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  1. "Funny" that the Affinity Publisher internal update is less than 25 MB while the Affinity Designer and Photo 1.7.3 updates from the Mac App Store are over 400 MB, each. Does this reflect the actual update size for each application or is due to differences between distribution channels (Affinity Store vs Mac App Store)?
  2. I had exactly the same issue recently. Suddenly, any non-letter key (delete, erase forward, arrows) would add various kind of spaces or tabs, making edits quite impossible. I eventually closed down Publisher and restarted, and it went away. I had no similar issues in other opened programs. I cannot say what I was doing just before it started. Probably pasting some text from somewhere else. APub 1.7.2, MacOS 10.14.6
  3. Please, please, please: let Publisher remember the last used Area setting in the export dialogue. The default is set to "All spreads", but I _never_ use that. I want "All pages". I do not know how many times I have to re-export my file because that setting is stuck on spreads by default, independently of all other export settings that are remembered very nicely. This is _so_ annoying...
  4. Hi, In a corporate environment, users usually do not have admin rights on their windows 10 machines. With Affinity apps in version 1.6.x, it's not possible to update them once installed by an administrator, because they require a separate download and to run the new installation program with admin rights. My question is, if a 1.7.1 is installed, is the update procedure for future updates different and can be expected to be able to run on the app without an admin intervention?
  5. Thanks @DWright for your reply. As one of the end-users, I'm not very familiar with acronyms like SSCM or GPO. We do have some central system to make software requestable for installation (that how I got AP and AD to be installed on the computer), but somehow, that require quite some preparation of the package to make it available (that I initiated). As far as I understand, the same manual preparation will be needed for each update to distribute. I was hoping this could be avoided if the apps were able to update themselves. Currently, we only have a very few installations (<10), so we are using individual licences. If interest is raising in the company and we get to a higher level, maybe that would justify some kind of multi-user license, but we are not there yet (although I try to be a good ambassador ). At the current level, it should not be a volume issue, that each installation updates itself.
  6. I agree that locked items should not move in that situation. The behaviour you describe was already happening in Designer 1.6
  7. Graphic for Mac does that.
  8. vonBusing

    Round Corner on a graphic

    Alternatively, you can use the picture frame object that is specific in Publisher for that kind of purpose. image_with_rounded_corners_2.mp4
  9. vonBusing

    Round Corner on a graphic

    Really, this is not so difficult. It works with the same logic as Designer and Photo and is quite intuitive. You may have developed an alternative intuition with InDesign, though. image_with_rounded_corners.mp4
  10. vonBusing

    Round Corner on a graphic

    Hi @BLKay. One way to do this is to place the image inside a rectangle object with rounded corners.
  11. I believe this is a UI requirement for better cat compatibility in the forum. (I may use it as well )
  12. vonBusing

    White field

    @larsh: are you sure these white fields only appears while working in APub? I think I have seen similar things happening in Finder while drag and dropping tabs between windows. I think that happened while working with a connected non-retina external display to my retina MBP. I had to restart Finder to get rid of them. That happened already before APub was in beta. Somehow, I think this is more graphic card related. I would try to switch between openGL and Metal. Whatever settings you have in APub, try the other.
  13. Saw the same behaviour. Switched over to Metal, as @>|< indicated, and it was gone. By the way, what is the general recommendation regarding OpenGL vs Metal? Just the fact that this is a setting, suggests that one may be better over the other, but not always. How do I know which is better in my configuration?
  14. Not silly at all if you ask me. Affinity beta versions have 4 levels, i.e. current APub is It is displayed as such in the About window. that's great. But it's displayed with 3 levels only in the Finder info window and the auto-update dialogue, i.e. 1.7.0. At least in the later place, it's slightly frustrating, because the potential changes are in the level not displayed. I do not know how challenging it would be to align that, but that would be great (I know, I've already said that... ).
  15. vonBusing

    Table cell height adjustment

    Have you tried the latest beta ( According to the post, there is a fix for table cell size spinners. On my machine, they are behaving as expected with that version.
  16. vonBusing

    Table Cells Heights adjustment

    AFAIK, you cannot work with tables in Affinity Designer.
  17. vonBusing

    Data merge

    I can imagine that connecting to a database is a slightly more complicated task than parsing a text-based file. Databases, and protocols to connect to them, comes in quite many flavours. One may also need to fetch data in several tables based on relations. It could still be more rational to let a more dedicated/specialised tool do the compilation to a file and upload that data to Publisher from the file. As an alternative to XML, I could see JSON as a well-established format when compiling not strictly tabular data. In my opinion, it is slightly more readable than XML, even for human eyes.
  18. Hi, It's great that APub shows a notification when a linked file is changed. However, you cannot do anything else then, at best, cancel the message - if you ever get the time to do so: the notice shows up for just a very few seconds (I had to hurry to be able to get any screenshot at all). It could stay alive for a little bit longer. Also it would be great if the notification gave more helpful options like a link to the Resource Manager or even a direct "Update" option.
  19. vonBusing

    PDF export

    Nice set of dies! The trick with the PMS colors, if overprint of spot colors is enabled, is that they can be enabled/disabled in the color manager to print the actual artwork only without the die-line. In my case, with custom-shaped labels, but also designs to be applied on cardboard boxes, I only had one contour line to take into account. If one needed to separate several die-lines, they could be assigned one spot color each, I suppose.
  20. vonBusing

    PDF export

    I usually uses a PMS color that I rename for the die. With separated spot colors on export, it usually works out for the printers i work with.
  21. vonBusing

    Place pdf in Publisher is buggy!

    You will have to be more specific about what is buggy. Both documents look similar. I don't have the Bravura music font nor the Academico font on my system, so none of them are specially pretty. If you are having a font issue, try to use a pdf where texts are converted to curves, until they fix the import and rendering of embedded fonts in Publisher (known issue).
  22. Hi! Currently, when exporting to pdf, the default area setting is set to "All Spreads" in the export dialogue. I'm not sure when this is actually helpful, but 99.9% of the time I use "All Pages" (otherwise I export current page/selection). Could this be the default instead or, at least, stick once it is changed? I'd be glad to hear when and for what purpose people are using the All Spread area setting. ref, this thread:
  23. vonBusing

    PDF-export alert - revisited

    Hi @kai2, I tried to export your file as a PDF/X-4 file and it worked properly. There was a warning about the Frutiger font for the "Jahre+" text when I opened the file, but I substituted it to the version I had on my system. Maybe you could convert that text to curve before exporting (like you did with the lower text).
  24. vonBusing

    Testing Affinity Publisher (Mac) Auto-Update

    Updated to 192 with Auto-update without issues. It would be more helpful/logical if the Auto-update message gave the 4 part version number ( rather than only 3 parts version (1.7.0). Especially during beta programs where the 3 part number is not expected to change although new versions are distributed. Currently, you have to open the About window just to get that last number.
  25. While that is up for discussion: Just to clear a few basic details about display settings ( OpenGL vs Metal) : If Metal is available in the Affinity settings, then it is automatically supported by the OS and the hardware, or do I need to figure out that myself before using it? There are also software and OpenGL (basic) as options. What are the general recommendations on how to choose one option over the others?

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