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  1. I am facing similar issues when saving files from Affinity Photo, Designer or Publisher (all 1.10.4 releases on macOS 10.15.7 Catalina, on 2019 Intel MBP). As soon as a file dialogue is required (new file/new name), there is a very big risk of infinite beach ball. Does not happen when saving existing file. I thought first it was the latest update of Default Folder X that needs to load with each file dialogue, but reverting to a previous version did not help.
  2. Yes that was my personal experience as well, but Photo was somehow, able to do the trick even if Designer failed. Re-importing exported pdf is kind of a last resort as you can retrieve the content and layout. But to keep sanity in future document maintenance you will have to manually restore the full structure, which can be a tedious task on a large document. Working with the beta is easy. It stays in parallel with the release version without interfering. That also means you have to separately import color palettes, assets libraries, brushes... that you would use in with your documents.
  3. Fred, you could try as suggested above to open the files in Designer or Photo if you have them available (I had best success with Photo), save and reopen the file in Publisher. Alternatively, you could download the latest Publisher beta (at the time of writing version that seems to be much more stable when opening older Publisher files. I had no issues reopening files I saved through this beta in the current release version of Publisher, but you still might want to work on copies of your files, just in case.
  4. +1 for the ability of linking to text in an external file (that can thereby be used by several publisher files). Supernice if markdown/html would be recognized for semantics, and a fantastic bonus if styling of the imported text could be linked to the document text styles (for example with matching html class attributes).
  5. When is 1.10.2 expected? I have similar issues with several files and it is quite disturbing. I suspect possible issues with linked files that could be the culprit. But it is not possible to relink them if the app cannot survive opening the documents in the first place.
  6. A tiny UI detail, but am I the only one always disturbed by the "Add new vertical/horizontal guide" icons on the Guide Manager panel being a page symbol rather than a more intuitive plus symbol?
  7. Although I'm fully aware of the issue and know what I need to do, I get caught by this little issue regularly; especially when I'm in a hurry... It's a true time waster. A fix would be very appreciated.
  8. Monthly mailer sound like some newsletter that could probably quite easily be handled by html/css/js. Any browser could make it to a pdf, if required.
  9. Bump: Publisher 1.8.1 is still working the same way. If this is the intended behavior (not a bug but a feature), I would love to hear an explanation of this choice that I do not understand. If not, are there any plans to fix it?
  10. Since it's an image (rather than a vector object) that you are recoloring, you could use the overlay layer effect to fill with an actual color, like white. Not sure how the fill property on an image is actually working, but it is some kind of tinting rather than fill that is occurring. Maybe someone will be able to explain the different color matematics between fill and color overlay on an image. They surely are different.
  11. I tested the provided test file on my MBP 16" with the configuration below and I see the same behavior as @philipmuller97 , both with Metal and OpenGL. Same behavior in APubBeta
  12. Hi @Jon P, I have now tested, as you suggested, to create a new document from the iMac, connected to the laptop via Thunderbold, on the laptop drive. I also included images as linked from the Laptop drive. That worked normally without any access authorisation prompt. Closing and opening that document again does not trigger any warnings, unless I had, in between, opened the file on the laptop, done some changes, and saved again. Then I get this (as with my original working document): : From that dialogue, if I select "Resource Manager" I get the list with all resources with status "Access denied". From here, I have to relink each resource individually, even if they are all in the same folder. If, instead, I select "Yes" in the dialogue above, then I am prompted to relink one of the resources, and nothing more. If I open the Resource Manager now, all the resource links appears as OK. Not sure why we have this difference here, but currently, the "Resource Manager" button in that dialogue is more a kind of trap than of any help. Also the action to "locate" a resource is slightly ambiguous. From this dialogue "locate" is to find the source file on your drive, while "locate" in the Resource Manager is to find where the file is used in the document, only. In the Resource Manager, one may want to do both. Both iMac and MBP are running macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and HFS+ file system. Thanks, /Miro
  13. Hi! In the Affinity Publisher help it is stated that: "It's good practice to keep your linked resources in a subfolder within your document's folder. Not only does it keep your images in one place for easier management, but if you move your project to a new location, the links to your resources will always be maintained." I have all the linked files in a folder that I have together with my APub document, see example screenshot: However, each time I access my project from another computer (and the root path is, of course, different), the links to the images are broken. This is not what I would expect since the relative path is unchanged, and that situation must be similar to moving your project to a new location, stated in the help it should be possible to do. The files are on my laptop and I access the files from an iMac connected to the laptop via thunderbolt. The status for the files in the resource manager is "Access denied". If I replace the missing files with themself again, then status is OK, even after a document reopen on the iMac. Luckily the link connections when opening the document on the laptop are also still OK even after updating them from the iMac. But they reset to "access denied" each time the file is saved again from the laptop. Am I doing something wrong or is it something that can be fixed?
  14. "Funny" that the Affinity Publisher internal update is less than 25 MB while the Affinity Designer and Photo 1.7.3 updates from the Mac App Store are over 400 MB, each. Does this reflect the actual update size for each application or is due to differences between distribution channels (Affinity Store vs Mac App Store)?
  15. I had exactly the same issue recently. Suddenly, any non-letter key (delete, erase forward, arrows) would add various kind of spaces or tabs, making edits quite impossible. I eventually closed down Publisher and restarted, and it went away. I had no similar issues in other opened programs. I cannot say what I was doing just before it started. Probably pasting some text from somewhere else. APub 1.7.2, MacOS 10.14.6
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