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  1. If don't like it then just check the do not show this again checkbox. I do not see a reason to add functionality to an optional welcome screen. Its not that hard from programming side and can be useful.
  2. Make the welcome screen welcoming for both new and experienced users. Make it possible to open saved documents and recent files as well as download cool images and create new files.
  3. There is a mac version of an image with all shortcuts on it but I can't seem to find a windows version, does it exist? If not it would be great if it would :/
  4. Cursor appears in 2 places: Where I last clicked with mouse and where my stylus is. I can move the stylus around and one of them will move but the glitched cursor will stay where my mouse was. This leads to problems with color picking or just drawing. I would share a flv or mp4 (mp4 crappiest quality ever. flv is good) recording of it but the website refuses to upload them even though they are 2 mb or so.
  5. I worked for a few more days and it seems not to be of a concern. My only problem with color picker which persists is it selects weird colors (I try to select dark red and instead I get grey even though I did not use grey anywhere) HSB adjusters are ok except for Hue one. Hue tends to refuse to move for some reason.
  6. Thank you for your responses guys. I am sorry for not being clear - I cannot figure out how to paint over with transparent color? I work quite a bit with transparent background and I cannot seem to figure out how to paint over with transparent instead of background color (selecting white circle with red line over does not help to paint over). Making a clipping mask and hiding stuff with black does work but thats annoying. :/ Eraser seems to do the trick but it is annoying as it does not erase pixel straight away.
  7. When I use mouse eye dropper works perfect, however when I am using my tablet wacom cth-480 the eye dropper only registers 75% of the time with 25% of the time having completely wrong color. The problems seems to happen when I lift the pen from the tablet and the program does not see/register this properly even though I am still pressing alt button. I have no problems with this tablet in other programs including mischief, sketchbook pro 7 and photoshop cs2.
  8. I am trying to make a sprite using pixel art. However, it is very difficult to erase one pixel only as eraser damages pixels around and it takes multiple strokes to erase pixel. This leads to surrounding pixels having lighter colors when they shouldn't and I find myself frustrated redoing my work over and over again every time when I screw up. Is there a way to paint nothing? I know that you can pain over a bad pixel with white for example to fix a mistake however in this case pixel has to be empty and I can't seem to be able to find a way to do that. Thanks for your time. Any suggestions could help!
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