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  1. I think if the DAM emulates Adobe Bridge they would be well served. Bridge is highly customizable and is what I'm using currently. I just set it to open relevant Affinity apps instead of Adobe apps. The huge RAW downfall is that Affinity's RAW processing is set up to edit one file at a time. This isn't helpful at all for the types of shooting I do where I often need to edit multiple files similarly during the same session. I'm using Capture One Pro for this at the moment, (I've found it to be a superior processing engine vs. everything else I've tried). I'm comfortable with having a dedicated RAW processor part of my workflow, but it would be a bonus if you could batch edit RAWs with both it and Photo.
  2. D was not set by default for me either - but I made it the set to B&W option. Strange.
  3. The problem with doing a color reset is if you had selected colors there before, they're gone. It's a work around. In Photoshop if you click a mask you get black and white. When you click back onto a pixel layer you get whatever colors you had previously. It's a very small but efficient thing that helps keep work flowing.
  4. Please don't allow changes to hidden layers. Too often I've found myself painting on a hidden layer and not realizing it. Photoshop gives you a warning if you try and do so and makes you reveal the layer before any changes or marks are made. I would very much like to see this behavior replicated in Photo. Thanks for your consideration.
  5. To speed up workflow, I'd like to request a color behavior change when selecting masks. When selecting a mask, please change foreground/background colors to Black and White. When selecting back onto a pixel or image layer, revert to selected colors. This is a Photoshop behavior I miss very much and I didn't realize how much I missed it as I've spent a LOT of time trying to figure out why my mask wasn't working only to realize I was painting on the mask with a color rather than black/grey/white. Also Thanks for your consideration
  6. I just tried an Apple Magic Mouse 1 and a Logitech M705 mouse with Designer 1.8.2 and I could click to select tools, but neither one of them would activate any of the tools on the artboard. ie: grab and move an object with the move tool, add or adjust a node with the node tool, add text with the text tool. I had to use the Pencil. Even disconnecting the Pencil didn't change the behavior. iPad Pro 3 (12") iPadOS 13.4 Designer 1.8.2
  7. I haven't noticed any slowdown with AD on my 12.9 Gen 3 pro, but I do notice the UI. I'm anxiously awaiting the update if only to get my screen real estate back.
  8. Procreate is not a MAC app - iPad only. You can export a layered PSD or any flat image file (TIF, JPG, PNG, etc) from the iPad app and into iCloud drive, (or Dropbox,) which will show up on your Mac. Or you can export to Air Drop and transfer them that way. You can jump over to their forums and ask for people's specific Procreate workflows as everyone's setup is a little different. I'm sure you'll find something that works for you. https://procreate.art/discussions
  9. Make sure the app is set to back up to iCloud and it will reinstall your work if you need to do a fresh install. It also saves out to the files app, so you can send files to any cloud storage or Airdrop to your Mac. You can export a native layered Procreate file, PSD, JPG, PNG etc. Affinity apps work the same way.
  10. Procreate is the best sketch app IMO. It's the fastest raster based drawing app I've used on the iPad Pro and the interface really gets out of the way and lets you draw. You can do full on finished artwork with it as well. I use Procreate and Affinity Designer every day. Both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo have very good pencil tools also, but I personally prefer doing my actual drawing in Procreate because it's just got a more fluid engine that feels better to me when making a mark. I suggest hitting an Apple store and maying giving them a try . My local one has Procreate and Affinity on their demo iPads.
  11. I don't know about printing directly from Affinity, but I send an EPS file made from Affinity Designer to Flexi which can turn the vector outline into a cutline for our plotter.
  12. Dev request: When adding support for the double-tap feature on the Gen 2 Apple Pencil, can you also make an option to disable double-tap? Like many others after years of disabling and removing buttons from my Cintiq pens, I would hate to have the pencil experience ruined by accidental double-taps while working.
  13. I'm not on the most current iOS version and I know hardware can make all the difference. I figured there could be UI issues as well.
  14. Awesome - I was hoping to hear that it was running well. (I'm going to make a suggestion in the proper forum to make an option to disable the double tap option.) How soon can we expect an update? - I know I'm asking a lot there.
  15. No problem. I honestly don't use AP much. I have it on both the desktop and iPad, but don't batch RAW files through it. I'll have to give it a shot for batch processing. I just don't think it's economical yet to use AP on iPad to batch RAW files.
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