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  1. For anyone coming here from Google: The setting has landed in meantime, check out "Settings" > "Surface" Uncheck the box "Define Font Size in points". (Translated from German, the strings might differ..)
  2. The symbols feature are so powerful, but becomes unmanagable when the library growed. Please, please, please add the same options we already have for assets!
  3. @NotMyFault thank you so much for the detailed explanation! Okay, i think only @MEB is able to tell us if its a bug or the expected behavior. But yeah, I got my expected result. Thanks to all of you!
  4. Na dann, Moin nach Hamburg Ich schreibe trotzdem mal weiter Englisch.. wer weiƟ, wem es irgendwann mal hilft. Okay, got your point. I had set a white background to the Artboard, but the transparency 'issues' only appear (in the "Preview") if I set a white background to the "Section X"-Group too. This seems logical.. Artboards and its styles aren't exported, because they are just layout/helper-elements. So far, so good. But what's still none intuitive to me, is that the "Waved"-shape has a solid white background (the "Rect"-shape also have a light-blue solid background), which is removed/entirely replaced by the layer-style-gradient after the export. Adding the layer a second time, with just a solid white background, still feels like a bad workaround. If I change the shape, I have to duplicate it again.. etc. So the question here is: Is this the expected behavior? Layer-Styles/Effects overriding shape colors, that's fine, but shouldn't it be possible to set the shape color AND use a (partly) transparent layer-style-gradient on it without losing the shape-color? Seems more intuitive to me, doesn't it? Layers (for context):
  5. Hi, I could, but it happened to each format I've tried (PNG, JPEG, TIFF).. so I think this is useless? Also tried with Publisher & Designer, all export settings should be default, here is the PNG Export settings: Thx, but as I mentioned above, I have already found this workaround. The point here is: The export differs from the "preview", the shape has a solid background color. That was also my first thought, but I already know this pitfall So, yes, transparancy is alreay turned on. Sure, it's Windows 10 21H1 and Affinity Designer Tried different export formats: PNG, JPEG & TIFF - pretty much the same issue on all of these (JPEG & TIFF attached) PS: Sorry for the German UI, hopefully it is still helpful. affinity_test_background_issue645654654.tiff
  6. I've set a gradient layer effect on these shapes (solid color to ~90% transparent color) + blue/white color for the shape. Looks right in the preview, but it's not exported like this. Sure, the layer (background-color-)styles overriding the shape color, regular behavior. But if a (partly) transparent gradient is set as layer style, the shape background should be visible? I've found two workarounds: 1. add a copy of the shapes, with just the shape-color and move it behind the original layer 2. Rasterize the shapes (including the styles) before the export This is how it looks in Affinity Designer: This is how it looks after the export: Afdesign file attached! affinity_test_background_issue.afdesign
  7. +1 for this, I have to go into the SVG code for each exported SVG Icon, really, really annoying and time consuming.
  8. +1 This would be great, SVG Support is one of the last pain points I have with Affinity Designer. Duplicate Issue:
  9. Same here, i've replaced the font-family for the Basis/Foundation style (translated from German) what is inherited from all other styles but nothing happened till i restarted Publisher.
  10. @Alex M Yeah, I thought about it. I've tried those synced symbol stuff in the past, it was damn buggy at this point. But that's kinda long ago, so thanks for the advice, I'll give it another shot! I agree, it's freaking amazing, you'll never get a better tool set, especially for this price. --- However, if someone sticks with master pages, I just figured they have very helpful settings (just open your content page, right click the master-page-layer and hit settings). In the upcoming dialog (screenshot attached) you are able to control the alignment, so the for example the footer sticks to the bottom of the page, even if you resize it.
  11. Tried this as well, works pretty good! There are other benefits though, various typo functions are working on web too (floating texts around vector forms, text columns, ...). And as you already said, switching to the Designer and Photo UI on the fly is just amazing. The only thing that's really annoying to me so far, is changing the size of the pages, i love the Artboards in Designer, to have different page mockups next each other, its super comfortable to expand the height. In Publisher the only way to do this, is to change the pixel height of the layout page? Naming the pages would also a nice thing.
  12. Really confusing default behavior. Wouldn't it be helpful to let this magic "assistant" thing rasterize the image layer if a selection is present and the user uses copy or cut? Powerusers will get the assistant message, so they're aware of what has happened and novice users doesn't run into this problem.
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