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  1. I too would like to see dimension capabilities added to Designer.
  2. Ernest, Not the response you were looking for but the text in DP8 is "blodge" as you put it because you probably have an outline switched on. Text in DP8 inherits both a fill and an outline. Switch off the outline or change the size of the outline to zero and your text will look normal.
  3. Pixel and Poly, You are welcome, glad that fixed your issue as well.
  4. This was Serif's way of thinking in the days of PagePlus. PagePlus, the forerunner to Publisher had layers you could write on, draw on do anything on and turn the printing of these layers, OFF. So you could use them as guides for allsorts of things. I used to set up master pages with left and right written on them in a very pale grey so when using single page documents to create a booklet or something, I would know which master went where and the layer with the writing on it was set NOT to print. The rest of the master page was printable. This should be brought back and made available in Publisher in a future update.
  5. I had the same problem with a Deco 3, but solved it by turning off Windows Ink in Designer preferences. All worked well after that.
  6. I have been able to achieve the desired results in a round about fashion. In Photo Persona, I selected the image, then using a live filter, blurred the entire picture. I then moved the box blur and placed it above the picture in the stack. then I drew the rectangle and clipped that to the picture. In Publisher persona, I selected the box blur and under the Layer menu, I selected Arrange/Move Inside. This placed the box blur under the image but the result was no different than before, still just a blurred rectangle and most of the image hidden. I then however dragged the rectangle into the box blur and low and behold, it clipped as it should and the rest of the image became clear, leaving just the blur in the rectangle. Not as simple as in the video but the result turned out to be the same. Thanks for any assistance offered.
  7. I have tried again and no matter what I try, I cannot get the rectangle to nest inside the box blur. I have attached two screen shots, one of the videos layer stack and my layer stack after trying to clip the rectangle to the blur.
  8. That is exactly what I am doing. I will try again and see what happens.
  9. Just watched the video, I presume was released last year, about the new Studiolink. LINK - https://affinityspotlight.com/article/focus-on-studiolink/ At 6 min and 20 seconds, the presenter proceeds to clip a blurred image with a square set over a text box. This leaves the entire picture unblurred and only the area under the box is blurred. I have gone through that video step by step and cannot reproduce the effect he achieves. every time I attempt to clip the image with the box, I am left with just the blurred image inside the box and the rest of the image disappears. I am using Windows 10 and Publisher 1.83.642 (latest release), Designer and Photo are also of the same release, the presenter however is using a Mac, does Publisher perform so differently on a Mac that you cannot obtain the same results on a Windows machine?
  10. Curious??? When I draw a new table on my home PC using Publisher, I get none printable symbols appearing that do not appear when I draw a table in Publisher on my Work PC. Can any one tell me what the chevrons ( >) in each cell and the section sign ยง in the last cell, mean? Is there a setting in preferences that turn these on and off. It seem strange that one PC produces these symbols and yet another PC doesn't. Both machines are running Win10, x64 and both have 16GB RAM. Publisher is v1.8 on both as well. Only difference is home PC is Win 10 Home Edition whereas work PC is Win 10 Pro. ????
  11. Assigning Shift+Ins to the edit\paste command, in Publisher does not work. However Ctrl+Ins does. Why cant the age old key code Shift+Ins be assigned to Paste???
  12. Just being able to write Odd and Even in large letters on a non-printable layer can assist booklet production, no end. It was a God send in PagePlus and I think the omission of this facility in Publisher is a huge failing on the designers part. Please add a non-printable layers option to the next Publisher update.
  13. Guys, I have just found the reason this is happening. Even though I had an Aero theme, I also had a mirror driver loaded and once disabled, Photo launched successfully. In my case, it was LogMeIn Mirror Driver. I went into Device manager and under Display adapters, found the mirror driver. Aero themes do not function properly if you have a mirror driver installed. Just disable any you find, reboot and you should be able to launch Affinity Photo normally after that.
  14. I get the same message even though I have an Aero theme as my desktop. I have also checked and DWM is running as a service so, your answer does not solve this issue. I also run Windows 7 x64 and have only just started getting this error. I didn't even have an Aero theme as my desktop prior to this error occurring today, and Photo ran perfectly well.
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