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  1. Right, I should have just waited a few minutes and read the help file more. For future reference: Edit -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Show brush previews disables the feature. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hi there, when I use the paint brush tool, Affinity Photo not only shows the cursor, but also a kind of preview blob of ink that shows what would happen if I were to start drawing. This is usually helpful, but in my case, it is not, so I was wondering whether that ink blob could be deactivated. Background: I'm currently filming educational videos in which I record my screen as I write on a virtual whiteboard. So far, I've been using Microsoft's Whiteboard tool, which works very well, but doesn't allow me to hide its various buttons and tool bars. I thought Affinity Photo, while not especially designed for this use case, would work beautifully. However, while the mouse cursor is not included in the screen recording, that ink blob is, which makes the recordings unusable for my purpose. Any ideas? Cheers, Chris
  3. Isn't that included in Publisher? I believe it's an option somewhere in the text styles. Not sure if it's already fully working, though.
  4. I bet that most photo management applications provide this feature since it's essential for choosing the best among a number of similar shots. Lightroom, which is the only management software I've used so far, certainly has a comparison view.
  5. I did, but I didn't get the central idea. Your explanation made it clear to me, thanks. Using LaTeX all the time anyway, I will in fact read that paper. Thanks for the reference!
  6. That's excellent, I was looking for the same feature. And we can even decide which format and language to insert dates and times in. Well done.
  7. Nach einem solchen Feature haben schon viele verlangt (inklusive mir), und die Botschaft scheint angekommen zu sein. Ich glaube, die Entwickler haben das Feature schon in Planung.
  8. It is. The method @A_B_C suggested is just an additional method for you to use.
  9. You should think about having a bot auto-reply to such threads, seeing how often people seem to request a Lightroom alternative.
  10. @Metin Seven, that doesn't seem to do what I want it to. Take the following screenshot, for example (the image itself doesn't include the border you see here): Gimp's autocrop will collapse the image's borders towards the centre as long as there is no colour change, thus yielding the following result: This is what I was referring to.
  11. +1. Something like Gimp's Autocrop feature would be brilliant.
  12. Andy, sorry for derailing, but QX 2018 is one possible purchase option for me if Publisher turns out not to be enough for my projects. Why are you so eager to dump QX 2015? I'd like to take your opinion into account when I decide.
  13. As I already posted in another part of the forum, this wouldn't only be great to create new documents, but also to open recently used ones.
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