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  1. The CYMK in CSP Pro is very strange. I made colors for comics for an editor who asked for no black in the colors. In CYMK, I use color sliders to get 0% of black. But you pick a dark color created this way and paint, you can see in color sliders that the color contains black ! So I cannot trust at all CYMK for this usage. I will have a look at CSP Ex. @SrPx I am very confident about my computer as I take care of it. I don’t meet this memory problem with Corel Painter I just tested.
  2. Hello, I’m not a industry pro and I bought CSP and Affinity Photo. I usually color scanned drawings (ink or pencil) and I work in A3 "big" size (I am a comics artist and a page can be 50 cm big) . With my old gamer PC 8Go Ram, Affinity has big problems to manage such a size in 300dpi. CSP has better management of memory. And I think CSP is very ergonomic and you can customize a lot of tools and shortcut (the selection tools are the best I met). But CSP does not manage CYMK and it’s something I need for professional printing. And for some reason, I prefer Daum brushes in Affinity Photo.
  3. I have several shuts down using Daub brushes. Well, it always have shuts down as I mainly use Daub brushes. Win 10 64 bits.

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