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  1. If you increase the size of icons (in the mini cheeseburger menu of the pages pallet), at least, you would get less free space (and more detailed icons). And, yes, it would be great to be able to reorder the masters.
  2. @DanParsons: It seams that you are answering to @grapher as if he was representing Serif. He is not. He is just another forum user just like you or me. Serif staff have a "staff" mark by their avatar. "unprofessional" would really not be the word I would use to describe how they meet users questions in these forums. Since there are _a lot_ of questions/requests, they are not always able to answer/comment every single one, though.
  3. You can define spread masters or page masters. If you define a spread master it will show as such in the master panel and take two pages in width (because it's a spread). Nothing unintuitive about that.
  4. @Old Bruce: agreed that the solution of duplicating and then opening the file is a sloppy implementation. One can suspect that there are just two rows of AppleScript behind that Stationary checkbox. In that way, MS office makes it more elegant with a new unnamed document to be saved wherever is better.
  5. I'm still on macOS Sierra and this is how APub and other apps behave. This is also how MS office files have been working as long as I have been using them (but based on different file extensions). Double-click (from Finder) to create a new document based on the template; open from within program to edit the template.
  6. vonBusing

    states of checkboxes

    @walt.farrell: @Old Bruce found the answer before I came back: Thanks for this explanation @Old Bruce. In the case of styles were inheritance is a recurring pattern, that makes totally sense. Also, probably, all the occurrences of three states checkboxes that have puzzled me, might have been in the Text Styles dialogues.
  7. Many checkboxes in the interface have 3 states. See image below. The middle one is commonly used when the actual checkbox is representing an underlying group of checkboxes where all are not in the same state (checked or unchecked). But it looks like even standalone checkboxes have these 3 states. This is strange, isn't it? A Pub beta
  8. vonBusing

    Tiered numbering of headings

    Thank you Dave for the detailed explanations. I think I understand it better now. I will do some more testing to figure out if I can reproduce the global numbering issue. Yes, I understand the challenge of making instructions on a moving target during the beta program. Eventually, this is a topic with quite a few details to understand that would make sense to explain with a video.
  9. On the other hand, i don't see when it makes sense to place a multi-page document in a layout. Best would be to split the document in 1 pages documents before ps export, wouldn't it?
  10. vonBusing

    Tiered numbering of headings

    I was having a hard time to make that work. For the heading numberings to increment with the heading occurrence in a document, I had to link all the text frames together. That can become a mess if the pages are reordered. Also, I would have expected the "Global" setting to handle this globally in the document, thus without the need to link together the heading boxes. Also, I'm not sure I understand the "Restart numbering" options nor what the "Now" checkbox actually does in the "Bullets and Numbering" option panel? An instruction video on the topic would have been nice.
  11. I get something similar, when I toggle bleed on/off and Clip to Canvas is enabled. On a master spread.
  12. Thanks Pauls, that worked pretty well. It is the first time I look at the Fields panel. I was not aware of it. Searching for section in the help did not give a hint. Maybe a shortcut to enable it in the Text menu would make sense.
  13. One can define document sections with the Section Manager. Is there a way to display the current section on a page?
  14. With the number of times this question shows up, I would suggest this could be a pinned thread in the forum.
  15. vonBusing

    Master page dimensions

    Good to know, because that bugged me too.