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  1. It took 20 minutes to extract the update, then, less than 1 minute for installation.
  2. I am working on an interactive book, which will be available in print and in digital formats, and for the digital version to be truly interactive, I would need its text links to lead to specific parts of the book. Would it be possible to add such an option directly in Publisher's interface in future versions?
  3. Thanks! It's not the easiest way to create a TOC, but it does work. I also noticed that a new TOC style is created each time a new TOC is generated. I am trying to have a TOC with dots in Tab Stops, but each time I am creating a new TOC, the Tab Stops are reset. Is there a way to create a TOC style, and have it be the TOC style by default for every new TOC, instead of having a new style generated for each TOC?
  4. OK. I have a chapter titled "CHAPTER". I need to create a TOC with chapters titled "Chapter". Is it possible to do this with a TOC Style?
  5. On another subject: is there a way to have a TOC Style with Initial Cap only (like in the word "Cap")?
  6. Thanks! I finally found out how to do it using the Designer Help.
  7. I actually have some trouble accessing the online help. Here is an image of what I have (in French, sorry).
  8. Yes. What I don't know, is how to put text styles in a group styles. I see it's possible, but I don't understand how it happens.
  9. I meant "Text styles", but you seem to have answered the question. I know how to create Group Styles, and I did group a few styles by mistakes. The thing is I don't really know how I did it (beside creating a group style based on an existing text style), nor the logic of it. Is there a way to create a group style so that all my customized text styles are in it? Can I do this for character styles and paragraphs styles separately? Is there a way to create subgroups inside a group?
  10. Here is a screenshot of what I have. Is there a way to create a folder or a new category to put specific styles in it?
  11. For now, I am only using Publisher to paste text I already created in a text processing application, but it would be easier if I could create the text directly in Publisher. For this, I would need a text processing environment directly in Publisher, like in Adobe PageMaker. Is it possible to implement such a function in a future release?
  12. I am trying to sort the styles I created, group my own styles, and separate them from the default ones, but I don't seem to understand the logic behind it. Is there a way to create a Styles folder and put styles into this folder in the Styles tab, for example?
  13. I have been trying this with the newest version of Publisher, and managed to select a frame, and create a Text style. It looks like the new Text style is a copy of this frame's Text style. I am trying to grab it and put it onto another frame, but nothing happens.
  14. Is it possible to set the Top Align, Center Vertically, Bottom Align and Justify Vertically options in a Text Style?