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  1. Hi, This has been already discussed here and elsewhere and it seems that many users are missing this feature that is really simple to implement since the code for saving the workspace workspace already exists in AP. Just a few buttons and/or menus are missing in the UI, plus a naming mechanism. I'm not aware of any major image editing software not allowing this.
  2. Samoreen

    How to update

    If I go to the Affinity Store, open my account and go to the Download and Product Keys page, the proposed download is So I installed it. Nothing on this page is telling me that it is a beta version. If I open the About box, it says and it doesn't tell me either that it's a beta version. I have a firewall but it never has been in the way when it comes to update downloads. All my apps are updating normally. Should I open a specific port ? All of this is very, very confusing.
  3. Samoreen

    How to update

    That's the problem I'm describing : this never happened. I'm not talking about version 1.6.3 (I understand it's not fully released) but about previous versions.
  4. Samoreen

    How to update

    Hi, I'm still unclear about how to update Affinity Photo for Windows. When I first asked this question last year, I have been told that the program was supposed to update itself (or propose the download when a new version was available). It never did so. Also, the program doesn't have any "Check for update..." command like any other application. It should. If for some reason, the automatic check/download doesn't work, one should be able to force the update check. What did I miss ? Thanks in advance.
  5. Ah OK, I missed this. This is even more confusing .
  6. Hi, Yet another evidence that we need separate forums for AP and AD. These permanent mix-ups just create confusion and loss of time. [sorry for the off-topic post but when the topic title is wrong... unless I'm unaware of a new 1.6.2 version for AP] See
  7. Samoreen

    AP 1.6 : workspace destroyed after update

    With all due respect, I guess that you will always have something to do that has higher priority than the implementation of the workspace feature (although it has been requested since a long time). I name this the "Adobe syndrome" (they have exactly the same reasoning). The net result is that problems listed at the bottom of the priority list are never fixed as long as the maintenance team works with a top down approach, At least one developer from the team should work bottom up to give such problems a chance to be fixed OR the time the problem has been listed should be taken into account to increase the priority level. Anyway, all serious applications using multiple tool windows that I'm aware of implement a workspace saving mechanism. It's easy to program and wouldn't take much time. See above. Now that Affinity Photo has become a credible alternative to Photoshop CC for photographers, persisting in not implementing this feature would appear rather strange.
  8. Samoreen

    AP 1.6 : workspace destroyed after update

    OK. Since it seems that we'll not get more information about this issue, I'd like to suggest to those really needing this feature a (quick and dirty) way to manually save and activate your different workspaces. Let's assume that you want to work with 3 different workspaces. 1. Your current workspace is stored in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces\Photo. 2. In Windows Explorer, go to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces and make 3 copies of the Photo folder. Name them say Photo1, Photo2 and Photo3. The contents of these 4 folders now describe the same workspace layout. 3. Now move the Photo folder to a safe place (for backup) and rename Photo1 to Photo. Re-launch Affinity. Since Photo1 was a copy of Photo, your workspace is unchanged. Make the changes you want for your first workspace (if any - since it was your current workspace, you may decide not to change anything in this layout) and quit AP. Your first workspace is saved in Photo. Rename Photo to Photo1. 4. Repeat step #3 for Photo2 and Photo3. 5. You no longer have any Photo folder in Workspaces. Make a copy of the Photox workspace that you want to activate (say Photo2) and rename it to Photo. You now have 4 folders : Photo, Photo1, Photo2 and Photo3. Re-launch AP. The Photo2 workspace is used. From now on, the workspace that will be applied upon AP startup is the one named Photo. Of course, renaming these files and re-launching AP each time you want to load another workspace is awkward. But you could have a shortcut (actually 3 shortcuts) on your desktop launching a .bat or .cmd file that does the necessary copy job. If you want to activate say, the third workspace, the .bat file just has to run the following commands : c: cd Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces xcopy Photo3 Photo /E /I /Y then re-launch AP. So we can see that indeed, the workspace saving mechanism exists but we have no user interface element allowing to trigger it. Strange. We just need a menu presenting the various Photox folders, allowing to load the selected one or to save the current one under the name specified by the user.
  9. Samoreen

    AP 1.6 : workspace destroyed after update

    I know that INI files are now things of the past. I just wanted to point out that coding this feature is extremely easy and doesn't require any sophisticated design. Now, if you don't want to implement it, the installer should at least automatically make a backup of that (unspecified) file in AppData and notify the user where that file has been stored.
  10. Samoreen

    AP 1.6 : workspace destroyed after update

    Ahem! Please. I have already programmed this kind of feature. This can be coded within a few hours at most. Now you'll have to spend time anyway in order to find the installation bug that is destroying the existing workspace. I guess this will re-appear with the next update... - Enumerate all opened windows - Collect dimensions and locations - Prompt for a workspace name - Store everything to the registry, an INI file or whatever - That's it. This is certainly not risky programming.
  11. Samoreen

    AP 1.6 : workspace destroyed after update

    So, it's a bug. The loss of the existing workspace could have been repaired if the request about saving workspaces had been fulfilled. I'm really wondering why this is so hard to implement after so many user requests and so many time. This is beyond me...
  12. Hi, Version 1.6 is here and still no way to save workspaces (unless I missed something obvious). Moreover, the update destroyed my existing workspace layout. I do appreciate.
  13. Hi, Updating to AP 1.6 destroyed my workspace. Now I have to rebuild it from scratch. Thanks a lot. Things would be easier if we had a way to save and reload our workspaces. This is an old request but it is still ignored. All similar programs have a way to save multiple workspaces. Why not in AP ? The answers given until now to this request have been ridiculous, to say the least. It's a pity because AP is a very powerful program. Why not implement this so usual feature that is so easy to program ? I can't understand this.
  14. Hence the need to have a "Save workspace feature" as discussed here : https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31181-ap-for-windows-saving-workspace/ Unfortunately still not present in version 1.5.2 .