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  1. This file isn't the correct format, just using it for illustration (I don't have access to the bitmaps at present so can't experiment) however the look is basically what im talking about. I want to change the black parts to a spot colour and have control over the colour of the bounding box. In Quark (shudder) it was very simple, InDesign a little more involved but simple enough. Import the Bitmap, click on the bounding box, choose a colour and it would fill the box with that colour. Select the bitmap within the box, select a colour and the bitmap would then be that colour. Then when it came to colour separations you knew for certain that the icon was the colour it should be. Using blends, masks and CMYK images does not guarantee correct colour and is also a lot more involved.
  2. Thanks but that post also doesn't end with a definite answer. Your suggestion you posted but removed also doesnt work which is why im guessing you removed it. I don't mind converting the files to another format but I want to retain the original and be able to quickly colour the linked file with a spot colour within APub.
  3. Thanks for the informative response. I guess when you think '1bit bitmaps' it sounds completely outdated and old hat but they are a very good and simple solution to using icons, symbols and logos within artwork. The problem is I have hundreds of these files that we use and I'm at a loss as to how to quickly implement then into a Publisher workflow without essentially having to redraw everything in vector format. I need all these logos to be various spot colours at various points.
  4. InDesign if i imported a bitmap TIFF file I could set its colour quite easily simply by selecting the image and choosing a colour from the palette. This proves very useful when working with simple logos and symbols that require being a specific colour. You could also set the background colour of the box the logo resides in just as easily. So with a few clicks a black and white logo could become green with an orange background for example without having to manipulate the original file. Ive been looking and still not found a definitive answer for doing this in APUB. How does one work with greyscale/bitmap TIFFs and easily convert their colour within APUB without affecting the linked file?
  5. Hi Guys. We print directly from InDesign using our RIPs PPD file. From InDesign print dialogue we can choose which plates to send to the RIP. When we send a four colour document the rip receives/creates a plate for each colour. The plate is produced on our plate maker and manually put onto our litho printer and off you go. Theres no need for us to create PDFs. The RIP has a hold queue and when we are ready to create the plates we then send them from the rip software to the plate maker (just like sending a file to print).
  6. Can you explain how you would go about doing that? We print directly to the rip and its much more efficient to separate at the time of sending the file instead of exporting as a PDF then having to separate from there. Also we are trying to get away from Adobe so having to have a copy of Acrobat just to separate the plates is quite excessive. If you would be so kind as to explain how you separate from a PDF I will look into it. We have always printed directly from artwork to the RIP as we print in house. We have found PDFs just cause issues.
  7. We print 4 colour on a 2 colour litho press and so need to be able to separate the plates. How can I do this in Publisher? EDIT: Just seen another post regarding this. Apologies for duplicate post. Separations preview and the option to print only certain plates is a must for me to be able to use Publisher.
  8. Ooh now thats cool. Does InDesign do that?
  9. Thanks MEB I was looking in Studio options. Document makes much more sense haha.
  10. How do i update a linked image and where can i see a list of assets (linked images) within used within the document?
  11. I tried again today and the welcome screen updated after a few seconds to show the link, so I've managed to download them now. Not that it matters now but I have both the latest Photo and Designer on latest High Sierra.
  12. I'm confused as hell too. Got 1.6 from the App Store (Mac). No welcome screen links (I have the welcome screen), so I created a store account which was confusing as you can't actually do that without seemingly buying something. I obviously cancelled my order before hitting confirm hoping the account I created would still work. It seems so however there is nothing showing in my downloads section in my newly created account?! It was a pain in the ass claiming the brushes last time round. What gives guys?
  13. Can you explain how to do this as Pressure on my set up does nothing at all to the stroke?!
  14. I'd like to see (if at all possible) the ability to draw a line with the pen tool and then click on each node and set a stroke width at each node so the stroke width could vary along the length of the stroke. Imagine if you will, drawing an S shape. Then set the lower node to say 50px and the upper node to 5px it would instantly give you a stroke that looks like a road disappearing into the distance.