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  1. /bump my own thread on this subject. Still a deal-breaker for me. Bought Affinity some time ago as it showed great promise. There have been massive improvements but my transition to Affinity Photo is on hold until this functionality (which every other competing package, commercial or free has) is implemented.
  2. /bump Sigh, 18 months after raising this issue with Serif and despite a large number of people here telling them that the lack of this functionality is a deal-breaker when it comes to AP being a viable replacement for illustrative purposes to Photoshop, there's still no sign that will be implemented and worse, no acknowledgement by Serif of the problem. Hell, even Krita and a new kid of the block Rebelle this functionality even if their implement differs to that of Photoshop. If you don't want or are unable to implement Adobe's solution due to issues of copyright then at least look at how Krita and Rebelle implement a straight line tool with the capacity to constraint the line to the horizontal and vertical. I implore Serif to investigate the solutions in these packages and implement something that permits this. Here are some suggestions - *Alt-Shift Click to constrain a straight line to the horizontal or vertical *A dedicated straight line tool a la Krita with Shift providing the ability to constrain it to the horizontal and vertical *Holding shift brings up a guide where the angle of the line can be set and Shift locks it to the horizontal and vertical. Serif, despite your apparent obstinance, there's a very good reason that every one of your free and commercial competitors offer this functionality. It's because it's immensely useful to indispensable for some workflows. I'm pleased with the improvements in the latest version. The Brush tool is vastly improved in terms of speed and responsiveness however, I still haven't made the transition and find myself using my old orphaned CS5 Photoshop and Krita while Photo languishes. The lack of this feature prevents me from recommended Photo unreservedly to other illustrators/visualisers.
  3. My suggestion would be this. Retain the existing functionality within AP with the brush tool whilst holding SHIFT but add an ALT+SHIFT option that constrains the straight line to the horizontal and vertical as found in Photoshop and as mhackey describes. Users can always remap the shortcuts if they choose. A dedicated line tool a la Krita would be nice also.
  4. Apologies for not responding. I've been busy with work and regrettably my transition to AP has been put on hold. My experience is that it is with all brushes frankly. There just isn't the immediacy with the brush tool that there is with Photoshop or even with Krita, which generally is very pleasant to use. I'll trial it again and if I have examples to show, I'll post them. Generally it occurs with swift brush strokes and with tight freehand circles or arcs. The pressure sensitivity when starting a stroke will at times disappear. The problem seems to worsen over time as Photo begins to rapidly get more sluggish. I look forward to seeing what improvements come with future versions as the potential is great but for any task that relies heavily on the brush tool and a stylus (in this case a Wacom Cintiq) I'm been using Krita and my old non-subscription copy of PS.
  5. This. I cannot overstate how unbelievably useful this is and necessary if you're going to win Concept Artists over from Photoshop. I'm afraid (sluggishness and non-responsiveness of the brush tool aside) I've had to put AP on ice and revert to Photoshop.
  6. Hello, In an effort to transition from Photoshop to Photo, I thought I'd try to at least establish a freehand sketch for a design I'm working on in Photo rather than Photoshop. I tend to use a simple hard round brush with shape dynamics enabled in PS and Jitter determined by Pen Pressure. With Photo, I've selected an equivalent brush under the Basics and set Size Jitter to Pressure under Dynamics. So far so good. The problem I'm experiencing is that when I sketch a freehand curved line in Photo, the precision isn't quite there. The curve I draw is often made up of a series of small (and sometimes not so small) straight lines rather than following the pen exactly. It's as if the software is unable to keep up with the pen and interpolates between two points along the movement of the pen. Photoshop doesn't do this. Has anyone experienced this? Is it a known issue and if so, will it be addressed? Having the line follow the pen exactly is critical Thanks, -grant
  7. supermundane

    Recent Price Drop

    Thanks MEB for the team's work on Affinity Photo and Designer, and for you very kind words. I'll keep let you know when I have some personal work to show and share that has been completed in Photo. At the moment, the transition is slow. I have an urgent deadline on a project for a client and so for now I'm working with what is familiar in order to get the task done If the work I create it meets your standards and criteria, I'd be happy to have it showcased.
  8. Is there however a way of constraining the line as you draw as there is with PS? That is something that AP doesn't appear to be able to do. That is, not clicking a start point, holding shift and clicking an end point but an equivalent to holding shift and simply drawing so that the line is straight irrespective of your hand control? For quick sketching I'd rather not use the vector or polygon tool as when I'm sketching out an architectural feature for example, I quickly alternate in Photoshop between Shift constrained lines and free lines as necessary
  9. Thanks toltec. I realised that it's Shift as it is with Photoshop however what I seemed to be doing was holding shift as I was accustomed to in Photoshop before I placed my starting position with the pen. It's a habit I'll have to break. Thanks again!
  10. I'll add my support to this request - as a concept artist/illustrator, this would be highly desirable.
  11. Hello, I've performed a search for this to see if someone may have a solution but couldn't find anything so I'll post my question. Apologies if this has already been answered. I'm beginning my gradual migration from Photoshop to Photo and I thought I've begin to sketch out an interior space for a client using Photo instead of Photoshop. In sketching out the space I would like to draw simple straight lines as is possible in Photoshop - hold Shift click with the pen where you'd like line to begin and where you'd like it to end. In Photo it always works from the last drawn line or seemingly where the tablet has last detected the stylus leading to undesired results. Is there a way to configure it so that it performs like Photoshop or an alternative that permits the freehand drawing of straight lines without having the line begin from the last point of contact. As it stands the straight line option via the Shift key is unusable. I've adjusted the sensitivity of my Cintiq but to no avail. Is there perhaps something I'm missing? Thanks -grant
  12. supermundane

    Recent Price Drop

    Hi Alfred. Australians and Kiwis, being at the end of the line are often subjected to higher prices than elsewhere and Apple is certainly renowned for the 'premium' mark-up on prices here. With regards to gouging, it does indeed mean 'taking a chunk out of something', in this case the chunk is out of you the consumer. As a freelancer there are times when I either elect or simply don't have work. I object to paying a subscription for Adobe's products under I'm not deriving an income in a given month. Moreover, in principle I object to never owning the software and having to 'report in' to Adobe. Finally, I just like to see some solid competition and I think Serif's developing suite is a contender where the likes of Corel's products for example, never have. Already there are areas where I feel these packages outclass their Adobe equivalents. I feel that Photo's and Designer's layer support is superior and I love the Live Filter Layers. And givnen my needs I find myself preferring Photo's brush handling capabilities.
  13. supermundane

    Recent Price Drop

    Thanks Lee. Fair enough. Nice to see Affinity Photo for iPad. I just saw the presentation. It actually makes me want to purchase an iPad just for the app!
  14. Hey guys, Far be it for me to tell you how to run your business, but when I purchased Affinity Photo and Designer I already thought that the price you had set was too low given the quality of the product. I've noticed that you've since dropped the price further. Do you think you might be underselling your products and creating the impression that they are of inferior quality to Adobe's suite? I understand that you can't sell it for what Adobe charges given their market dominance but I want to see Affinity Designer and Photo become worthy and recognised competitors. For my part I'm spreading the word where I can and I hope, as a professional concept artist and matte painter, to produce some work in Photo when I have an opportunity, to showcase what is possible with this tool. -grant
  15. supermundane

    Two minor suggestions

    Hi Callum, Thanks for your response and apologies if I posted in the wrong section. I appreciate that there are development priorities or restrictions (I presume because the Win version is a port from the iOS) and the lack of these features is in no way a blocker to using your products productively. These would merely be 'nice things to have', and would ease the transition from Photoshop and Illustrator for others wishing to make the switch as I do. The context-based right mouse button would perhaps be the one of the three I'd most like to see implemented, if possible. Thanks again. Looking forward to putting Affinity Photo seriously through its paces when I obtain my new system. .Grant