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  1. Great, Reset Studio showed the bar on the right. Additionally, I selected Show Tools, which restored the panel on the left. This finally starts to look familiar 🙂 (Are there any other panels/tool bars that are still missing? I am still baffled that all these options were deselected after reinstalling the program. Thank you for your help, much appreciated!
  2. Thank you @NathanC! That seems to be the problem, I did not realize the UI can be hidden when you start the fresh app after the installation (maybe it shares some settings from Designer/Photo?). Now the screen looks like this, which is probably the normal default start screen?
  3. Hello, I am experienced user with Affinity Designer & Photo. But I have limited experience with Affinity Publisher. When I start the program, all I see is a black window without any tools. I am able to open documents, etc. through the top panel. I tried to restart computer, reinstall the affinity publisher and check for updates but it still starts like this. Am I doing something wrong? (just black window, I also left a dialog there proving that I have the latest update) Thank you for your help! (EDIT: I am running macOS Monterey 12.6 on Macbook Pro 2021)
  4. The only downside is that any bigger files just crashes the app as soon as it is transferred. It opens for a second and then it crashes. (I am using iPad Pro 12.9 year 2018)
  5. Thanks! When the app was opened and I Airdropped the file, it opened right in. I wonder where are all the files I have successfully Airdropped without having Designer app opened on the iPad.
  6. I purchased iPad version after being satisfied with Mac version. I don't want to use the cloud option, but Airdrop does not seem to work. I am sending the *.afdesign file and the only option that I see on iPad is "Import from Photos" I tried 800Mb but also smaller file, but neither appeared. What I am doing wrong? If the Airdrop option will not work, I will probably need to return the app. Thank you for your help!
  7. Hi there! The data merge function is so crucial to me that I decided to create an account here to add my +1 to this thread. I am happy user of Affinity Design/Photo and I would be so glad if I can switch to Affinity Publisher. Unfortunatelly that is not possible without the data merge funcionality. Is there a way how to be notified once you add this function?
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