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  1. Bumping this. I would ideally like to see Affinity Photo implement a similar workflow to Photoshop for the creation and use of Custom Shapes. It provides a very accelerated workflow for illustrators and concept artists.
  2. I'll certainly look into this. Thanks. At the moment, I somehow managed to get it to run - not perfectly - but the the point where it's usable with AP and AD by simply enabling or disabling the 'Game Mode' checkbox. Strangely, this made no different with the first install attempt. When I use AP and AD I enable Game Mode, and I mostly have a trouble-free experience, while I disable Game-Mode for absolutely everything else. I believe the hardware has finally caught up to Wacom's but the drivers and the settings that are letting Huion and I believe XP-Pen down at the moment. To be fair, Wacom like Adobe, have had a serious head-start in that respect and my understanding is that the drivers have improved immensely in a very short space of time, which bodes well. Of course, the onus is also on Serif to ensure that its applications work as flawlessly as possible at least with the main competitors to Wacom, that being Huion and XP=Pen. Much like the transition to the Affinity suite, we're witnessing a transition away from Wacom especially as the consumer, freelancer and student level, which is where the Affinity suite itself is making the greatest inroads. I'm a freelancer and teacher myself, and I feel that both Affinity and Huion/XP-Pen are rapidly catching up on their larger, more established rivals.
  3. An update to this thread. Incidentally, it would be nice to know if anyone at Serif is aware of these issues. Huion responded very promptly. They asked me to video capture what's taking place in Affinity Photo and upload it to them, which I have. Hopefully, that will aid them in addressing this at least from the driver side of things with the next driver update. Of course I'll keep everyone posted.
  4. I hope they will and I also hope that Serif will purchase a few Huion and XP-Pen tablets and pen displays to test with their applications. Huion and XP-Pen, like Serif, are rapidly emerging as the dominant competitors to the established giant.
  5. But if then you use the mouse and click within another program, and then attempt to return to Affinity Photo, it ceases to be responsive at all and you'll need to task manager to kill it outright.
  6. Hi firstdefence, Thanks for your efforts and for enquiring on Facebook. I had to go out and so I've only just managed to get around to looking at the problem again. I have emailed Huion with the details and I await their response. However, I have something to add, which may provide a workaround for some, if others experience these issues. Within the Tablet's Driver settings panel and alongside the Enable Windows Ink checkbox, there is a Game Mode checkbox. I've previously toggled that option on and off to no effect. How after the reinstall, if I have both 'Enable Windows Ink' and 'Game Mode' enabled, the brush tools with work in Affinity Photo and Designer. Well sort of as the Mouse Pointer remains visible at all times, effectively obstructing the view of the brush itself. And...with the Game Mode checkbox enabled the tablet ceases to work in Photoshop CS4 - no response at all in PS. It does continue to work in Krita (it appears that the free, open-source program provides the best support for tablets and pen displays).
  7. Weirdly the brush tools work with the Photo Persona in Publisher. Go figure.
  8. Went through the steps I've outlined but no luck of uninstalling and reinstalling. The problem persists and I'm out of ideas. Affinity Photo and Designer will have to collect dust a while longer sadly. Serif - it's great that you're adding all these amazing features but really the fundamentals do need to work first and I'd suggest that getting brush and eraser tools to work properly (or at all) with pen displays (when 10 year old applications work with the same pen displays flawlessly) is one of those fundamentals. Scungio - The Wacom drivers were uninstalled prior to installing the Huion drivers so that isn't the problem. Agree with you on the improving quality of these competitors to Wacom. The drivers still seem a little unresolved however.
  9. That registry entry doesn't appear to exist in my computer's registry. The pen appears to be behaving normally with Photoshop, Krita and Clip Studio Pro. Affinity Photo? No luck. I'm going to try uninstalling and re-installing my Affinity applications and see if that helps. The steps I'll follow - Uninstall the tablet drivers. Uninstall Affinity Photo and Designer Restart Install the tablet drivers Restart Install AP and AD. Cross fingers.
  10. Thanks firstdefence. I've been scouring the web for a solution but I'll take a look at the link you've provided. Much appreciated. Ultimately, Serif do need to address the issues with tablet input, particularly with the Wacom competitors which, like Serif's own suite, are rapidly growing in popularity. I'll see if the link you've provided will address the issue, otherwise Affinity Photo and Designer will go back to occupying space on my hard-drive until the day it's addressed.
  11. And to add, it works perfectly with the trial version of Clip Studio Pro that I have installed. Affinity Suite? No dice.
  12. Hi firstdefence, Thanks so much for your kind words, and your response! In the latest drivers, the option is known as 'Enable Windows Ink'. I have enabled and disabled it, but to no avail.
  13. I really want to migrate to Affinity Photo but I swear the issues particularly with how it responds to pen tablet or pen display inputs prevents me from making that transition. Just when one level of frustration is overcome with AP, another arises and I have to resort to firing up my copy of Photoshop CS4. I formerly owned a Wacom Cintiq 13HD but have wanted something with a little more screen real-estate. The Wacom competition appear to be coming of age and after much research and no indication of compatibility issues in the reviews and tests of the new Huion Kamvas 16 Pro, I decided to buy one. A lovely piece of kit except for one thing. I cannot get Affinity Photo or Designer to work with it. There was lag and bizarre pressure sensitivity issues (same level of pressure resulting in wildly different responses) with the Wacom with AP and AD, but at least it worked to a degree. With the Huion when I attempt to draw a line, there is no pressure sensitivity whatsoever and it appears that all it recognises is the start and end of the line as can be seen from this screen-grab. I've uninstalled the drivers, installed the latest. enable force pressure in AP but to no avail. And yet, the tablet works with my ancient copy of Photoshop CS4 and with Krita on Windows 10. What is going on? Why the issues with Tablets and the issues don't appear to plague any other similar software, eve something as old as CS4?
  14. An update. I have noticed that the pen becomes responsive again when I press the Alt key once again. If I then lift the pen before I lift my finger off the Alt key, it will remain responsive. I hope this helps in isolating this issue.
  15. I should add, it's a Cintiq 13HD and I'm running the latest drivers. I've restarted the computer, however the same issue persists. So until this is resolved, the transition to AP will need to wait a little while longer.
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