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  1. Hard to believe this critical feature is still missing. 😞 This is why i still have Illustrator installed despite owning all three Affinity programs on Mac and Windows and also the iPad versions. This is one of the most asked questions on the Facebook groups.
  2. we absolutely need first class support for avif, webp, and heic formats. for those discussing browser coverage i suggest you consider updating your html alongside your images. also safari has supported webp since big sur launched. <picture> <source type="image/avif" srcset="..." /> <source type="image/webp" srcset="..." /> <img src="..." srcset="..." alt="..." width="..." height="..." loading="lazy" /> </picture>
  3. Gimp is one of the few software that can store multiple icons sizes as a set properly in one ico allowing you to specify different color and compression standards and masking and compatibility levels. It gets the right binary order for compatibility fallback. There is no other software that I'm aware of with this level of control and support, and it makes rolling multi-size ico much smaller and more backwards compatible. whomever implemented that part of their software really knew what they were doing. Affinity doesn't have to get that technical or fancy, even basic ico support would be greatly appreciated. same with avif and heic and webp. it would greatly improve workflow to not be forced to reach to other software for conversions in and out. I want Affinity to LEAD the modern workflow pack like it did when it was released. ❤️ because they are my favorite tools.
  4. many of these "effects" have vector only equivalent ways of achieving them that are supported natively. blur, stroke, etc. so yes they could be programed differently and remain true vector output. more importantly is somehow identifying when and where a workflow crosses into this unsafe territory. currently there are ZERO indicators or warnings, no options to convert or remove on export etc, which really breaks the workflow and assumes secret insider knowledge that might not be accessible to new users.
  5. I've recently created several vector only designs in Affinity Designer. When I go to export them as SVG instead of being vector svg files they are svgs that contain raster pngs embedded in them and hence don't scale properly. This is not what I want. 😢 Is there any way to tell affinity designer to export the vector design as only a vector svg not png embedded in svg? Are there features of the software that force the design to export embedded pngs, and if so is there a refence to which ones so they can be avoided and alternate methods employed? I've noticed specifically that outer shadow fx seems to trigger this, i'd really like to know which other features trigger this behavior so that i can make svg vector safe resizable designs. Anyone know a reference to this aspect of Affinity Designer? Many Thanks. ❤️
  6. ico is a crucial format to support for proper iconing of web apps that require multiple icon sizes and still considered best practice. ico can hold multiple resolutions, and almost all devices and apps are smart enough to pull the resolution they need automatically from the single ico asset and ico are supported on all major os. being able to generate these from an svg like gimp can would be fantastic.
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