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  1. goqr.me has a free api for developers to generate QR Code on their applications... can this be implemented on Affinity Publisher or Designer, either way is good with me. With Affinity Publisher I just open Publisher, and I can switch to Designer persona to generate the QR Code.
  2. I didn't knew that, thanks for the clarification. I was just repeating what the warning that prompt when opening one of those files, currently is still true... in semantics... because I can open them and save them as Publisher files and I still be able to reopen the original file on the original App.
  3. True, and fair, but still you will be able to open *.aphoto and *.adesigner files. With or without the licenses when you open them in Publisher you cannot used them back in Photo or Designer, and still is fair. Have you ever dealt with Adobe InDesign? Only Photoshop allows you to save in formats you can open on all versions of Photoshop, and InDesign do not open PSD files, you can import them. That my friend give an incomparable value to Publisher. I can start a mock up on Photo, continue on Designer, and finishing up on Publisher, or you can either use Publisher itself with few limitations. But having the ability to open a Photo file with all its layers is unthinkable from the Adobe CC perspective. The Affinity developers are doing an amazing job here, and they deserve to profit from it. And no matter what the price, is a one time payment. Work hard in some project and invest in you.
  4. For me I think would be fair to be more expensive than the other two. Is way better than InDesign since integrates all the same Studios as the other two, Designer and Photo, plus publication specific tasks as packaging, PDF engine for professional printing. All of those cost money to integrate and sometimes developers has to pay extra licenses to integrate those services, so my best bet they would cost double the price Designer and Photo. And I think is fair, as I mentioned before.
  5. Hello Chris... I uploaded the file, let me know if you received it. Have a good night.
  6. This is a very tricky bug to recreate. It happens often but not every time when the text box handles are double-clicked. What do I mean about this? Let say you create a text box for a paragraph or verbiage on a document, but the text box is larger than the text you entered, to adjust the text box to match the text length you need to double-click or double-tap the middle bottom handle and this will resize the text box as expected. Similar to Adobe® InDesign™ I'm testing Designer to create documentation for my hosting service, and I'm on my second document, which has more than 40 images, about 10 Artboards (Pages), and lots of text boxes. On the first document, this happened to me once, but cannot compare to the second one. The first one only had about 8 Artboards, about 16 images and a lot of white spaces, which makes me assume that the larger the document the more likely for this bug to happen. Because Affinity Designers is not a Desktop Publishing application, it does not have an option as Adobe InDesign to downsize graphics rendering for low memory consumption. I think this is the only way to recreate this bug. This base on my own assumptions since I'm new to Affinity Designer.
  7. Inkscape has a very excellent tracing tool... if you need one. So far is the most precise I have ever tried. That way you don't have to make a mayor investment until Affinity Designer get the feature.
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