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  1. Hi there. I have an issue when I export a A4-sized PDF with bleed and crop marks in Publisher. While everything looks great, I noticed that the dimensions of the PDF is larger than that of an otherwise identical PDF made in InDesign. The Publisher document is the larger of the two. Why is that and is it safe to send the PDF made in Publisher to the printing house?
  2. I second the request for Photoshop path compatibility
  3. Coming from InDesign, I was particularly looking forward to seeing how Publisher handles links and packages. So far I've gathered that it embeds resources by default, but that you can release the embed and change the setting to linked in the resource manager. But is it possible to package and collect all files as it is in InDesign? Say you have a very large document with 20-30 GB worth of links and you want to send it over to someone else to finish the project. How would you go about that in Publisher? Will the document file size be 20-30 GB in that case? Sometimes I send the InDesign file without links to other people, so they can see the layout. In that case it would be quite cumbersome to include all resources. And what if you only wanted to send a couple of the linked files - how would you easily access those files from within Publisher? I don't see a "Reveal in finder" option for linked files.
  4. I'm still experiencing this problem with any kind of file, not PSD's in particular. Any news regarding this issue?An
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