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  1. That would be an option except for two things: Illustrator for iPad is pretty junk. Seriously, the drawing experience jarringly slow. Strange because I had no problems with Adobe Fresco on the iPad. It's not fully featured either, leaving a LOT to be desired. Another monthly membership needed. It' costs $10/month as a stand alone app (crazy rip off as it's not fully featured) might be worth it eventually. Or if you have Illustrator on a creative cloud subscription, it's $20/month minimum. That said, I end up using a combination of Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate and have to annoyingly bounce between the programs to be successful. So I'm not saying don't use any program. One day I hope to use only Affinity Designer only because Adobe creates half baked applications at exorbitant costs. It's infuriating.
  2. On a quick test seems to be working with the beta! Thanks for the instructions- I’ll report back with more use.
  3. Version 1.9 still has this issue. It doesn’t crash every time but I can’t tell when it will... Almost never crashes when joining 2 lines as opposed to multiple.
  4. Hello- I’m also getting this crash situation on iPad as well not desktop version. I get mine with joining two lines consistently, I have as well tried creating a new document, same thing. I get the crash when attempting to join entire lines or two endpoints- both screen recordings included. FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov
  5. Hello! I've found success exporting as an SVG with these very specific stroke settings. This has helped me communicate my art into better laser cutter prepped files. Solid Line Align to center Pressure at 100% For outputting to a laser cutter, the major trick is to make sure your lines are kept as lines and not rendering the outline. Aka: Good: Bad:
  6. Hello, I'd like to put an additional vote in for DXF. As an artist who outputs to a lot of different lasercutter shops around the country it would greatly help to have this export feature.
  7. Thanks for the input Garry- sounds like I'll have to either import my art into Illustrator (trying to get away from Adobe for good...) or just do a whole whole lot of editing. Good call on that straight line that's not actually a line!
  8. For reference this is a similar issue found in Illustrator and the possible solutions. Seems like a shape building tool would help? https://graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/questions/94779/how-to-trim-a-bunch-of-open-curves-with-a-closed-shape-in-adobe-illustrator
  9. Thanks! Yea I wouldn't mind the extra work if this sample was my actual artwork but my art is crazy complex and that will take forever on... I essentially have to remove the overlapping areas so a laser cutter won't try and cut it...
  10. Here's another way to look at what I'm trying to do. I can use "Subtract" to successfully remove the overlapping areas BUT one shape will essentially also "Close Curve" as well, creating a shape instead of a line segment. Helpremovingshapes06a.mov
  11. I want to remove all magenta lines and shapes that are within the grey shape. And keep all the magenta lines that are outside of the grey shape. Ok, so this gets me closer! Problem now is that the Expand stroke made my lines not a single path anymore- which I need because it's to be laser cut. Thank you so much for taking the time to work through this with me. Helpremovingshapes02a.mov
  12. Here's a video of what happens and the test file. Again, thank you! Helpremovingshapes01a.mov helpremoveshapes01.afdesign
  13. Thanks for your support and replying! That said, I'm attempting to delete the overlapping areas without it closing any line segments. So image 1 demonstrates my needed end result: Image 2 demonstrates the areas in which Designer will fill or remove sections that aren't overlapping with the shape at all. So no good. Image 3 shows how on my artwork this becomes a problem. As a whole bunch of extra lines are created.
  14. Hello! I'm attempting to remove lines and shapes underneath a complex shape but having trouble doing this. I've been attempting to use the "Divide" command to remove the overlapping segments and then delete those. Which is a bit time consuming and I run into problems because "Divide" will close incomplete line segments, which creates weird shapes. Images: 1-3 illustrate what I'm trying to do: Remove everything intersecting in the grey shape but keep the rest. 4th image is my actual artwork which gets complex so I need to do this efficiently. It also needs to be fully removed (not hidden) because it's on the way to a laser cutter. 5th image is what happens when I "Divide". As you can see the v line segment on the top left closes into a shape. And the bottom line looses a section. Thanks for your help!
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