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  1. Assigning Shift+Ins to the edit\paste command, in Publisher does not work. However Ctrl+Ins does. Why cant the age old key code Shift+Ins be assigned to Paste???
  2. Just being able to write Odd and Even in large letters on a non-printable layer can assist booklet production, no end. It was a God send in PagePlus and I think the omission of this facility in Publisher is a huge failing on the designers part. Please add a non-printable layers option to the next Publisher update.
  3. AnaliseThis

    Windows Aero is not enabled

    Guys, I have just found the reason this is happening. Even though I had an Aero theme, I also had a mirror driver loaded and once disabled, Photo launched successfully. In my case, it was LogMeIn Mirror Driver. I went into Device manager and under Display adapters, found the mirror driver. Aero themes do not function properly if you have a mirror driver installed. Just disable any you find, reboot and you should be able to launch Affinity Photo normally after that.
  4. AnaliseThis

    Windows Aero is not enabled

    I get the same message even though I have an Aero theme as my desktop. I have also checked and DWM is running as a service so, your answer does not solve this issue. I also run Windows 7 x64 and have only just started getting this error. I didn't even have an Aero theme as my desktop prior to this error occurring today, and Photo ran perfectly well.
  5. Magic, Patrick, thank you. With it saying Cell, I didn't try it with columns or rows highlighted. The Table tab vertical alignment option also works on my text, so I don't know what was happening earlier today. This request can now be closed. Thanks.
  6. Affinity Team, Just like to point out that there does not appear to be an option when using tables to set the column width or the row height. I notice that when you are resizing a column or a row, its width or height is displayed but this is only available for individual elements of the table. If you want to make a selection of columns all the same width (different from what was placed on the page), then you are snookered, and have to do it manually. Not a great idea if you have a large number of columns. Again, if you have a large number of rows and want to resize the height, you have to do each one individually. How about adding the option to size all selected elements (rows or columns) as was available in PagePlus. Also whilst on the subject of tables, vertical text alignment, does not work properly when font size and or table size are altered from when originally placed, especially if creating a small table and having to reduce the font to say, 8 pt, vertical alignment goes right out of the window and does not do what is requested. Attached is clip taken from a std A4 page with a small table, the font was reduced to 8 pt to fit in A1 cell, now vertical alignment does not work. Hope this all makes sense.
  7. I too would like to see a calendar type wizard in Publisher. I use the PPx9 calendar for listing Public Holidays and the like at work so others know when they get time off (for free). Do your best guys, I know you will.
  8. Guys, In PagePlus x9, under View/Zoom menu, there are options to view a page at full size and also Page Width. These options can also be added to the menu bar through customize, add and remove buttons. Very useful when you want to zoom in and out in a hurry. There appears to be no ability in Affinity Publisher Beta to add view functions to the menu bar as icons, is this something that you are considering for the live release?