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  1. incredible! what a difference 1% can make. Thanks a million!
  2. Hi Walt, thanks for the quick reply! it just does not mix colours, it can paint, but that's not what I want.
  3. It's just not working reinstalled photo v2 I'm using a MacBook Pro with MacOS 10.15.7 with 16Gb and a SSD 2Tb with plenty of space. On my iPad pro it works like a charm. Thanks, Onno
  4. more or less the same here: crash on opening files. In different ways: opening by double clicking the file, dragging it to the menubar on the publisher icon, from within publisher when choosing open... Latest version 1.9.3 Mac os 10.14.6
  5. Hi doug-life, You mean to say there's no difference between 'bilinear' and 'nearest neighbour' ? Good to know. Since your output's going to be quite big (4.5m x 0.9m roughly) you may ask yourself if png-format is right for this job. Is is for print on paper? what will be the viewing distance? etc. A tif maybe more practical. Will you be printing yourself? I'm not certain that png is meant for really big output and my old PS CS4 has difficulties with it, PS CC does not AFAIK. Good luck, Onno
  6. Hi doug-life, (and Schmu) Your artboard is set to 300x60 pixels which amounts to 2,54cm x 0,51cm @ 300dpi. In vector you won't see pixels but in PNG you will. My suggestions would be, depending on your output (size)needs: 1 in AD check all layers and shapes: Layers > cogwheel > coverage map: make it a horizontal line at the top. This provides clean sharp edges. 2 set your artboard to the real world output size in cm or inches. make sure the document setup is @300dpi, don't forget to scale the artwork as well. 3 in export persona when choosing PNG set the 'pixel format' to 'use document format'. For resampling I always use 'nearest neighbour' so colours stay clean and unmixed. with a size of like 25,4cm by 5,08cm your output @300dpi will be 3000x600 pixels. Hope this is of use
  7. Not able to open a tif, either Photoshop made or AP. Not when creating a new file and then 'open', not when dragging a file to the dock icon. Not when going to 'open...' Opening a regular APhoto file works and I'm warned about the beta status. When opening a pdf it works like normal. A png as well. AP beta 1.8.0 163 on 2 different computers (MacBook Pro, Mac mini on 10.14.6 Mojave)
  8. sorry, I had the impression I was on the beta forum Yes i meant the beta version Thanks Mark
  9. Unable to open a tif, either Photoshop made or AP. Not when creating a new file and then 'open', not when dragging a file to the dock icon. Not when going to 'open...' Opening a regular APhoto file works and I'm warned about the beta status. When opening a pdf it works like normal. A png also.
  10. Hi, It is about working on bitmap raster images with spot colours. It has nothing to do with any zoom factor. I use Designer as much as Photo among others for the use of fills in vector shapes and for vector designs (forgot to mention before), but the input and output should be clean. I design for interior textiles, output is e.g. screenprint and jacquard weaving, so the amount of colours is limited. (Digitally printed fabric has no colour limitations) As mentioned and seen in a different post elsewhere on the forum, it would be great if you could set these and other preferences before creating a document. So that all you do would behave in the same manner by default, depending on your needs.
  11. Hi, This is feature request for having non-antialiased clean edges by default. Currently it is the other way round, it would be nice to have the option to choose in Preferences. Like in Photoshop you can set to use Nearest Neighbour by default or Bilinear, Bicubic etc. which will then apply to everything you work on. Especially when importing traced images from illustrator I have to select all paths and adjust the Coverage Map manually. Shift-select rows of paths in different groups is not fun. When applying bitmap fills it is the same. Fills are awesome btw! But you have to make sure the bitmaps from Photo are clean and set the fill in Designer to nearest neighbour as well. A lot of work to get clean output, suitable for spot colours, no rasterisation. If you somehow forget or miss an item, you'll lose a lot of time. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, For an image file browser I use an old legacy Mac (2010/2011) app called gBrowser to be found at Macupdate. I'm still holding on to Mojave, I don't know if it will work on Catalina. gBrowser gives very good previews of Affinity files. It has the much sought-after column/tree view like in Adobe Bridge - but then with the good Affinity previews. It's actually based on a open source software.
  13. Hi Sean, In spite of the latest version of AD which I just installed it happens again, but now more frequently. I'd like to attach a file. But is there a way to keep it a little more private? I'm working on something for a client. best, Onno
  14. Hi Sean, Actually i cannot reproduce it myself either at this moment. I'm afraid I can't share the file with you, because it is client work. I tried a new file in the same manner, but no crash here. Let me get back to you as soon as I have something more substantial Thanks, Onno
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