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    Typography issue in 1.7

    Is this still an issue? Is it for all fonts with diacritic marks? I am trying to place Unicode text from word doc with diacritic marks. its a real nightmare - does super weird things inside Publisher, even graphically distorts the tool box, very odd. Is this being looked at, as its a pretty common thing to place fonts with marks, European languages etc. For now I am having to retype and then manually re-apply the marks. See sample attached. As you can see it places some, while replacing others with pretty little boxes :-)
  2. netera

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    This is great work - so appreciated, thank you, total life savers!
  3. netera

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Looks great! Amazing work..........total life savers! On a possible future tweak, can you add a 'save panels' option? I've had to drag them all out again, for 2 monitors. :-)
  4. Really enjoying the Affinity programs! As time goes on its feeling more and more like an old friend and on the rare occasion I have to revert to Adobe, I cringe, but then relax as luckily that old nightmare is starting to fade in my mind. I did however have one query and one 'small' suggestion to improve the experience of using your software. Firstly query: I use 2 monitors, having palettes on one screen, work area on the other. Upon start-up all palettes remain on one screen, except however Photo and Design drop the tools panel on my work screen, despite moving them back to the palette screen each time. This strangely does not happen in Affinity Publisher. Any ideas why? Suggestion: would it be possible to have a save layout option button so different workspaces could be configured and saved, even exported (would be best).
  5. Does anyone know why this file keeps crashing? Its only 9kb. When you try to adjust any point with the node tool, it seizes and dies. Its a bit odd - maybe I'm doing something wrong? I would appreaciate advice from a more experienced user. It would be good to know for future projects. Many thanks...... Wheel Chart.afdesign
  6. All good to know, thank you again for your time and info! I've not long been using these apps and have to say I'm pretty impressed. There are few small things I miss (having been an Adobe-ite for years) - but overall things are good and in some instances - even better. I'm awaiting publisher now as it completes a nice set. Kind regards.
  7. Working now! Thank you very much, your a star! I am using Win 7 - am also running lastest version. I'll remember the Ctrl key trick - very useful. I'd wondered if it was something related to RAM, allocation now set to 16384 I have 16 gig of Ram on this PC. maybe I'd not allocated enough? What is recommended for this application, I guess as much as possible?
  8. Thank you for v.quick repsonse. No still crashes :-( Subject now says 90kb, sorry hasty typing.
  9. I've recently made the switch to the affinity package, and am still in the space of 'between software' as I get used to the new. I currently run an older Adobe Suite and use Bridge quite a bit. I cannot seem to find anything in Affinity Photo/Designer that does the same job. BUT note there is a Stock Panel, which seems to allow you to browse I-stock. Could this be modified to allow you to browse a users own collections? OR maybe I'm missing something? As I said, I’m still new to this software. My initial reaction to both applications is - really good! Works well and does the job. I've had Designer crash a few times on more complex work (this was usually with blur filters applied) to multiple vector shapes. That being said, CS4 can also do the same, especially when zooming in and out in Illustrator. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be really appreciated. Thanks!