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  1. HeiligerBimBam

    Panel - fixed size setting?

    Same here, thats very annoying, my layers panel is way to flat.. endless scrolling Maybe i should consider to rotate my monitor === Update === If i create a second sidebar i am able to drag the height of the panels!
  2. HeiligerBimBam

    Pen mode

    +1 I've tried to draw with the Surface pen.. it's working.. but that's all. The additional pen keys are not supported and if i lay down my hand on the display i get unwanted drawings. So a pen mode would be very nice, so drawings can just be done only with the pen. Only pinch zoom, roatate, etc. should be available with touch gestures.
  3. HA! It works! Thank you so much guys!
  4. (Split by mod from here) I love Affinity Designer, but coming from illustrator this feature really suck. I have multiple layers, select them all and at last i mark the layer to substract from. In AD it doesnt work as i expect so damn often and i still don't know how to get the behavoir i want. Tried to change the layer order.. and things, but it feels like a random behavoir to me. Copied it to illustrator .. 3 clicks - done. Really frustrating Example attached, this happens even if i try to substract every single letter.