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  1. Thats a fair point and you can't knock Affinity team for that. There needs to be some incentive to upgrade. However what is happening in my experience is some of these oft requested features that are in most professional environments essential and will not, or have not so far, been included, are eroding peoples interest in Affinity as they originally wanted to leave Adobe's money grabbing and bloated software at all costs, found they couldn't and now are slowly just accepting paying the instalments of a CC subscription so its going to be harder for Affinity to win more customers the longer the features are spread out. Thats my opinion anyhoo. Im still holding out but can't forever as when hardware slowly gets upgraded for various reasons and it comes with the latest this and that it will unfortunately mean more subscriptions to the latest Adobe CC. Im trying desperately to hold onto Adobe CS6 so I'm not locked into the subscription if and when Affinity comes of age. If I end up all in with Adobe CC then it will be difficult to jump ship afterwards after my staff all get used to the setup.
  2. I still can't use the Affinity suite in my studio for this very reason. I keep checking back hoping there will be some hint that it will be added and with MEB confirming it will be added at some point makes me happy but its a bit sad that its wasn't included initially as without it most professionals simply can't use Publisher. I know quite a lot of professional designers that were very keen on Affinity suite but have now given up waiting and stayed with Adobe and they have now lost all interest in Affinity. Words used are "its too much messing around to change now, even if it works". Im still hoping to include it.
  3. Also have this problem but can't reset the application. No modifier key works?!
  4. Hi Guys. Any luck with this as its driving my Dad to distraction and im fed up of hearing about it lol.
  5. Hmm.. ok. Well this happens on two separate iMacs. I used various RAW files from https://rawsamples.ch/index.php/en/ to test different types. I notice on a non Catalina Mac that cancelling of the RAW process also leaves a blank window which is odd behaviour as you then have to manually close it afterwards but at least it doesn't crash when you try to open another RAW file afterwards. Should the image and window close or just the image disappear from the window when you click 'cancel'? The video attached shows the blank window stay open. Which in my opinion is odd behaviour. Not sure if thats by design, if so its more extra clicks for the user that aren't needed. Anyhoo.. It's after this point on my Catalina Macs that if I try to open a RAW file after this thats when it crashes. rawmovie.mov
  6. Hi MEB, Just out of interest have you managed to replicate the crash using the method above?
  7. So ive had a little play. It crashes with any RAW format. I think ive also determined how to crash it too. Basically if you open a RAW image then choose cancel top left and confirm with Yes. Instead of closing the image, the image disappears but the window remains albeit blank. So you click the close button in the top left to get rid. If you then try to open a RAW file again thats when it crashes. Crash log attached. crash report.txt
  8. Its a .CR2 format. Camera is Canon 1DX. It's actually my Dad's set up not mine. I don't know much about RAW files. I'll try and get the crash report.
  9. Almost every time I open a RAW file since updating to Catalina APhoto crashes to desktop! No matter how I open it (double clicking from finder or choosing open through dialogues) it crashes more often than not. This happens on two Macs with everything updated.
  10. While its possible to create posters, documents etc in Designer, Designer is more for the creation of assets (logos, illustrations etc) to then be placed into Publisher. The same with Photo. Create your imagery then import to Publisher where you have full control of layout, links etc. I personally always link as it reduces duplicates when using the same assets again and again and its also much quicker to edit just one file and it update across the board.
  11. Seems theres a bug in Acrobat that stops the fonts from being outlined. *rolleyes* It very rarely works for me. Most instances the screen just flickers when you hit 'apply' and nothing actually happens. I give up.
  12. I keep trying to migrate to Affinity but I'm met with not insignificant obstacles at each step. There's a big issue with Image resizing in Affinity Photo which we seem to be finally getting a fix for very soon which stopped me from using Photo since it was released and now Ive turned my attention to Publisher I've hit upon this issue at the very first step of recreating one of my publications in Publisher. I've created my template documents and gone to import the very first client provided artwork and hit upon this issue. Until it's resolved I still can't migrate to Affinity. I appreciate as Walt said, its still early days. All three apps are brilliant but there are quite a few big issues to be ironed out until they be can used in a professional environment. Yes for this particular issue you could export the PDF as a TIFF but you will lose quality when it comes to printing small type and I refuse to provide my clients with sub par work. Without the ability to import 3rd party clients work (adverts etc) I still can't use Publisher in a publishing environment.
  13. I didn’t know the issue. I searched and nothing came up so apologies for another thread on it but it is still a valid issue.
  14. Another daft decision. That renders pretty much all client supplied artwork as useless then. I guess Publisher is also not ready for a professional environment either. All this is going to do is cause everyone massive headaches fixing artwork and increasing usage of unlicensed fonts which will harm the many talented type designers out there when their fonts are illegally copied and sent on to Affinity Publisher users. Massive step backwards. Reminds me of my formative QuarkXpress days where we had to collect for output and include all fonts links etc; 20 years ago! What happens when you export as PDF from Affinity suite? Does it also wrap up the fonts used alongside it? My guess is not. Not that you would need to do that for any other app and if you're sending to another Publisher user you may as well send the whole Publisher document with fonts included as well. PDF was created to be not editable so you could pretty much guarantee the layout will appear as it should cross platform. All the so called PDF editors these days are crippled bits of software offering only very limited editing capabilities. Even Acrobat Pro or whatever it’s called these days is limited in editing it’s very own PDFs. Artwork should be amended at source and then exported to PDF to retain quality and integrity of original artwork. Making them editable again opens up a can of worms with regards to alignments, font issues and all manner of problems. There needs to be a tick box in Publisher to import PDF as ‘non editable’ whereby it retains all its properties and uses the embedded fonts.

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