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  1. Gotta love those power users who recommend accepting the not-quite-right work around instead of encouraging a more appropriate feature be added. -.- The "New Stack" is better than nothing, but I agree with Patrick. A simple checkbox or feature to import the stack without doing anything extra would be better. And a reasonable request. Not worrying about lost time in a professional (or personal environment) is not a reasonable request. There's no way to replenish that little commodity.
  2. NobleValerian

    Voronoi Bug

    Good news. I still don't know what exactly is causing this bug, but I can reproduce it reliably. I started out using the effect on layers the full width and height of the document, then I started doing various sizes within the document. Retracing my steps show that the issue wasn't getting worse, so much as being better revealed. The number of layers, the colors used, and shape the filter is applied to are all irrelevant. If the shape is outside the document height/width, it works properly. Whatever part of the shape is within the document borders gets an ugly black set of planes at random. Since I didn't mention this before, this is on Windows 7 Pro, 32GB Ram, Intel Processor, Nvidia Graphics., AP V1.7.1.404.
  3. NobleValerian

    Voronoi Bug

    The voronoi filter started out working fine, but it started getting worse at adding more and more black around the edges as I used it. I have no idea what is causing this, but I've restarted the program, and I'm still getting the same bad results.
  4. NobleValerian

    Export to .BMP

    Exactly, this. I'm creating an installer for a 2D game and it requires .bmp. It's all challenging enough without having to stop what I'm doing because some old standard [obviously still being used] isn't supported by Affinity. Considering how unreliable/unsafe free software can be, I don't want to have to worry about some random software with the potential for malware and corruption because Affinity isn't interested in doing something simple enough that "plenty of free tools" are giving it away at no cost. Especially when a well known competitor on the market is capable of doing it. I suppose saying it's not a priority irritates the $&@% out of me because, it's sort of obvious the feature you haven't included isn't a priority. Also, the point of requesting a feature is to suggest that it's priority level should maybe trend in an upward direction. BTW, I already owned Sketchbook Pro which is capable of exporting to bmp, and Krita (free) is also capable of exporting to bmp.
  5. The update still resets the interface, which is not desirable.
  6. Just had the same experience. It's frustrating to have to set everything up *again*.
  7. Having a similar problem at the moment. Having trouble finding a solution a year later.
  8. NobleValerian

    Update to Photo 1.5.2 and Designer 1.5.3

    I saw that the first time, it looked like a couple panels were opened that I didn't need, but it only happened the first time I opened Photo.
  9. The irony of expecting this in a vector tool is that I was generally more happy with the way Photoshop would convert selections into vector shapes. I was usually able to achieve acceptable results with that, and usually with only minor tweaking. Just had to make good selections.
  10. Yeah, I've given Inkscape a try in the past. I actually found some fairly recent web based tools that gave me better results than Inkscape did, but I wouldn't say that makes the task trivial still. Those weren't stellar results either, just better.
  11. NobleValerian


    But does it help a user who sees this thread and not another, indicating that, "No, the topic isn't dead, we're still waiting, and you're not alone in asking."? I assume the reason so many exist is probably they weren't tagged, or tagged well, though it's always possible the poster didn't look for an existing. I've looked for a specific issue a few times, just to later be pointed to a thread that didn't come up in my searches. So maybe having a way to move these to the original topic that best fits the issue would help, at least my user experience.
  12. NobleValerian

    Save Workspace

    Well, that's almost not fair, Blender is like a digital Super-Software. But yeah, like 9 workspaces by default, I believe based on user habits from the people who actually work on the open projects?
  13. Yeah, even after the last update things are [almost] exactly the same, which is nice. However, I also think the workflow habits is a great point. Especially if you consider a person may not own both Photo and Designer. If I'm working on photo retouching, it's almost a completely different UI layout then I'd like while working on a text/graphical project. And I own designer, but if it's work I can do in Photo, I'd still much rather click over to my other saved workspace than open another program. I had the same thing going on with Adobe, I could get away with quite a lot of vector in Photoshop, and I would avoid Illustrator as much as possible (mostly because I really kinda hated working in Illustrator, to be honest - and kudos there, because I love playing with Designer!).
  14. NobleValerian

    Update to Photo 1.5.2 and Designer 1.5.3

    Cool, thank you.
  15. I just updated, but I'm unable to find any place that lists the benefits (or damage) this update brings to the software. Thanks.