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  1. Affinity photo 1.6.6 when I try Edit in Affinity from photo's I get a message Affinity cannot be launched please press cancel. OSX 10.12.6
  2. keithsloan

    Add to selection

    I am trying to add to a selection. It tells me to ^ to add. But what key is ^? shift 6 does not work, neither does straight shift
  3. keithsloan

    Flood fill & send to back.

    http://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/50697/how-can-i-trace-the-edge-of-a-svg-file-using-inkscape-without-rasterizing-the-im Rather than Inkscape I was trying to do this with Designer, but flood fill did not work as expected neither did send to back. Have attached the file I was trying on.
  4. keithsloan

    Copy between documents without resizing.

    My mistake its not resizing
  5. I have a number of SVG designs created with Designer set to A4. I now want to combine a number of the designs onto an A3 page. How do I stop Designer resizing things when I copy and paste.
  6. Okay somebody as a joke posted this photo shopped image to facebook. https://www.facebook.com/huddersfield.tuc/photos/a.417540905018230.1073741827.306254182813570/862127837226199/?type=3 What struck me was one of the main give aways that the image was photo shopped was that the two combined images had different perspectives and different vanishing points. Not being that familiar with affinity photo, just wondering if affinity has any way to adjust the image based on vanishing points.
  7. Many thanks. I have got round my immediate problem by editing the XML of the SVG file, but would prefer a much easier approach in the future, so thanks for adding this to the ToDo pile
  8. I have a problem with exporting some SVG files which I consider a bug. I did raise in the Affinity Designer forum, but would like to raise here as to me its a bug. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/17572-problems-with-svg-file/ If it could be fixed Designer would become far more useful to me.
  9. keithsloan

    Problems with SVG file.

    I don't think it is CorelDraw at fault the orginal SVG files were created with a program brd2svg which is an application for converting PCB boards created in Eagle to SVG's required for Fritzing. Unfortunately this program is no longer under development and is known for not creating efficient SVG's. A contact in the Fritzing forum worked on the files and he uses Coral Draw hence the name of the program in the SVG being CorelDraw. I have a Mac and don't have CorelDraw so using it to make the required adjustments is not an option for me. Designer saving as more efficient SVG would be good, but not at the expense of throwing away whole groups.
  10. keithsloan

    Problems with SVG file.

    No No No the two files are not the same. As I said in my original post Fritzing requires that all the breadboard elements are hidden under schematic elements. If you compare the exported file to the original Designer has thrown away the whole of the group named breadboard. I looked at the options on export SVG and did not see any that should be effecting this. What is wrong the file when loaded into Fritzing? the schematic is all messed up and there are no allocated connectors ( i.e. all the things that should be in the breadboard group. Question Do I need to report this in the bugs section?
  11. keithsloan

    Problems with SVG file.

    I am trying to create an SVG for a Fritzing schematic part that has a breadboard element. The requirement for such a part is that a large number of what it calls connections i.e. graphic elements are hide under a graphic element that is part of the non breadboard element. I had as a starting point an SVG created by somebody else. I could not work out how to make the required changes easily using Inkscape so invested in Affinity Designer. Sure it was easy to make what I assume are the correct changes. The problem is when I try and use the file in Fritzing after exporting to SVG in Designer the file is no where near correct. Okay I tested by opening the SVG in Designer and without making any changes exported to SVG. What was a 62K SVG file is now only a 12K SVG file, so Designer has munged it some how. Original.svg Exported.svg
  12. keithsloan

    Designer & Groups

    If I have an SVG with a number of different groups, is it possible to toggle which groups are displayed. i.e. A bit like what applications do for layers
  13. keithsloan

    Problem with exported PSD file no red channel

    Okay I put the files on drop box https://www.dropbox.com/sh/oh074sprkywh01y/AADyPWib7iXY-rOHgYEQd5B0a?dl=0 Maybe CS2 is very old, but it would be interesting to know if a later version of Photoshop has the same problem or not
  14. I created a montage and exported as a photoshop psd file which I sent to a friend with Photoshop CS2 on OS 10.6. He stated that the red channel was missing but that the preview in finder is OK as is the quick look version It also opens fine in graphic converter he said The original Affinity photo file and PSD are too large to upload to the forum