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  1. It looks like in the Beta I cannot add presets. :(
  2. When resizing or rescaling images, the boxes where one puts the numbers should clear when clicking on them. As it is now, one has to highlight the current numbers and units, the delete and type the desired numbers. This is unnecessarily tedious. Also, the units should not even be displayed in the box with the numbers, since the units have their own box. There should be a custom preset option. Many of us who print or who have web sites work much of the time with the same size images. We do not want to have to set up the dimensions from scratch for every picture. It just takes too much time and is irritatingly unnecessary. When one changes one dimension, the other dimension is not automatically displayed, unless one closes the Resize Document window and opens it again. There is no good reason for this behavior. When I type in one dimension, the other dimension should be immediately displayed. In the Resize Document window, there should be preset options for ppi (which you call erroneously dpi). Especially this eof us who print, have pip setting they favor and having to set pip for each image is just unnecessarily tedious. I would prefer the Resize Document and Resize Canvas settings to have on one and the same settings page. if someone doesn't know the difference between image size and canvas size, having the two separate is not going to help him either. If Affinity Photo is supposed to earnestly compete with the leading professional photo editing software, getting the basic features to work smoothly and conveniently should be, at least in my opinion, be the priority. Refine the feature set you have before throwing new often half-baked features at the users. I am interested in a stronger product with increased usability. Thank you for hopefully lending my complaints and suggestions an ear.
  3. I have been trying to figure out how the Text Tool works. I am not good at figuring this out by myself and really need a detailed tutorial. Among the features I have to use all the time before I can commit to switching permanently from my familiar photo editing software to Affinity Photo is most certainly the Text Tool. A Text Tool turorial would be highly appreciated.
  4. Hopefully there will be some day a filter that allows compensating for lens distortion and vignetting. Ideally with presets for various lenses.
  5. The images in question have only one layer (Background). There is nothing to flatten, so that's not it. You nention crops are non-destructive. I did not realize this. How does one undo the crop after saving a cropped image as .afphoto? But you bring up another unrelated issue I find weird and confusing: In an image that has only one layer (Background), if I choose "merge visible" I get a new layer (Pixels). I find this utterly befuddling. What is that all about?
  6. Thanks for the reply. My question is not so much about the resampling options and differences between them. I only really use bicubic of the ones offered, because it is the only one that gives me results I like. Lancos 3 results for me always in terrible harshness. My question was really more about why I have to choose a resampling option when saving an image. In no other photo editing software see an option for resampling when saving an image. Why does saving require resampling if the image is not at the same time being scaled?
  7. When saving a file in Export mode I am faced with resampling options. I have never before seen resampling options for saving a file, only when scaling a file. Can someone please elaborate?
  8. With some inagesm I cannot get the canvas size to work. Instead I get a reverse crop oa crop I have done peviously to the image. Let's say I have an image that I have cropped to my liking. Now I rescale it to 5x3.75" @300 ppi. I resize the canvas to 6x4" for convenient printing of the image with a white border. However, resizing the canvas instead uncrops the image a bit. It does not revert the crop completely and it does not revert the image size (pixels by pixels), and the canvas size does not change. Happned to 2 out of my last 5 Images. I had another person try to rule out user error. Same result in 1.3.5 and What gives?
  9. Thanks for the replies! When this is fixed for the next beta, maybe you guys can also add custom preset options to the USM? That would be great.
  10. I am unable to create a custom preset for exporting to JPG in the Export Persona in the Beta. I do get the option of naming my preset, but it never shows up in the preset list. In version 1.3.5 I can do it. Is this feature still missing in the Beta?
  11. In Affinity Photo, if I copy and paste, I would very much prefer the pasted image/selection to be pasted into the center of another file/layer by default. For example, if I paste an image onto a bigger canvas with the same aspect ratio, the image would have equally wide borders. Could this feature please be implemented?
  12. Very good, thank you! Regarding this workaround: I have no idea what a quick shape is. Is there a tutorial? Does this workaround offer any procedural advantage over creating a blank file (white background) and pasting my smaller image onto the larger background? I have noticed copy& paste does not result in the pasted image being automatically centered on the background. This would be helpful.
  13. Thanks for the response. Am I correctly presuming that a clear canvas extension prints as white?
  14. If I make the canvas size bigger than the image size in Affinity Photo, I get a checkered (clear?) canvas extension. I do this all the time when I prepare images for printing, since I want to print the whole image without any cropping. Usually I want a white canvas, but sometimes grey or black. How do I change the canvas extension color? I know how to do it in Photoshop.
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