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  1. Nice set of dies! The trick with the PMS colors, if overprint of spot colors is enabled, is that they can be enabled/disabled in the color manager to print the actual artwork only without the die-line. In my case, with custom-shaped labels, but also designs to be applied on cardboard boxes, I only had one contour line to take into account. If one needed to separate several die-lines, they could be assigned one spot color each, I suppose.
  2. I usually uses a PMS color that I rename for the die. With separated spot colors on export, it usually works out for the printers i work with.
  3. You will have to be more specific about what is buggy. Both documents look similar. I don't have the Bravura music font nor the Academico font on my system, so none of them are specially pretty. If you are having a font issue, try to use a pdf where texts are converted to curves, until they fix the import and rendering of embedded fonts in Publisher (known issue).
  4. Happy New Year to the Affinity team and thanks for this update. Will it be made available through the Designer auto-update or is it a full download only?
  5. Yes, these are a few new bugs with bleed. For some reasons the bleed export option has been moved from the presets and is now a separate option on the main export dialogue. Consequently no options to enable bleed is available in the export presets for the export persona. That should be fixed, i hope.
  6. vonBusing

    Bleed view

    Agreed that it would be helpful if the bleed area was properly visualised in artboard mode. For non-artboard documents, you will have to disable "View">"View Mode">"Clip to canvas" to make the canvas edge visible. I would have expected it to be visible even when Clip to canvas is on, though.
  7. Hi @kai2, I tried to export your file as a PDF/X-4 file and it worked properly. There was a warning about the Frutiger font for the "Jahre+" text when I opened the file, but I substituted it to the version I had on my system. Maybe you could convert that text to curve before exporting (like you did with the lower text).
  8. Updated to 192 with Auto-update without issues. It would be more helpful/logical if the Auto-update message gave the 4 part version number ( rather than only 3 parts version (1.7.0). Especially during beta programs where the 3 part number is not expected to change although new versions are distributed. Currently, you have to open the About window just to get that last number.
  9. While that is up for discussion: Just to clear a few basic details about display settings ( OpenGL vs Metal) : If Metal is available in the Affinity settings, then it is automatically supported by the OS and the hardware, or do I need to figure out that myself before using it? There are also software and OpenGL (basic) as options. What are the general recommendations on how to choose one option over the others?
  10. @Old Bruce: At some occasion, I was having a similar frustrating experience with the font menu. Then I realised the subset option was set to "Used" rather than "All" (visually, it's not super obvious which one is selected, at least in dark mode). Once that was corrected, the menu showed the relevant match of fonts.
  11. Have you tried to paste your text to Text Edit instead of BBedit? I doubt it's a Bbedit issue. I have regularly faced issues when trying to copy & paste text from Affinity apps to any other applications. Sometimes it works, but mostly not. Copying from an exported pdf has also been my workaround.
  12. vonBusing

    New app icon ?

    Growth is good, but one can hope that icon size is not how Serif envision growth for the Affinity suite... Or we will need bigger screens.
  13. vonBusing

    export options

    I would look at the resolution set for export (in dpi) and especially the jpg compression level for each preset. That later can impact quite a lot on generated file size if you have many images.
  14. vonBusing

    New Icons Too Similar

    Do I have too many preconceptions about color blindness if I believe people in that case would meet quite some other bigger challenges using the affinity apps than just the icon color? About changing icons: yes you can do that. But I’m quite sure that after the third beta update in one month that needs fiddling to restore the prefered icon, one will simply adopt the new icons anyway. That happened to me the last time they changed the icons.
  15. vonBusing

    Effect in bleed

    @MartinHH: I was flipping around with images and layer effects and suddenly (I don't remember exactly what I did), the effect was not applied on the bleed area in similarity to your example. By hiding (uncheck in the layer panel) and re-enabling the culprit image, the effect on the bleed was restored.