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  1. the panels don't obey my scripting commands in autoit or ahk... possibly I'm not a good enough script writer... I'll do my best to not convey my frustration again... perhaps I just failed at that too. this is just not the way you guys are supposed to be 'killin it'.
  2. Thanks Chris, the panels have minds of their own it seems, I've found it's a lot more than just not remembering positions, they restore to unpredictable sizes, and when you attempt to move them they will snap to a another unpredictable size, sometimes the height of the panels stretches out to twice the height of my monitor for a super long window that I have to adjust from the top down a couple times before its borders are all back on a single height monitor. If the panels have multiple groups like you see in my pic then changes made to one doesn't affect the other and when you straighte
  3. yes, multiple monitors. some are docked together but all are floating and grouped on secondary monitor.
  4. This is happening on every instance, I load up and have to rearrange windows before I can start work. using the latest version, running win10 x64 home, this worked in the past and I'm running no unusual hardware. I checked conflicting programs.. please let us have a snapshot function. this would solve so many issues.
  5. As to Mendo's issue, I can confirm this is happening on as well. as soon as I put the style on the third object in that mode (RGB 32/HDR) artifacts appear.
  6. Thanks for the prompt update! tho I'm a bit reluctant to try it because I'm still restoring lost hotkeys after the last update failed to load backups. Could someone report on this please?
  7. I'm using the latest release. Reproducing it is hard, for several days I've tried to put my finger on what's doing it, the hang seems random, I'll continue to keep an eye on it. It happens on any project/document, new or old, small or large. I'm running Windows 10 home x64. Sometimes when I exit the AP the process hangs with 0 megs, gigs or bytes of ram being used. Watching my ram meter then doesn't let me know it's still alive. The only way that I know is by: check Device Manager and looking for the process, or by attempting to load a new instance, in which ca
  8. yes, it wipes them, also refuses to restore backup files made by Affinity itself. How did this escape beta testing?! this is the very first thing anyone who uses Affinity would do, no???
  9. so... .any ideas why my shortcuts backup fails to load my shortcuts? I kept regular backups of those - because - I have - SO many.... had so many. oh, and also I cannot even read my backup file because it's binary. I feel a bit like my avatar looks
  10. This whole thread is just a crazy mess and should have a disclaimer posted by a moderator at the beginning. I've lost work, discovered my own workarounds, discovered that other people have too, wasted my time reading this mess (but thanks to the people who understand the problem and aren't just posting a blind fanboi defense to something they either haven't noticed or don't care to acknowledge), I've ignored a user and again wasted time and work again and again. I'm frustrated and angry. and once AGAIN I've stopped my work to research yet another quirk of Affinity workflow. I find it a
  11. Has this been implemented yet? this thread is from 2014... it takes 5 years to add a small feature??
  12. You're definitely not the only one annoyed by this. I find it wayyy more annoying than even this 3.5 year necro. Affinity, you're amazing, but do you really need to be this un-intuitive?
  13. this. straight line pixel drawing is of major importance for me. so many times in the last couple of weeks with AP it's taken hours extra what used to cost me minutes in PS. AP has a lot going for it but there's so many niggling little things to bang your head against that it makes looking for something better (or god-for-f'ing-bid going back to PS) seem attractive. no matter what the cost
  14. Oops, yes +1 Affinity can only be made better by giving US a few extra formats!
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