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  1. ahh - added the folder in preferences and it does indeed work now - thanks all!
  2. I had previously been using studio 1 with affinity photo, and that is what it defaults to now. How can i get it to use topaz studio 2?
  3. Will affinity photo work with the new topaz studio 2 version just released?
  4. Woman photo from pixabay. Three photoshop brushes that I imported into AP. A texture from Deep Dream. Topaz Studio adjustments images from pexels - a few imported PS brushes - topaz studio adjustments
  5. Alas.. Reset them in photoshop and reloaded. Trying to wean myself away from PS but have to do some things (like this) there still..
  6. I imported all of my photoshop brushes successfully into affinity photo. However, they all have dynamic settings now, where they make several copies of the brush in varying sizes and placements. I turned off dynamics for a couple of bushes one at a time, but was rather hoping there was an overall setting of some sort that I could invoke to make them all change to just a single brush image with no dynamics. Any help?
  7. I am not used to being able to use Studio as anything but a stand alone program and, as such, I am in the habit of saving and closing. Pressing ok is such a simple solution and i never though of it - lol! thanks so much for your help!
  8. It's an issue with affinity photo, not topaz studio. I have the latest version regardless.
  9. I used Topaz Studio after I added it to the plugins and it opened and worked fine. I saved the file I made to my desktop and then tried to close Studio. The quit option was not available, and the only way i could close it was to use force quit. Any help?
  10. blacknight

    New Icons - PLEASE DON'T!

    Not that it will make any difference, but add my voice to those who dislike the UGLY new icon for affinity photo.
  11. blacknight

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    oh - i see it now. Thank you!
  12. blacknight

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    there are images within the book that are printed in red and named with a filename followed by .jpg, as if there were a source for them. IS there somewhere that these images in the book are available for downloading? I can't find any reference to where that might be.