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  1. Hi MEB, Thank you for the answer. I probably do not know how to use the software properly because this is not doing what I intend it to do. What I try to do: —Let say I am in Designer making a 1080p artboard, and I have a 4K image sized down inside a circle shape (to make a mask). —Then I realize that there is a little something I want to touch up the picture (I want to remove an electricity line I did not see before). —Then if I do as you suggest (thank you, I was manually opening the file in the past, it will save me time). —But the problem is that Photo lets yo
  2. Hi, When working in Designer, it would be very nice to be able to instantly switch to the Photo Persona (when installed) so to do some photo retouch that are part of a composition. Right now, when using Designer, and a photo in it, I must manually call Photo, do the touch up I need, and reload in Designer. Maybe I am not using the tools as it should, but that would be fantastic to be able to call the “Photo Persona” when in Designer for quick touch-ups. Kind regards, Alexandre Leclerc
  3. Hello, Support for the AVIF file format would be nice to see as web browsers will start supporting it. It would be nice to read and write images in that format. Best regards!
  4. +1 for this suggestion. It would be very handy to be able to prepare many export scheme to a publisher document: —Define export method and parameters (PDF config, etc.). —Define different export file name. —Specify which pages to export. —A single click could export all desired documents at once. —Even better allow certain layers or effects to be active or not for each export config. (i.e., if the layer item is checked or not.) Thank you very much and best regards!
  5. Hi! I would be very happy to see these features too. I also miss these features from Inkscape. Also: make the alignment tools a panel (as in inkscape), so it can be docked on the screen as immediately available, instead of always reaching to the tool bar and click on the alignment tool. Thank you and best regards.
  6. Thank you for your answer. Indeed, I have this problem with or without hyphenation, and only with justification mode. Then, should this thread be moved somewhere else in order for this bug to be verified? Kind regards.
  7. Hi, Is there a way to force Publisher to always use ligature in words when using "justified" text alignment? Even when tweaking "Word spacing" and "Letter spacing" in the Paragraph/Justification section, there are always cases here and there where Publisher decides to use letters with no ligature. I would like to tell Publisher to always use ligature, whatever he thinks looks the best. Thank you very much for your help!
  8. Another voice for footnotes. This is a big feature that is missing. Thank you very much and best regards!
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