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  1. Hi Frank, I'm not sure that your problem is directly related to the need to save different workspaces under a specific name. I do use a dual display configuration with a specific panels layout on my secondary display and this layout is maintained over sessions or whenever I open a new file (ahem, I have to be more accurate here : until now, installing a new version of AFP has always broken my layout). Anyway, I do not have the problem that you describe, at least under Windows. Are you using a Mac ? If you are using Windows, your current workspace should be stored in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces\Photo when terminating AFP. You can check this by looking at the time stamp of the 3 files stored in that folder. These files will be reloaded when launching AFP. If the timestamp doesn't change when you quit AFP, then it is probably because it could not write to that folder. This could a permission issue.
  2. Well, kind of. Maybe a mix of all these. In one of the above mentioned threads, the Project Manager answered that he wanted to give a higher priority to more important features. However, as I explained, adding this workspace management feature wouldn't take much time. The workspace saving and reading code is already written. What is missing is just a naming mechanism and a few menu items. This can be written in a few hours, if not minutes. So I don't understand this stubborn attitude. It would be so easy to make many users happier with a feature that is available in any other similar software. MfG.
  3. Hi, Please see these threads and possibly add your votes there :
  4. Samoreen

    Scratch Disk

    Hi, I second this. Usually, software needing to create big temporary files and taking care of the user's system disk (especially when it's an SSD) allow to specify a folder located on another partition. AF Photo is a good software but things that seem obvious for other similar software and that are really simple to implement (like a workspace manager and a user defined scratch folder) are merely ignored. This is strange. @George, It seems that AF Photo creates its scratch files in the folder pointed to by the TMP or TEMP user environment variable. I always set these variables to a folder located outside of the system disk.
  5. The 1.7.1update has again broken my workspace and this time, restoring a backup of the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces\Photo folder didn't help. Mainly because the customized dimensions of the tool palettes don't seem to be interpreted the same way in this version. Also, the state of the palettes was not correctly restored. Rebuilding again... This is slowly becoming rather annoying. NB : on my system, the tool palettes are displayed on the secondary monitor which doesn't have the same resolution as the main display. You said it. The routine saving the workspace to a file is already written. What is missing is merely a naming mechanism and a menu allowing to save different workspaces to different files. Since there is obviously something to fix in that mechanism, you can take this opportunity to also add the necessary workspace management code which can be written in minutes. Or copy it from the older Photoplus.
  6. Interesting. I didn't get this update notification.
  7. > i can get this moved over to Feature Requests OK. Thanks. This would make this behavior consistent with what happens in the Photo Persona.
  8. Actually, given the current behavior, the checkboxes are fully superfluous and rather misleading.
  9. Hi, Let's take an example to illustrate the problem... I have opened a RAW file and clicked on Exposure in order to adjust it. The sub-panel opens and the checkbox on the left of Exposure is enabled. OK. I made some changes and now I want to fold that sub-panel to make room for other sub-panels. I click again on Exposure. Problem : the Exposure sub-panel is folded but my settings are also disabled at the same time. If I want to keep my settings active, I have to keep the sub-panel open. Same problem with the Effects panel in the Photo Persona [Wrong : actually the sub-panels in the Develop Persona should behave like the Effects panel in the Photo Persona : I can fold it without disabling the settings]. This just doesn't make sense. Once my settings are OK, I don't need to see them all the time. Also, I may want to enable/disable them without making any change. Bug or is it by design ? In both cases, a fix is needed. Thanks. [Using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit with AP 1.7]
  10. Nothing new about this in version 1.7. Sigh ! Well, maybe in version 1.8 next year ? As I already explained (see here), adding this feature would take a few hours of coding at most (for a slow developer).
  11. Samoreen

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.7.0

    Hi, Thanks for the nice enhancements. However, sorry to see that the request about workspace management discussed in the threads mentioned below has been again ignored. Moreover, my workspace has been again destroyed during the upgrade. Since this already happened during the 2 preceding upgrades, I had a backup of C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\Affinity\Photo\1.0\Workspaces\Photo.
  12. Hi, This has been already discussed here and elsewhere and it seems that many users are missing this feature that is really simple to implement since the code for saving the workspace workspace already exists in AP. Just a few buttons and/or menus are missing in the UI, plus a naming mechanism. I'm not aware of any major image editing software not allowing this.
  13. Samoreen

    How to update

    If I go to the Affinity Store, open my account and go to the Download and Product Keys page, the proposed download is So I installed it. Nothing on this page is telling me that it is a beta version. If I open the About box, it says and it doesn't tell me either that it's a beta version. I have a firewall but it never has been in the way when it comes to update downloads. All my apps are updating normally. Should I open a specific port ? All of this is very, very confusing.
  14. Samoreen

    How to update

    That's the problem I'm describing : this never happened. I'm not talking about version 1.6.3 (I understand it's not fully released) but about previous versions.