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  1. Sitting silent isn't how one gets changes made. Adobe has everyone over a barrel which is why a lot of people are looking for alternatives. If it bores you, why are you in the thread?
  2. Right. I would imagine it would take much less CPU/GPU processing than pushing pixels around. DrawPlus is the legacy app I was referring to.
  3. The point is that some of these tools exist in-part already in Photo. Also they existed in past legacy Serif apps. No excuse for the missing tools - especially warping.
  4. Vector Styler (VS) is in free beta for Mac and Win right now and has an insane amount of warping tools. I still prefer Affinity Designer (AD) for it's overall speed, easy to find assets, tools, UI, etc. But Affinity really need to take a look at how VS is implementing warps and distortions and take some "inspiration" from them. For workflow purposes, you can copy and paste between the two applications. (Note: sometimes font selection doesn't get carried over. Haven't found a rhyme or reason why, so it's best to send curves.) The thing to note is that VS can warp and distort groups as well as t
  5. After the 1.9 release I noticed a discrepancy between the Affinity icons on the Mac dock. Designer and Publisher have hard edge squares and photo has rounded edges like the iPad OS icon. Is this intentional? Am I crazy for noticing this? (My Designer and Photo are Mac App Store versions while Publisher is purchased from Affinity website if that matters.)
  6. @MEB is a moderator of this forum. Not sure if on dev team, but is very knowledgeable & helpful. I would guess at least employee as he does actively manage the brand here and I believe on Twitter as well.
  7. I saw the 1.9 update and immediately ran to the forum to see if they added any of this... Lots of really nice features added across all apps, but this has become a ridiculously huge glaring omission. 😐
  8. They're amazing (minus the subscription 🤮 pricing)
  9. I really enjoy the Affinity interface. It's become second nature after a few years, especially since I'm using Affinity Photo in place of PS now. I found VectorStyler via this thread and it's already got a tremendous feature set. However, while it's more intuitive than illustrator out of the gate, it's not quite as intuitive as Affinity. That and I have tons of assets and brushes I rely on keep me here. VS has a TON of features that Designer really needs to implement sooner rather than later. Being able to copy & paste between AD and VS is a huge timesaver to leverage those features Design
  10. Thanks! I know how this works though... everything is great at the start, then the gods demand a sacrifice and guess who gets thrown into the volcano?!
  11. Update: we don’t really know anything more other than they at least hear us! The person/people running their Twitter account have always been pretty responsive and pleasant.
  12. After a pint or two I built up the courage to bluntly ask this question on Affinity’s Twitter post about update and got a response that sounds promising. Fingers crossed.
  13. Side note - I give VectorStyler beta a try based on a few comments on this thread and WOW! Some of the tools in there are incredibly smooth, especially for a beta version. Liquefy brush, eraser, not to mention all of the distortion and warping one could want... all vector! Their general UI pales a bit by comparison to Affinity, but the Affinity dev's should definitely take a look at all of these options.
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