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  1. Christoph Daniel

    FEATURE REQUEST (for all)

    Isn't that included in Publisher? I believe it's an option somewhere in the text styles. Not sure if it's already fully working, though.
  2. I bet that most photo management applications provide this feature since it's essential for choosing the best among a number of similar shots. Lightroom, which is the only management software I've used so far, certainly has a comparison view.
  3. I did, but I didn't get the central idea. Your explanation made it clear to me, thanks. Using LaTeX all the time anyway, I will in fact read that paper. Thanks for the reference!
  4. That's excellent, I was looking for the same feature. And we can even decide which format and language to insert dates and times in. Well done.
  5. Sorry for my ignorance, but what exactly is a paragraph-based composition engine?
  6. Christoph Daniel

    Line with arrows

    That's already on the roadmap.
  7. Christoph Daniel

    Raster anlegen

    Nach einem solchen Feature haben schon viele verlangt (inklusive mir), und die Botschaft scheint angekommen zu sein. Ich glaube, die Entwickler haben das Feature schon in Planung.
  8. Christoph Daniel

    picture forms

    It is. The method @A_B_C suggested is just an additional method for you to use.
  9. Christoph Daniel

    photo organizing software

    You should think about having a bot auto-reply to such threads, seeing how often people seem to request a Lightroom alternative.
  10. Christoph Daniel

    Remove Black / White Matte

    @Metin Seven, that doesn't seem to do what I want it to. Take the following screenshot, for example (the image itself doesn't include the border you see here): Gimp's autocrop will collapse the image's borders towards the centre as long as there is no colour change, thus yielding the following result: This is what I was referring to.
  11. Christoph Daniel

    Remove Black / White Matte

    +1. Something like Gimp's Autocrop feature would be brilliant.
  12. Andy, sorry for derailing, but QX 2018 is one possible purchase option for me if Publisher turns out not to be enough for my projects. Why are you so eager to dump QX 2015? I'd like to take your opinion into account when I decide.
  13. As I already posted in another part of the forum, this wouldn't only be great to create new documents, but also to open recently used ones.
  14. Hi everyone, not sure if this was requested before (I certainly wasn't able to find it), but I'd like to suggest adding functionality to the welcome screen shown when the applications start. Right now, it allows us to directly go to the new document screen. What would be helpful as well would be to list the most recently used files for us to open. Cheers!
  15. Christoph Daniel

    Multiple columns...

    As Fixx already mentioned, you will find more options through View -> Studio -> Text frame, including controls for the gutter. One of the tutorial videos also explains this quite nicely.

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