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  1. Hi there, Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I am using a Mac so even if Page Plus was still being sold, it wouldn't work on my computer. I'm looking into some PDF specific programs such as acrobat to see if I can find a work around as I really enjoy Affinity Publisher.
  2. I've been trying to find a way to create a fillable form using Affinity Publisher and haven't been able to find anything. As I create a lot of PDFs that are intended to be filled out by other people (invitations, applications, resumes etc). I would like to be able to make certain fields editable; for people to change names, dates etc. Is this something that will be coming to Publisher at any point? If not, are there any third party programs that would allow me to create a file in Affinity Publisher and then make it editable/interactive so I can still do my work?
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