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  1. Is there a macro available to apply a colored border before the final export? The way it will work: 1. Insert a Fill layer with maximum 2048 pixel in the longest direction while maintaining the original aspect ratio. 2. Make the image or pixel layer maximum 2000 pixel in the longest direction while maintaining the aspect ratio. 3. Apply border on the pixel layer via fx > outline. Thanks 😊
  2. I saw the exact same thing. Unfortunately I do not have the original Inkscape file.
  3. With the new 1.7 version, has there been any progress on this issue (e.g. a simpler way)?
  4. Hi All, I have an SVG file that was created/exported from Inkscape in 2015. When I open it in Affinity Designer, the rendering is not showing everything properly. Is there a way to heal/repair the SVG file? I have included both the SVG and PNG file. Thank you. [SVG and PNG image removed]
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody can share their academic conference poster template for Affinity Photo? Generally, people use Photoshop to do that, so i figured I will use Affinity to create it.
  6. Its called ''Outline'' in English version. Thank you, it worked. However, it is trimming the edge of the image. Is there a way to have the border on the outside of the image (without adding a new layer)?
  7. Hi, I was wondering how can I create a white border around my image (say, 20-pixel width). I tried the ''New Fill Layer'' option but could not make to work. Example -
  8. Is there a way to avoid this ''double resampling'' from happening?
  9. Hi, I have the same question for Affinity Photo. I have resized the document using bicubic resampling, now when I am exporting it is it getting resampled again (same bicubic)?? In simple terms, is the image getting resampled twice?
  10. Hello, Is this feature request still being considered? I would highly support adding this feature as I do scientific illustrations for academic publications and need a lot of Math equations to make using LaTeX.
  11. I have been using Affinity Designer since last week, and already became a fan! However, there are few minor features that can improve the user experience by a lot: 1. Oftentimes I have to use MS Office products and the default DPI is 96, Affinity Designer uses 72 DPI (same as Adobe) and I often have to change the DPI in Document settings, resulting in dimensions changing in mid-design. I would request to add an option to set default (startup) DPI in the Preference window (maybe in the User Interface Tab). 2. Similarly, the startup ''zoom to fit'' setting is annoying and an option can
  12. How do I measure the length of the existing scale bar? I need to first know the length in pixels, the rest is easy.
  13. Thanks for the tip, can I use Affinity Designer to crop, edit and adjust TIFF images? Or should I get Affinity Photo to do that?
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