFs. Artwork should be amended at source and then exported to PDF to retain quality and integrity of original artwork. Making them editable again opens up a can of worms with regards to alignments, font issues and all manner of problems. There needs to be a tick box in Publisher to import PDF as ‘non editable’ whereby it retains all its properties and uses the embedded fonts.
  9. Thanks Walt. Why is that then?
  10. I have an issue where the embedded fonts in a PDF are not being being honoured when I import a PDF into Publisher. It should look like this (ignore the Quicklook info around the edge)... However it looks like this... Here is the font information from Acrobat. This seems to happen on any font not using Ansi Encoding and is not limited to the sample above.
  11. Nazario

    Issues with Resize Document

    Howdy. This has been brought up in bug forums and suggestions forums many times. It always got marked as 'by design' which has caused quite a bit of confusion. Mark Ingram (developer) has now confirmed a fix for the bug and tweaks to the user interface are forth coming in a new Beta very soon. Try the latest Beta to see if its available. Its marked as fixed in the Windows Beta. Its not available in the Mac Beta as of writing.
  12. Nazario

    Red Eyed Tree Frog (AD)

    Amazing work! I suffer from RSI so I would be in agony doing that.
  13. +1 for bitmap support. I have hundreds of client logos in 1bit bitmap TIFF files which would be impossible for me to redraw as vector even though that would be the best way forward.
  14. That’s another very slight issue whereby I think ‘image resize’ would be more in keeping with what Affinity Photo does and ‘Documents’ should be left for Designer and Publisher. Semantics really but I think it can also help a little with regards to clarity within the suite.
  15. Thats fine mate. Obviously i know you're all busy and so didn't follow them up. Im looking forward to seeing the improvements and actually finally using your products.