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  1. They're amazing (minus the subscription 🤮 pricing)
  2. I really enjoy the Affinity interface. It's become second nature after a few years, especially since I'm using Affinity Photo in place of PS now. I found VectorStyler via this thread and it's already got a tremendous feature set. However, while it's more intuitive than illustrator out of the gate, it's not quite as intuitive as Affinity. That and I have tons of assets and brushes I rely on keep me here. VS has a TON of features that Designer really needs to implement sooner rather than later. Being able to copy & paste between AD and VS is a huge timesaver to leverage those features Designer doesn't have. I don't mind bouncing over to VS for a quick distort - but I'm sure that won't last long. I hope Affinity catches Designer up a bit as I feel it's definitely stagnated in terms of new features as of late. It's got me starting to look over at the neighbor's yard longingly.
  3. Thanks! I know how this works though... everything is great at the start, then the gods demand a sacrifice and guess who gets thrown into the volcano?!
  4. Update: we don’t really know anything more other than they at least hear us! The person/people running their Twitter account have always been pretty responsive and pleasant.
  5. After a pint or two I built up the courage to bluntly ask this question on Affinity’s Twitter post about update and got a response that sounds promising. Fingers crossed.
  6. Side note - I give VectorStyler beta a try based on a few comments on this thread and WOW! Some of the tools in there are incredibly smooth, especially for a beta version. Liquefy brush, eraser, not to mention all of the distortion and warping one could want... all vector! Their general UI pales a bit by comparison to Affinity, but the Affinity dev's should definitely take a look at all of these options.
  7. +1 for each of the following on desktop (& iPad): Free Transform + Envelope Distort + Perspective Distort for objects, editable text (and possibly groups). These are my biggest gripes with Designer and I'm beyond shocked after all these years we still don't have them. They are staples in typography and design and, sadly, keep users from being able to have a smooth Affinity workflow. I count myself among those looking to cut the Adobe chord and I believe this would go a very long way to allow that to happen for countless users. I understand the reason why there's a lack of a road map now, but it would be beneficial to know that these basic tools are on the radar for release, (sooner rather than later). (While we're adding to the wishlist, Elastic Warp, Bend and Mesh Gradient would be great too. But lets get the basics implemented.) As much as I love Affinity Designer, I can't see myself going to 2.0 if these basic tools aren't implemented. I don't think I'm the only one.
  8. +1 for show brush cursor while painting request. Procreate, (iPad app,) shows a size accurate brush cursor outline when painting, so it can be implemented. Seeing the brush edge is invaluable for masking rather than an exercise in frustration that it currently is with AP on the iPad. Honestly, it's the one thing that keeps me from using it more.
  9. I think if the DAM emulates Adobe Bridge they would be well served. Bridge is highly customizable and is what I'm using currently. I just set it to open relevant Affinity apps instead of Adobe apps. The huge RAW downfall is that Affinity's RAW processing is set up to edit one file at a time. This isn't helpful at all for the types of shooting I do where I often need to edit multiple files similarly during the same session. I'm using Capture One Pro for this at the moment, (I've found it to be a superior processing engine vs. everything else I've tried). I'm comfortable with having a dedicated RAW processor part of my workflow, but it would be a bonus if you could batch edit RAWs with both it and Photo.
  10. D was not set by default for me either - but I made it the set to B&W option. Strange.
  11. The problem with doing a color reset is if you had selected colors there before, they're gone. It's a work around. In Photoshop if you click a mask you get black and white. When you click back onto a pixel layer you get whatever colors you had previously. It's a very small but efficient thing that helps keep work flowing.
  12. Please don't allow changes to hidden layers. Too often I've found myself painting on a hidden layer and not realizing it. Photoshop gives you a warning if you try and do so and makes you reveal the layer before any changes or marks are made. I would very much like to see this behavior replicated in Photo. Thanks for your consideration.
  13. To speed up workflow, I'd like to request a color behavior change when selecting masks. When selecting a mask, please change foreground/background colors to Black and White. When selecting back onto a pixel or image layer, revert to selected colors. This is a Photoshop behavior I miss very much and I didn't realize how much I missed it as I've spent a LOT of time trying to figure out why my mask wasn't working only to realize I was painting on the mask with a color rather than black/grey/white. Also Thanks for your consideration
  14. I just tried an Apple Magic Mouse 1 and a Logitech M705 mouse with Designer 1.8.2 and I could click to select tools, but neither one of them would activate any of the tools on the artboard. ie: grab and move an object with the move tool, add or adjust a node with the node tool, add text with the text tool. I had to use the Pencil. Even disconnecting the Pencil didn't change the behavior. iPad Pro 3 (12") iPadOS 13.4 Designer 1.8.2
  15. I haven't noticed any slowdown with AD on my 12.9 Gen 3 pro, but I do notice the UI. I'm anxiously awaiting the update if only to get my screen real estate back.
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