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  1. Previously, we were told that the beta program should start by the end of 2017. Since it usually takes quite a few month before the sharp version is released, that makes it still possible, doesn't it?
  2. Thank you Patrick for your explanation. It does make sense. So we'll have to wait for the 1.6.6 update on the iPad for a light UI, I guess. (Although, I have been quite comfortable with the dark UI so far. Not sure if I will switch)
  3. Where did Affinity Photo 1.6.0 go? I must have missed something, but I can't find any comment on this in this thread nor in the beta forum. Both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are moving from 1.5.x to 1.6 versions, and, while AD starts at the logical 1.6.0, AP jumps to 1.6.6. This is of very little importance, but still tickles my OCD somewhat.
  4. Having this line is very useful for bleeded documents.
  5. Thanks MEB; good to know that this is logged, because quite devastating. I noticed that the issue was still present in AD 1.6 beta 1, though. Meanwhile, I figured out that using the contextual toolbar to add a given CMYK-colour to an object and then use the "add current fill to palette" symbol in the Swatches panel, was a much safer way to build up a palette. /Miro
  6. Even worse: dragging any colour value controls for the CMYK-colour, deletes palettes colours at the speed of the running band. I just annihilated 90% of my hard work adding named colours despite the bug mentioned in my previous post. No "undo bug" function was found. :blink: :wacko: :o :(
  7. When I edit the CMYK values of the fill of a palette colour, AD actually deletes one colour from the palette for each value I edit. That was not expected. See this screen capture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/g8z69xqu0fh9yve/color_palette_edit.m4v?dl=0 In that case, 2 values were edited and 2 colours vanished from the palette. If I edit all 4 values, 4 colours are gone. The way all the colours vanishes in the background when editing is also unexpected (temporarily, though - a little scrolling does restore the ones that have not been deleted). AD 1.5.5 macOS 10.12.5
  8. Except the fact that the beta actually stops working, this is sort of default behaviour in macOS and nothing specific to AD and ADB. Each single file can be tied a specific application even when several apps that can open them, are present. You could view the Get info window to any AD file and set AD as the "open with" application and be sure to "Change All..". Alternatively you could just throw away ADB until next working version is made available.
  9. Hi Jens, This is a known bug for at least quite some time. Until this is fixed, there is a work-around, if you do not have too much text involved: duplicate and convert the text to curves before exporting (unselect the text object - good to have if edits are needed). Remove then the bad nodes from the text curves that are causing the problem. (see picture in my post linked above) Otherwise, you might want to try to tweek with the eps export settings ("more"-button in export dialogue ) to find a combination where the bug does not quick in. (rasterising options might help but maybe not what you were looking for when choosing eps format). /Miro
  10. I believe all pdfs are opened in points. If you provide the file resolution or let AD guess (that usually works quite well), then you can go in the Document Setup and switch the document unit to mm. Converted size should be as expected. I can imagine situations when points for imported documents make sense, but the vast majority of my documents are also sized in mm. Having the option to set that in the pdf import dialogue would be nice.
  11. One very common scenario is to double-click a file in Finder. Then the behaviour that p_mac describes can occur.
  12. Hopefully, future betas will offer an updated message that makes it clearer why the current beta version is expired. Something for 1.6 betas?
  13. I would suggest you restart your computer. If that does not help by itself, let Disk Utility check and repair any permission issues that may have arisen.
  14. No. I'm seeing this when connecting a non-retina display to my MBP with retina display. I cannot recall seeing this just after a regular wake up without external screen connected.