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  1. Hi, Photo 1.9 is there and I'm still unable to save my workspace and to manage multiple workspaces. Or did I miss something ? Photo is the only application that I'm using.
  2. If I remember well, in earlier versions, AP was using Exiftool to read Exif info from the loaded file but it seems that they are now using their own code.
  3. Yes, in this case, PS embeds the profile. But if you strip the profile out, AP will display wrong colors, even if the sRGB tag is still there. In order to strip the profile out, you can use Image Magick on the command line : magick <original_filename> -strip <stripped_file_name>
  4. DxO Photolab 4. DPL 4 (and previous versions) doesn't embed the ICC profile when exporting as sRGB. Which is legitimate, according to the W3C/ICC recommendations. Most applications behaves correctly in this case, AP obviously has a problem. You can check whether an ICC profile is embedded with this Exiftool command : exiftool -icc_profile:* filename
  5. Hi, The file is available here : https://www.dropbox.com/s/vim1efzta4uhxm6/Color_issue.tif?dl=0 It's just an example. Prophoto. The file was not created in PS, though. However, I made another test. I opened the original RAW file in PS and exported it as sRGB/TIFF (the sRGB profile was embedded). There was no color shift when opening it in AP. Then, I stripped the profile out (the sRGB tag still being there) and re-opened the file in AP. The color problem was back. But PS is also just an example. Whatever the application into which I load this file, there's no color problem. I can open it in Paint, Paint.net, Silkypix Developer Studio, Lightroom, FastStone Image Viewer, Windows Image Viewer or any other image handling application or color managed browser, the colors are correctly displayed. Only AP appears to be disturbed by the lack of an embedded profile. Normally, when no profile is embedded, sRGB should be assumed (especially when the file is tagged as sRGB).
  6. Hi, Assuming I'm trying to load in AP TIFF files that are tagged as sRGB but with no embedded profile. My AP working color space is ROMM RGB (Prophoto). In that case, the sRGB profile should be assumed (W3C/ICC). But AP is obviously displaying the wrong oversaturated colors. If I change the working color space to sRGB, there's no problem. I'm not aware of any other application having this problem. All the image handling applications/viewers/browsers I'm using are displaying these files with the correct colors. Attached are the AP version and the PS version (same file, correct colors). I get the same result with all other applications/viewers/browsers as in PS. Same result if I disable the “Convert opened files to working space” option.
  7. Hallo, Affinity Photo - Das umfassende Handbuch by Frank Treichler (Rheinwerk Design). Wie gesagt, wirklich umfassend, . I didn't find any other book that is as comprehensive as this one. https://www.rheinwerk-verlag.de/affinity-photo-das-umfassende-handbuch/ You can re-check your german skills with a PDF "Leserprobe". Not a real problem. If you master the everyday language, I guess you'll not have much difficulties. Well, OK, German is my second language after French.
  8. Thanks. I'm aware of this option and I do want that the opened file be converted to my preferred working space. But I also want to know what's the original embedded profile without having to resort to another software. Sometimes, we have to work with files that we have not created ourselves.
  9. Hi Kirkt, The information you mentioned appears to be the working color space, not the original embedded profile of the loaded file. Am I wrong ? If I load a file with the sRGB profile embedded and if my working color space in AP is Prophoto, AP shows Prophoto, which is correct but this is not the information I'd like to access from AP.
  10. Hi, I couldn't find any way to determine the embedded profile of an image loaded in AP. I can see whether it has been converted to the working profile or if the image had no embedded profile but if there was an embedded profile, I can't determine which one from AP. Did I miss something ? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I you have a backup of your system disk, you should have a look there : I described where the workspace is stored. So, you can restore it from your backup.
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